The Neurodharma of Love

The Neurodharma of Love: Rewire Your Brain for Healthy Relationships

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The first thing that intrigued me about this audiobook was the title: The Neurodharma of Love. Neuro. That’s a scientific term which relates to the wiring of the brain, right? Dharma. Hang on, isn’t that a Buddhist concept?

With a solid grounding in neuropsychology, The Neurodharma of Love is a comprehensive 6.5 hour program spread over five CDs. This unique program teaches how brain science, practical psychology and Buddhist meditation practices can help us experience greater fulfilment in our intimate relationships, starting with the most important one: the relationship we have with ourself.

The sheer scope of this program is way too expansive to cover in such a short review, but the bare essence is teaching us ways in which we can use the mind to change the brain; heal old wounds, strengthen current relationships and create a healthy balance of intimacy and independence.

With a combination of theory and guided practice, topics include how to develop self-worth, resilience and other inner strengths. With a focus on attachment and interdependence, the program helps us strengthen neuro-circuits of empathy while developing compassion, kindness and happiness towards ourself and others.

The balance between ‘neuro’ and ‘dharma’ is shown in this softer approach to the hard sciences, with value placed on unquantifiable things like being a friend to yourself, self-acceptance, setting boundaries and standing up to your inner critic – things that leave us feeling valued and special.

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