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Overcoming self-sabotage with kinesiology

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Personal growth continues throughout our lives when we are open to clearing self-limiting sabotages. Kinesiology can help.


The virus of self-sabotage

It is those quiet times when we stop and reflect on what we’d like to achieve in life that we may recognise we are sabotaging ourselves. Kinesiology can help us cut through the mesh that obscures our view of what is possible, and lead us to a full and satisfying future.

Achieving our dreams is not always easy. Doubts, fears, judgement, and self-criticism that spring from our inner voices, often keep us safely in check. This prevents us from stepping out of the familiar roles and ambitions we’ve envisioned.

These thoughts are like limiting constructs we build around us for protection and reflect our attitudes to life. They may have been adopted from life experience, cultural, social, and familial, gender-based or other influences.

From a kinesiology perspective, these attitudes operate as sabotage programs – similar to a computer virus that may slow or selectively shut down programming sequences.

Kinesiology: tearing down the walls you no longer need

Most often the constructs, like walls, are established brick by brick as we grow, creating a mosaic of our life. Some parts may be rich and colourful while other parts won’t work out as we wish.

However, nothing stays the same and often these walls were established at a time when they were relevant in our life. Now, they may no longer be suitable, limiting us from achieving our potential.

Kinesiology can bring awareness to the aspects of our being that keep us from moving out of our comfort zones. It can help us to open the way to move forward and lead a happier life. Once we have cleared the sabotages, our goals suddenly seem attainable.

Awareness is a key factor in identifying a sabotage program, the links to when it was created and other emotional factors that play into its control. Our mind may create conflicting thought patterns where we are essentially in two minds by ‘wanting’ a certain outcome, but on the other hand, not wanting it.

Getting off the treadmill of existence

Another sabotage program reveals a reversal in attitudes. This is a somewhat deeper sabotage program where at the conscious level we may have a desired goal, but at another subconscious level, an ulterior motive or driving force takes us in the opposite direction. Such revelations can be surprising, and options for change are often the trigger.

Fear or anxiety can quickly arise when change is on the horizon. Often our mind will leap ahead to the many and varied options of “What if I was successful….”

Success inevitably means change. Many people avoid change because the unknown can be less than comfortable. But where does the comfortable and familiar lead us?  Often nowhere – just a treadmill existence. Perhaps ‘success’ has been achieved, but what next?

The potential that we may feel in youth can diminish as we get older. Together with the trappings or burdens of work, career or responsibilities, we tend to follow the well-trodden paths as we realise our expectations, rather than forging new avenues of experience and satisfaction.

Clearing a sabotage program brings awareness, clarity and a way forward that is self-liberating and life changing. This may come in the form of a conflict or reversal in attitude. Thus, concepts of change can bring excitement along with the challenge. Personal growth continues throughout our lives when we are open to clearing self-limiting sabotages.



Amy Kinkel is a kinesiologist (PKP Certification Program) and the founder and manager of White Owl Well-Being Centre for Kinesiology and Natural Therapies in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Upwey, Victoria. 114 B Morris Road, Upwey VIC 3158.

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