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November 2020 Stargazer – Stella Woods astrology

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Spring is in the air in Australia!

November is one of my favourite times of year, falling halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Beltane – an ancient seasonal festival (May Day in the northern hemisphere) is held in early November – a celebration of abundance, fertility, sexuality and the growth of new life – birds nesting, animals mating, trees blossoming and bees buzzing. You can feel the magic in the air as the days grow longer and the nights grow warmer and the brilliant red flowers of the flame trees burst into life in our forests and gardens.

Energy is on the rise! Therefore, make the most of this special season and burst into life yourself.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get into nature – it sounds obvious, but after the upheavals and restrictions of 2020, fresh air, sunshine and movement will help clear the cobwebs
  2. Spend ten minutes every morning deep breathing – fill your lungs with oxygen and blow out all the stale air.
  3. Take a long, hot bath or shower, wash your hair, scrub off all the old winter skin and icky bits and smother your body with potions and lotions.
  4. Fill your home with fresh flowers and spring greenery.
  5. Buy some new underwear and throw out the old stuff – just do it!
  6. Give up alcohol… or cigarettes… or soft drinks…. maybe coffee…. or chocolate…. or whatever for 30 days and see how good you feel a month down the track.
  7. Pack a picnic and head to the local park or beach with friends or family. We are so lucky in Australia to have such an abundance of fresh food.
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Full moon in Taurus – erratic & volatile

Early November brings a powerful full moon in Taurus travelling alongside erratic Uranus. Uranus = expect the unexpected. Combine Uranus with the volatile charge of a full moon and seriously anything could happen. The advice is to remain flexible, relaxed and calm, but to seize any wonderful or unexpected opportunities.

Grounding activities are recommended – sleeping, eating well, gardening, hanging out with friends, camping, walking in nature, deep breathing and anything that keeps you connected to your body. If you’re able to take a holiday or short break you’ll probably have lots of fun, and as Uranus rules intuition and brainwaves, trust your instincts!

Mercury & Mars moving forwards again

This month there is a welcome shift in energy as two important planets – Mercury and Mars – both complete their retrograde cycle and start moving forwards again.

Mercury is the planet of commerce, communication, ideas, thoughts, transport and anything that gets stuff from A to B. Mercury helps us put our thoughts into words; plan our daily activities; interact with one another and explore new ideas and information.

Mars is the planet that gets us motivated, taking action, expressing ourselves and channelling energy, especially root chakra energy, connected with sex, survival and self-assertion.


When Mercury and Mars are travelling backwards, all these things go backwards too! With Mercury retrograde, communication slows down, parcels go missing, wires are crossed and things break up or break down.

When Mars is retrograde, we just can’t seem to get things moving in the right direction. Energy is low; so anger and frustration bubble beneath the surface and projects are inexplicably held up. That’s why astrologers advise: “no irreversible decisions or doing things you might regret’ when Mercury and Mars are retrograde.

But we humans are impatient and addicted to instant gratification. When we ignore this advice and try to push through, the universe usually has the last laugh! The cosmic lesson is that we can’t always be moving forward. Sometimes we need to pause, reflect, take stock and finish things off. Only then can we understand exactly what changes need to be made before we can start moving forwards again.

Mercury goes direct on the 4th November and Mars on the 14th. By mid to late November we should all be moving forwards again too.

Venus opposite Mars – resolving tension in relationship

Cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, go head to head on 10th November as they face off across the zodiac with Venus in diplomatic Libra opposing Mars in fiery Aries.

Venus in Libra charms and smooths ruffled feathers, working to create connection and find common ground, while impatient Mars in Aries is more interested in sparring and beating the competition. With both planets in their natural sign of rulership, this is a battle of equals, meaning there’s a need for both to compromise in order to resolve tensions, differing desires, different points of view and conflicting perspectives.

This dynamic can play out in a battle with others, particularly those you are close to, or it can manifest as a personal or internal struggle. Different, but mutually exclusive paths…. or perhaps conflicting choices, neither of which offer you exactly what you want.

Whatever your situation, take time to honestly reflect on these opposing choices, viewpoints and perspectives. This may feel frustrating, but it’s the only way to get clarity. And, subsequently, you could learn some important things about yourself as well as improving your relationships with others.

New moon in Scorpio – a ray of hope

The November new moon falls on the 15th in water sign Scorpio, the day after the end of the Mars retrograde transit. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, so this new moon marks the beginning of a cycle imbued with Martian energy. In practical terms this means effective, dynamic action and breaking through blockages.

The Scorpio sun and moon form a trine (flowing energy) to Neptune in Pisces and a sextile (also flowing energy) to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, the trilogy widely believed by astrologers to symbolise this year’s coronavirus restrictions. With the new moon in a friendly alliance with these four powerful and slow-moving planets, we can only hope for a more cooperative and compassionate energy to prevail as the year plays out.

This month we also have a brand-new series of eclipses beginning at the Gemini full moon on 30th November. Eclipses bring change and shifts in perspective – accordingly, the sense of deadlock and stalemate that has characterised most of 2020 will slowly shift and break down.

Happy birthday Sagittarius!

This year, from 22nd November to 21st December the Sun travels through Sagittarius, an intuitive fire sign noted for its vision, adventurous nature and love of philosophy. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac with keywords “I seek” and “I expand”. Those born under the sign of the Archer often struggle to integrate their animal nature with their loftier human side.

Sagittarians seek expansion on all levels; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. They can usually be found travelling, studying and exploring life’s big issues. They love to share their wisdom and are often talented writers or teachers. At best they are intelligent, honest, generous and inspirational. Negatively, they can be tactless, self-indulgent, coarse and hypocritical.

In medical astrology, Sagittarius rules the liver, hips and thighs and sacral regions of the spine. When Sagittarians are out of balance they can suffer from sciatica, hip disease, rheumatism and weight gain. The Sagittarian colours are purple and deep blue. Sagittarius’s greatest lessons are moderation, tact and learning to deliver what they promise.

Full moon eclipse in Gemini

The word ‘eclipse’ comes from the Greek word ekleipsis meaning ‘abandonment’ or ‘failure’. Symbolically, eclipses create a black hole or vortex, allowing hidden energies to rise to the surface. The Hermetic astrologers of the mystery schools of Egypt and Greece believed that an eclipse opened up a tunnel to higher realms where they could communicate directly with the star gods and access their sacred wisdom. Scientific tests have shown that during an eclipse, electromagnetic fields increase in magnitude, especially around sacred sites.

On 30th November we have a full moon or lunar eclipse in air sign Gemini. The Earth casts a shadow across the face of the moon, changing its colour from a bright white to a coppery-orange or reddy-brown hue. And because the full moon temporarily disappears, it’s as though there’s a new moon at the exact moment of the full moon, representing a complete reboot of the system and a new way of seeing things.

Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs at new and full moons, usually twice a year. The solar eclipse of this pair will be at the Sagittarian new moon on 14th December. All eclipses bring change and can herald radical new beginnings and sometimes loss. Therefore, although the energies are most prominent for a week on either side of the eclipse, their influence on events will continue until the next series of eclipses in six months’ time.

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is all about current events and ideas vs. big picture or philosophical thinking. Both are important – the wisdom and knowledge of Sagittarius is informed by the fresh ideas and perspective provided by Gemini. Don’t be surprised if you experience shifts in insight and a deeper understanding of recent life events during this eclipse period.

Have a great month!

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Spring magnolias photo by Emma J Stephens.

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