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The painting process

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“Creativity is a journey into the heart and soul; a journey in a land filled with incredible wonders and strange obstacles, the land of your dreamworld and its passionate and disguised wisdom. It is a place of playfulness, spontaneity and spirit.”

If you love creativity and you would love to paint, you can start one of two ways. The first is to study technique, colour, balancing, perspective, etc., until you learn the skills to allow you to portray what you like – but that may not be enough. You want your work to be alive and original. It is exciting to feel the passion running through your blood. However you cannot learn how to do this. If you want to experience passion you have to get your heart and soul involved. The heart needs freedom to express, respond and invent. You need to temporarily put aside techniques.

Or you can enter creation with innocence and freedom from the start, discovering how to be spontaneous, developing your intuition and following the feelings of your heart. This means you do not focus on producing a product or on a projected result.

You need to become acquainted with point zero. This is the present moment, right here and right now. It is the time between two breaths, two thoughts, a place of rest, a pregnant void. You are at point zero when you let yourself feel, no matter what the feeling brings.

Point zero is the source of creation, liberating you from the pressures of success and failure, right and wrong, and aims towards authenticity, personal style and aliveness. This requires that you have a deep understanding of creativity and be willing to play and explore. This intuitive process will enhance your whole life because it demands that you respond from your whole being.

So if you have painted or not, the approach using your intuition is the same.

Painters can enjoy playing with colours, experimenting, reaching feelings and expressing themselves without outside pressure in a totally non-judgmental place.

Gradually you learn to trust what comes spontaneously and be intrigued by unexpected images and endless combinations of forms and colours. This is a process of unlearning and moving beyond what we think we know.

Let go of plans so the mystery can find you, and then your heart can become engaged. All you ever need and want is already inside you.

Cheryl Opie facilitates an intuitive painting process to show the healing power of creativity. She studied the ‘point zero’ method of painting in America with Michele Cassou.

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