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Oracle cards – helpful, not harmful

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Have you ever wondered why people gravitate to and buy oracle cards? I mean, come on, don’t you need to be a psychic to be able to read them?


When I was eleven there was a family friend that lived across the street. His mother owned a local pizza parlour that we frequented. And every time I would be outside riding my bike, he would be sitting on an old white bucket in his garage, playing with some cards. After a while, my curiosity bested me and I set my bike down and walked toward him. I moved closer, eager to understand what he was doing. I asked with excitement and his response left me with even more questions.

He said he was using tarot cards. At the time, I had never heard of them. But he took time to explain to me how he used them, pointed out the symbols and explained their meanings. It was love at first sight for me and from that moment on, he became my teacher of tarot. Unfortunately, I did not have my own deck, so my practice was limited, and soon we moved and I forgot all about it. It would be several years later in my late teens, when my mum and I walked into an esoteric shop, that I would see my old friends again. The Rider Waite deck seemed to wave at me from the stand. I remember walking over and picking them up and asking my mum to buy them for me.

It’s about feeling

The cards themselves were a bit difficult for me to understand but I tried to remember what I had been taught years ago. What I found though, was that I more felt into the cards than actually mentally understood the symbols. When I tried to read them for myself, I doubted myself and what I felt and saw. But when I practised on friends, the accuracy left them shocked and excited. I gained confidence in this fact and continued feeling into them.

My unyielding question for myself was always, ‘When will I find true love?’ And still, I never trusted what I read. Until the day I actually did meet him. It was then I realised that I had seen three messages in the cards that had come to pass within that year. But with me finding my love, who happened to be super Christian and opposed to ‘witchy stuff’, I threw my old friends away and said goodbye.

It chose me

It wouldn’t be for another 18 years before they would find me again. This time, it wasn’t that deck but 18 other decks that I chose, or that chose me. I was hooked. I was home. I felt like me again. As I used each deck, I fell in love all over again. This time, with the pictures and the messages at the bottom, making it a bit easier for me to interpret.

I kept working with them, and found that time and time again not only were the messages on point for other people, but because I was much more confident now in using them, the messages were spot on for me as well. I realised that they were meant to be part of my daily spiritual practice.


I made a ritual of every morning starting my day with pulling cards from several decks. With conscious intent as I used them, they helped me prepare for the day’s events, obstacles, and challenges. With this next level awareness, I felt more empowered to dealing with whatever the universe threw at me.

There are so many oracle and tarot decks out there these days. Many are super easy to use and offer us a tool for spiritual connection when a person is feeling like they need a clear way to see messages from the divine source.

Using them to start your day helps set the tone to be conscious and ready to see the messages that the universe will send. The best part is, that you don’t have to be super in touch with your abilities. The cards use your energy vibrations and as you shuffle and ask your questions, the messages that you will see/read/feel are unique to your energy signature at that moment.

What to ask

The best way to use them is by asking a specific question that will help you through your day or week. If you plan to ask more future-based questions, be aware that due to free will, the future is ever changing. What you get in a reading today, regarding a question, could change tomorrow. There is no need to doubt the process, but keep that in mind as you use them.

When you look at the cards, you can use the book that comes with it, or ask whoever you are reading to look at the card and describe how it makes them feel, and what they think the card is telling them. Because in truth, we are our own spiritual teachers and the messages lie within us.

It becomes habitual

For me, I can’t go more than a day or two without pulling cards. Otherwise, I feel completely disconnected. The cards act as a doorway to Divine messages and setting up my consciousness so that I try harder to be a better version of myself throughout the day. They have become a friend I cannot live without. What cards do you gravitate to, but never pulled the trigger to buy? Maybe they are calling to you. 


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