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The old versus the new paradigm

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by Michael Ellis

When we retire and face ourselves in the vacuum of social change, we confront ourselves by ourselves –a face we have never seen before. We may die rather than face the truth that our society is based on conformity rather than love. It is based on what is right for the consumer. It is based on survival needs.


The cultural imperatives which seem to bind us, the correctness of conformity, the expressions of the collective, are but old skins or old shawls to be cast off in the light of clarity. The styles of clothing, the consumerism of the marketplace, are but camouflage for truth.

Skin encapsulated egos, we remain conformist to the traditions and culture of the society we live in.We never seek to break out of the paddock because, like Eeyore, we see nothing better around us.

The pastures are dictated by well-travelled ditches and trenches dug by well-meaning intellectuals and philosophers, artists and writers who preserve the status quo for the kings, theocrats, global monetocracy and politicians who keep the well-oiled wheels of a charted course moving.

We accept the fight for survival in a worldof scarcity. We accept the battle lines drawn between cultures and beliefs over hundreds of years. We accept hierarchy and socioeconomic differences, a class system, an impoverished global two-thirds of the planet. We accept the need for religious hegemonies and dictatorships and divisions between all people.

This absurdity of the divisions in divisions and the so-called rational ordering of global society is a delusion which cuts deeply to the core of every person on this planet.

It is a prison of our misunderstanding, and creates –through judgement and hierarchies in family, workplace, hospitals, government and the military –a separation between all people who are thereby marginalised, disapproved of, banished or rendered unsatisfactory if they do not conform to the excesses of the conformist and work ethic.

And when they retire and face themselves in the vacuum of social change, they confront themselves by themselves –a face they have never seen before. They may die rather than face the truth that our society is based on conformity rather than love.It is based on what is right for the consumer. It is based on survival needs. It is based on the need for money –the gateway to perceived freedom. It is based on the microcosm of the family, and the old ones are placed in homes.

The worst endorsement of this way of life is seen in the hospitals where people are carted in like chickens into pens called cubicles. This is where they lose their identities and people become diseases and collateral damage–whether in war or hospital.The big mistake is to forget our mortality and not see how vulnerable we really are.

Even presidents, kings and queens die, and yet we live without a real sense of connectedness in an internet-connected world. All this can be the wakeup call.

We have a right to be indignant over these old paradigms, which ensnare us, and to rise above them.

There are keys to change, and now is the greatest time ever in the history of humanity to awaken to real positive proactive change!

We need to see, be and express what connects us and what we have in common, rather than what separates us.

It is nature itself –and the great power of life and source energy, or chi or ki, or bio field or quantum field, which enables us to advance forwards, recognising the intrinsic unity and connectedness of life.

Each person can make an enormous positive change in their circumstance.

No need to necessarily get another job–all you need is to change the work situation. With inspired, informed living we break the barriers of a conformist, politically correct society and speak out with gratitude, forgiveness, love and faith to be the keystone which holds a global society together.

Michael is founder of the Shifting Paradigms Conference.

Dr Michael Ellis, MBBS MRCP DCH BA (Hons), is a general practitioner, integrative physician, futurist, peace worker, President of the Club of Budapest Australia, President of the Global Peace Centre, Founder of the Shifting Paradigms Conference, 2015, and the Conference Earth Shaping the Future, 2014, and Founder of New Paradigm TV

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