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Out of body – out of mind

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What is an ‘out-of-body’ experience, how does it differ from a dream, and is there any scientific proof?

The experience of being ‘out of body’ is sometimes referred to as astral projection and usually occurs at night while our physical body sleeps. To dream of flying is often a conscious memory of this experience; or sometimes we wake from sleep overwhelmed with a warm, empowered feeling and want to immediately return. This may be the result of an encounter while out of body with a loved one who has passed over. Our projected consciousness is termed the astral body, Ka or doppelgänger, not to be confused with the ‘etheric body’ which is a force field surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body and cannot be projected.

When we wake from sleep, the astral body slips back to its usual position, re-aligning with our physical and etheric bodies. People who clairvoyantly see the astral body describe it as a less dense replica of the physical body. Others may describe their experience as having seen a ghost.

My ‘out-of-body-experience’

Here’s what I experienced in 1985. Back then I wrote it in my dream journal as a dream. These days I would call it an example of astral travel or remote viewing.

It was three weeks after my father passed away. I had spent most of that period staying in Melbourne with my mother but I experienced this dream, or out-of-body experience, after I’d returned to Sydney. This is what I wrote in my dream journal: “In my dream I walked (or more like wafted or glided) into Mum’s bedroom. As I entered the room, I noticed that her bedroom light was on and Mum was propped high on her bed against a pile of pillows, eyes closed, her face wet with tears. I said, “Mum, what’s wrong?” She didn’t look at me. She couldn’t see me.

“I then became aware of Dad beside Mum, bending over the bed, trying to comfort her. He looked grey and old and extremely distressed. He was anxiously trying to get her attention but she was totally unaware of his presence. For a split second I didn’t question Dad’s presence. Then it suddenly hit me.

What was he doing here? He was meant to be dead.

“I exclaimed, “Dad! What are you doing here?” He just looked at me with a desperately worried expression on his face. He was so obviously anguished and I sensed he was trying to let her know he was there, right beside her. Overcome with emotion, I said, “God help you”. As I said those three words, “God help you”, I was suddenly hurtled forward in a wave of energy like a strong warm wind, towards Dad. I kept repeating the words over and over, “God help you, God help you”. Then I woke up.”

I felt concerned about this dream. I felt guilty that my words, “God help you”, were directed at Dad and not poor Mum lying propped up on her bed, the tears rolling down her face, alone and in such despair.

The dream lingered all day like a dark cloud.

That evening I rang Mum to see how she was. She told me that the night before, for the first time since the funeral, she had really broken down and cried and cried. I tentatively began to tell her about my dream.

When I finished, she said, “Jo, you have just given me the answer to a prayer!”

She sounded elated. “What do you mean Mum?”

She explained that the night before, she’d sat up all night in bed with the light on, propped up against pillows, giving way to uncontrollable weeping.

Mum said she’d prayed over and over again that God would give Dad the help and strength he’d need to let her know if he was still ‘alive’ in Spirit. She desperately wanted to know if Dad was close by, but she’d received no indication of Dad’s presence and consequently gave in to her outpouring of grief. The words she’d used in her prayers were, “Please God help Les to show himself to me. Please God help Les let me know he is near me.”

Mum believed my dream (especially my words “God help you”, which I’d directed at Dad) was the perfect answer to her prayer and, as a result, believed that Dad was indeed near her that night. It also relieved me of my feelings of guilt about directing my plea for help to Dad instead of Mum.

I then added these words to my 1985 dream journal: “What worries me though, is how distressed and worried Dad looked. And also, I’m concerned that if Mum keeps crying and praying for Dad to be with her, it might impede Dad’s progress on the other side. But I suppose it’s only natural that when a soul first passes over they would want to stay close to their loved ones for a while in an attempt to comfort them and try to let them know they are all right.”

Getting it wrong

Not all dreams are memories of astral travel or an out-of-body experience. Usually our dreams are the result of our unconscious mind releasing uncomfortable suppressed emotions, beliefs and painful experiences. Or sometimes they can be precognitive dreams, predicting an event yet to happen in the future. Interpreting dreams or messages from the subconscious is difficult at times. Upon awakening, the memory can change or be forgotten during its passage through the subconscious and unconscious mind to our awakened physical consciousness.

The following is an example of making mistakes while attempting to interpret a precognitive dream. One night I dreamt that something terrible was going to happen and I woke feeling emotionally dismantled. I couldn’t remember what exactly happened in my dream but I knew it was devastating. What I did remember were the words ‘Everglades’ and ‘Florida’. Now, any normal intuitive person would immediately assume that, if it had been a precognitive dream, whatever ominous event was going to happen would occur in Florida in the U.S. Not me.

My emotions kicked in and I was convinced it was going to happen on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

This was because my daughter temporarily lived there, filming a television series called Pacific Drive and she lived in Florida Avenue in an apartment building called Everglades.

I phoned my daughter, urging her to leave at once.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Mum. I can’t leave here just because you had a dream. What about Melissa? She shares the flat too, you know!”

“Simone, please believe me. I’m sure something terrible is going to happen there.”

“Mum, that’s ridiculous. It’s just a dream! You sound really stressed. Maybe you need to take some time off work. I have to go now. Talk tomorrow. ‘Bye.”

A few days later, a headline story in the world news was about an American plane going down in the Everglades, Florida, with an enormous loss of life. How could I have got it so wrong?

A scientific approach

In 1972 I read a book by Robert Monroe titled ‘Journeys Out of the Body‘. Some years later, the author established The Monroe Institute in the United States where attendees are trained to practise ‘out-of-body travel’ while in the conscious state. In 1992 I completed four courses of training in Controlled Consciousness Expansion there.

Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, Virginia, The Monroe Institute offers a more scientific approach to the phenomenon psychics and spiritualists have always termed astral projection, re-naming the procedure ‘remote viewing’. One of the lecturers at the Institute was Joe McMoneagle, an ex-military officer who spent 20 years as a remote viewer for the Pentagon. To my amazement, I learned that both American and Russian Intelligence use psychics within the military forces to conduct ‘out-of-body’ surveillance.

Now retired and the subject of countless television documentaries, two of Joe’s most outstanding feats in remote viewing for the U.S. military forces have been the discovery of the precise location of an enemy submarine and the whereabouts of two captured soldiers during the Gulf War. He more recently located a person in Japan who had been missing for many years, executing the feat live on television.

Remote viewing and premonition

In 2014 the United States Office of Naval Research embarked on an 85 million dollar research programme to explore the phenomena it labelled ‘remote viewing and premonition’. More than a decade later, today’s United States Defence Department has greatly accelerated the application of remote viewing and premonition. Marines are sent to The Monroe Institute to hone precognition skills in order to pre-empt snipers and other deadly assaults.

Whatever name we give it, ‘out-of-body travel’ has been known to humankind since the ancient Egyptians documented their astral projection on papyrus and the walls of their temples and pyramids. I find it fascinating that in these current modern-day times, both the United States and Russian governments are using trained scientists and military personnel to operate in the same manner as the Ancient Egyptians did thousands of years ago.

It’s taken a while for them to catch up!


To learn more about the CIA and United States government currently using remote viewing I highly recommend the book Phenomena: The Secret History of the United States Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis by Annie Jacobsen.


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