Why open your heart?

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Your heart is your centre of feeling and love, and represents who you truly are. By contrast, your head is the centre of thinking and the centre of ego.


Understanding that your heart is your centre of feeling and where you experience real happiness is so important for your quality of life. By listening to your heart you can utilise your heart’s spiritual intelligence, which guides you to make wise choices, thereby supporting you to be happy on all levels of life.

Steps to open and listen to your heart

Opening your heart requires no special talent, effort or ability. Anyone can do it by following some simple exercises that take a few minutes:

Step 1: Relax your whole body

Find a quiet place to sit. You can sit in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor or sit cross-legged on the floor, whichever is more relaxing and comfortable.

Sit with your back and spine straight, without forcing or straining yourself. Your head should be looking forward and slightly upwards, as it is hard to feel your heart if your head is drooping down, and this also helps prevent sleepiness.

Step 2: Close your eyes and smile freely

Closing your eyes helps reduce the domination of your brain and helps you relax more easily.

Closing your eyes helps reduce the domination of your brain and helps you relax more easily.

Scientifically speaking, it is known that when we open our eyes, they send signals to our brain to process the images, and this makes our brain work hard. Put aside all thoughts from the day and just be here and now doing this exercise.

Smile freely. Smiling is necessary so that you can begin to follow the nice feelings that arise.

Step 3: Touch your heart and smile to your heart

Touch your heart at the centre of your chest with one or two fingers to bring your awareness there.

Smile to your heart without thinking how. Your smile should be natural and happy as if you are meeting a close friend.

The best attitude is to not expect anything. If you are too busy wanting or expecting too much then you are busy with your brain and thinking. Instead you should be relaxing and enjoying the feelings that naturally arise from.

Step 4: Stay relaxed and follow your feeling

Stay relaxed and continue to smile freely to your heart for several minutes. After a while you may feel some expansion and a light and calm feeling. Follow the feeling, even if it is very gentle, or you can feel it only a little. By following the feeling without any effort your feelings grow stronger and you are able to enjoy the nice feeling from your heart more. Stay relaxed and keep smiling for about five minutes.

If you do not feel anything, then the problem is with one of these three key points – you may not be relaxed enough, or smiling freely enough, or you may be busy looking for sensations, causing your brain to work excessively.

Be aware of what you can improve and repeat the exercise. This article is based upon the book by Irmansyah Effendi, Smile to Your Heart Meditations.

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