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A free day of fun for those who need it most!

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Are you wanting to make a wonderful difference? Want to help people have fun? Want to have fun yourself?!

You can see our cute video for more on this important venture, to see more about how you can get involved!

What is One Day Fun Day™?

This is a one day national event that will provide a day of free fun for disadvantaged, sick or at risk kids and their carers across Australia. Saturday, 14th September 2019. and their environmental partner, are developing One Day Fun Day™. This is an impact event for 10,000 Australian kids and young people who are sick, vulnerable, marginalised, socially isolated or living with disadvantage. It’s also, importantly, available to their carers, as well.

It’s so necessary for us ALL to be doing well, in order for our communities as a whole to improve. Quality of life for families. For relationships. The quality of men’s health. This event is a great step towards bringing joy back into lives!

Kids off devices? Yes please!

They aim to help get kids off devices and into nature. Fun and adventure are the gateway! Environmental education and awareness, positive health and well-being objectives and social cohesion and inclusion are the aims. This world-first event day is a collaboration between FunSearch, Odonata, businesses across Australia, NFP’s and Councils.

Fun businesses or organisations across Australia can register on to participate in their location and ‘donate fun’ on the day. FunSearch is free for all people, businesses and organisations to join.

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The origins of One Day Fun Day™

When FunSearch CEO Chris Gillard was around eight years old, he found a young runaway the same age, called Lawrence, hidden in his home in Brisbane. As kids will do, Chris and Lawrence immediately made friends.

Like millions of other kids around the country that day, Lawrence then spent the day happily playing with Chris and his sister at their home. They were skateboarding, trampolining, riding BMX bikes, running around and just being kids, being active outside. But unlike many others, as night fell Lawrence had no other option but to be taken back to his home, a secure facility for orphaned children and wards of the state. Not surprisingly, Lawrence didn’t want to go. The day etched itself in Chris’s memory.

Odonata Operations Director Sam Marwood and FunSearch CEO, Chris Gillard have known each other for years. They have often discussed ways they might activate positive changes through their business, government and NFP networks. The two organisations formalised ties in 2018 to develop and launch the initiative.

One Day Fun Day™ – devised by Chris and supported by Odonata – is to help find fun for kids just like Lawrence, and many more, across Australia. Now you can join in the fun too!

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