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Water-saving shower-heads, worm farms and politicians


Well it’s official – we are boiling the planet. And yet it only seems like a few, short years ago when the first scientists who bravely suggested the globe was heating up due to man-made pollution were ridiculed in the press and by governments across the world. Luckily for their careers, the proof that they were in fact not mad lab nerds but totally right on the money, is now so incontrovertible that even politicians have stopped issuing denials and have started to cut down more trees to wage leaflet campaigns with promises of de-salination plants and energy efficiency.

Mmm… now I know that revenge is not really a ‘new age’ concept and that a spiritually aware person should try to find forgiveness for such short sightedness…OK…total ecological irresponsibility on the part of our leaders. But can we TALK!! We’re dealing with the future of our world here! I’m thinking we should round up every official who laughed at global warming because it was (a) not likely to get them re-elected and (b) economically in the too-hard basket and send them to live on a low-lying Pacific island.

I’m not saying that I don’t take personal liability for the doomsday scenario I now find myself in. I admit in the past I haven’t always remembered to put the canvas shopping bags in the boot of my non-hybrid car on the way to the (non organic) supermarket. I could have recycled more, taken shorter showers, bought less stuff and switched off the lights more ’cos I wanted to save the planet for my kids. But I’m kinda getting that things have gone past me putting my sodium laurel sulphate-free toothpaste box in the yellow wheely bin and using my worm farm!

I’m reading everywhere how I can make the change, how I can contribute, and it’s true, we are all connected and can make a difference but let’s get real. We need more than sink drainers and water-saving shower-heads, (important tho’ they are), to create a planetary eco U-turn. The ‘political is personal’ as the slogan says but this is so much bigger than the individual.

Am I the only person who is a bit narked at being told to be green when Australia can’t even ratify the Kyoto treaty because we’re not, and I quote, “a country who is a major polluter”? Gee, who knew we could be so smug when half the country is in drought. Please explain why I have to run my life in more eco-friendly ways while our politicians can’t run the nation’s industry or infrastructure along greener lines? I feel like the only greenie in the village. Call me naïve, but isn’t what we really need, a government that has a big vision for our future and the courage to put it into action? How about some global co-operation and the choice to pour vast resources, energy and commitment to making a sustainable future? What about the opportunity to live in a country where it’s easy to be a green consumer? Where everything I buy comes with eco-values and how much it impacted the environment in its production? The chance to buy chemical-free everything in mainstream supermarkets like you can in Europe? The ability to drive a fossil-free fuel car and live in an energy efficient house? Or even a new form of democracy that gives me more say in how my country is being run beyond a single vote every few years? The only thing I feel good about in all this is that huge change must happen if we are to survive. A revolution – perhaps. Inconvenient – certainly. True – without doubt.


Julie Hamilton is a body/mind/spirit writer, speaker and columnist, who lives in Sydney, where she also works as an intuitive therapist.

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