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Orana Health Services; get the support you need

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Do you need support?

Support to:

  • develop clearer understanding and communication skills?
  • work through negative mental and emotional challenges affecting your health, well-being and significant relationship/s?

If you are experiencing fear, stress, loss, failure, unhealthy anger, loneliness, doubt, guilt, shame and other emotional or relationship problems, understanding these feelings, your self and circumstances and developing strategies to effectively cope can help.

Help if you are experiencing:

  • relationship conflict
  • emotional stress and personal challenges
  • needing support to improve your health and well-being

Learn how to break through blockages and conflict, with clarity and support

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Engaged counselling can provide processes to explore your emotions and needs in a safe space, adding strength and opportunity to resolve issues. Get the support you’re looking for.

Learn how to keep going when your stuck, experiencing conflict and don’t know what to do next; this may be the perfect time to reach out and talk to breakthrough your difficulties.

Brunswick or Skype by appointment.

Contact Orana Health Services founder: Tracey Petersen-Esposito 1300 433 985 info@oranahealth.com.au www.oranahealth.com.au

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