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Only we can damage or heal our souls & the planet

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None of us had a perfect family. We are humans. Humans, by definition and design, are imperfect.


We humans are a confused and a confusing bunch.

On the one hand we have difficulties to admit and utilise our limitations and on the other we have equal difficulty recognising and realising the extraordinary possibilities of our potential.

As a young child, I knew that I was to work with healing. I have spent my lifetime working with others and their healing while at the same time working with my own.  I have come to know that all life and all healing are processes, not events. At 83-years-old, I see that all life, all people, and all societies are processes. Our responsibility as humans is to heal, learn, and grow – and we do that by participation.

I have never met a person who does not need to heal from the culture we have created and what she/he has experienced in this culture

None of us had a perfect family (although many of us have been taught otherwise).  We are humans. Our parents are humans. Those who surround and teach us are humans. Humans, by definition and design, are imperfect. Many of us have had seriously traumatic experiences growing up and others more subtle damage. Yet, all of us have had experiences that have been hurtful and harmful. At some meta level, the issue is not what has happened to us, the issue is that, whatever it was, we need to heal, learn and grow from it. Others can do harm to us. And, it is up to us and only us, what we do with these experiences. When we use them to heal, learn, and grow, we take back our personal power. We have all been victimised.  Yet, those who believe they are victims will never heal. They just become perpetrators.

For example, every woman and every native person on this planet can choose to be a victim. All have been victimised, and some carry victimisation as a badge of honour. When we do that, we are giving away our personal power by the bucketful and will never really heal. Our job is to go deep inside, feel the feelings, work through them and become who we can be. In doing our healing work, we heal at a soul level.

Time to choose to heal

When we do our healing work, we not only take back ourselves, we take back our souls. When we reunite with our souls (spirits), we begin to know the wholeness of the all. Thinking or believing in the oneness of all creation cannot accomplish the knowing of our oneness. Ideas, concepts, understanding, knowledge and insights cannot heal us. Only the process of going through our pain, anger, and feelings can truly heal us. Then our knowledge of our complete oneness becomes ‘known’ at a deep level, and healing our relationships, our work, our cultures and our planet becomes essential for us to continue to heal.

Everything is a process and in process.



Anne Wilson Schaef, PhD, DHL, is an internationally known speaker, consultant, seminar leader & author. She is a New York Times bestselling author. “There Will Be a Thousand Years of Peace & Prosperity & They Will Be Ushered in By The Women: The Essential Role of Women in Finding Personal & Planetary Solutions” is Schaef’s 17th published book, & this article is based upon that. She lives in Boulder, Montana. For more information, visit

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