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People will just appear out of the woodwork

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Hi again Adventurers,

Nandita, my friend and reiki lady of 21 years, often brings messages through to me during a reiki session. While I was in the early days of the preparation of the revamp, she saw me walking along a boardwalk to this new destination, and faces just kept arising out of the boardwalk. She interpreted this as saying that people will just come out of the woodwork to help.

Indeed, this has been happening. When I need the next step to be taken, or I am looking for a cog in the wheel to keep something turning, someone appears. Some of them are like Amaresh Wardha, the talented fashion photographer who inspired me to do a revamp in the first place – they are there for a short while and then, job done, they go back to their own path. Others are like Melisa Gray-Ward, about whom I wrote in a recent blog – someone from the past re-appearing on my radar and then falling back into step on my journey as well as her own.

It’s been quite miraculous really, and a sure sign that this is ‘meant to be’, as we are in the flow. 😉 I’ll tell you about other people joining the team soon.

With love
Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

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