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No peace for Earth… and why that’s a good thing

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Liliane explains with her usual aplomb, and more than a little humour, that God is not sleeping on the job and there are no mistakes.


If you’re anything like me, you have at some point been seduced by the idea that we are heading in the direction of a golden age, peace on Earth, an era of co-operative bliss where everyone cares for spaceship earth and eats whole foods and wears natural fibres and meditates, and there are no borders between countries.

Lovely idea, huh? Especially if you’re averse to war and conflict…and why can’t those people out there get that terrorism and fighting are absurd ways of solving problems? Why can’t they talk things out like adults, and listen to each other, and value win-win? Huh?


If you’re anything like me, you’re also probably familiar with the principle that the world is our mirror; so anything ‘out there’ is a reflection of what’s ‘in here.’ If ‘in here’ contains even a skerrick of conflict, there’s a very good chance that we’re going to find it in the outer also.

Like my place last night when I clashed with partner and kids because they hadn’t bothered to check in with me about a movie we were halfway through watching, and just sat down to watch the rest without me. They’d assumed it wouldn’t particularly interest me, being Star Wars, but actually I am finally ready to watch those films. I couldn’t get into them when they first came out because they were all about war and battles and fighting…and why does everything have to be about ‘fighting the dark side’! Now that I understand the law of polarity, I have (albeit reluctantly, at first) come to appreciate that the dark side of life is as necessary as the light side.

I’m getting ahead of myself. The first point to acknowledge is the fact that if we are unable to sustain completely peaceful relationships in our own homes with the people we most love and who most love us, then what blooming chance do we have out in the greater sphere with people whose values and lifestyle are diametrically opposed to ours?

The second point, and one that is a little more difficult to digest, is the fact that conflict serves us: in the process of confronting other people we become clear on what we want, we value ourselves more, we stand up for ourselves, we learn how to express ourselves more effectively, we get to hear an opposing point of view, we question our approach, we become creative, we develop skills and build our character…

Sandy, a character in one of my books, declares that she thought we could achieve all those great character values like patience and strength and resilience without going through hard times. (Okay, so that was my belief…I have to confess it was a bit of a light-bulb moment for me when I realised that we actually need conflict to develop those attributes. Major crack in the ‘world peace dream’ if you can’t achieve harmony without lack of harmony…)

Most of us get upset by stories of oppression, but what if dictators flourish where the people are disempowered? This statement by Dr John Demartini seems like a very hard line to take, but if the purpose of life is growth (which surely it must be, just looking at the cycles and patterns around us), and if our human purpose is to grow and maximise our full potential, then it stands to reason that dictators might actually be serving the people by shocking them out of passivity and into action. That doesn’t make the process pleasant, but who said life was designed to be pleasant?

Well, perhaps the ‘world-peacers’ think so, but if you stop and examine life, there are surely no grounds for that argument. Each one of we humans demonstrates a balance of positive and negative, kind and cruel, productive and unproductive; nature, as evidenced by the (designed) predator-prey cycle, is a striking balance of nice and nasty; and every life experience harbours a balance of pleasant and unpleasant. The Hindus got it right with their God of Creation and (equal) God of Destruction.

This law of polarity governs all of us, everywhere on the planet, for all time. You’ll never get a positive without a negative and vice versa. They travel in wholes, as complementary polarities. We need light/warmth/up in order to know and appreciate dark/coolness/down. While that much is obvious, when you think about this dynamic honestly and deeply, you realise that the ‘half’called Mother Teresas services to the needydovetails with a ‘half’called the needy’.In other words, there’s no place for a Mother Teresa in a world without the needy.

If you keep stripping this thing back, you end up with the realisation that there’s no calling to develop kindness or generosity if there is no-one needing our help. This means that the downtrodden are as purposefully part of the ‘Grand Organised Design’as the saviour. They are not a ‘mistake’. God is not sleeping on the job.

Likewise, the bully/dictator is just as much a part of that divine purpose and design as the bullied/victim. They are engaged in a dance together; on the one side to learn humility and respect, and on the other side to develop courage and strength and resilience.

For recovering ‘world-peacers’ like me, it’s tough going to watch films in which people blow each other up, although not as confronting as watching video footage of that sort of thing in real life. Yet George Lucas and his team of creators specifically studied and incorporated universal laws in the Star Wars series because we can’t escape the fact that life is a balancing process of ‘build and destroy’.

That said, I’d still love to see a movie in which the ‘light side’ wins by applying powers of the mind rather than joining the ‘dark enemy’at their (lower) battling, violent level –take note, James Cameron: why couldn’t the Na’vis people in Avatar have gathered at their ‘home tree’and repelled the invaders by the collective power of their intention? It would have been great to see those soldiers bouncing against some sort of invisible barrier, their projectiles rebounding on them–a nice demonstration of the principle that ‘what you put out comes back to you!’ Huh? Why couldn’t you have done that? Well, probably because we bloodthirsty humans prefer to view the violence, right? Because, after all, it’s part of us.

I was not impressed, when first reading Harry Potterto find that he was closely bound up with the evil Voldemort until I acknowledged the universal laws at work in this dynamic: we each have a light and a dark side; no-one is only one or the other. At a physical level, there is no exact point where ‘light’stops and ‘darkness’ begins –they exist on a continuum of gradations, and this applies to people as well.

As the yin-yang symbol demonstrates, light holds a speck of darkness (or the potential for darkness) and the dark holds a speck of light (or the potential for light).

If we want to complicate this thing further we can also ask, who gets to say which is the ‘good side’ and which is the ‘bad side’? That is a very subjective game…Much as we might consider fundamental terrorists to be wrong, in their values system they are right, and when you look into the politics there are usually contributing factors on both sides. It’s an entangled dynamic and there are no ‘innocent victims’ because we are all ‘calling in’ our experiences via our thoughts and feelings and the vibrations we are putting out into the world.

Bottom line, the fact is that both aspects serve us on our evolutionary journey. Our periods of endarkenment’ cause us to cry out for help, pray, seek the light, renew our efforts…Our periods of enlightenment allow us to shine, to rest and to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. Also, interestingly, life on Earth is not designed for more than brief moments of enlightenment. From the point of view of physics, when we achieve true enlightenment, we will no longer be able to sustain a body because physical matter ‘poofs’out of existence during true enlightenment.

It’s neat, isn’t it? At the level of quantum physics, positive and negative ions are charged particles, and when they attract their opposite, a spark of light is created and the particles (matter) disappear/become light. At the human level, when we are highly ‘charged’over some issue (when it really ‘matters’to us), we will feel ‘heavy’–and then we will then naturally attract the opposite in order to balance ourselves out and ‘see the light’, at which point we will feel light.

Our challenge is to see how conflict serves us, to recognise the innovations and breakthroughs that occur, the inspiring character values that are developed, the friendships that are formed, the truths that are flushed out…The faster we learn from those challenges and see how they serve us, the sooner we see ‘the other side’and come to centre ourselves; making it less likely that we will develop the sort of charge that attracts a dictator or some other very confronting circumstance.

In other words, while we are not destined to be a one-sided person or planet, while conflict of some kind will always exist because it serves us, life doesn’t condemn us to constant and extreme pain. The faster we learn, the faster we correct, the more centred and balanced we remain, and the ‘lighter’we travel through life. The sooner we can say, ‘Behold G.O.D.!’* about life as it exists, the sooner we can see the divine in what is and truly experience the kingdom of heaven, the peace on Earth that we are seeking.

* the Grand Organised Design/er


Liliane Grace is an author, speaker, teacher and writing coach.

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