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Power of the focused mind

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With the power of his thoughts he can change the course of underground streams, he can remove brain tumours, he can locate missing people and he can cure chronic diseases. Harold McCoy, former President of the American Society of Dowsers and Director of the Ozark Research Institute (ORI), is an ordinary man with an extraordinary message: a message about the power of the focused mind – a power that is available to each of us.

It was a family problem that launched Harold McCoy’s amazing personal journey into the realms of the mind’s power. After moving to a new property on a mountain top in Arkansas, Harold’s daughter, Joyce, discovered that there was not enough water to meet her family’s needs – not even enough for a single load of washing. With all their family’s money invested in the property, what were they to do?

With characteristic optimism, Harold approached the problem from an innovative angle. As a then fledgling member of the American Society of Dowsers, Harold recalled reading about the possibility of using dowsing to redirecting underground streams. That night, armed with a map of his daughter’s property and a pendulum, Harold identified a suitable vein of water on the property and undertook the mental task of changing its course.

The results were dramatic. The next morning Harold received a call from his daughter asking, “Dad, have you been messing with my well?”

“Yeah”, he replied excitedly, “What’s happened?”

“Well, now I don’t have any water at all!”

The next morning found Harold, equipped with dowsing tools and pickup truck, at his daughter’s property. His dowsing rods indicated that the water vein had indeed moved – but that it had overshot the well. With hammer, crowbar and focused thought, Harold again adjusted the flow of the stream so that it now passed directly under Joyce’s well. In just a short time water was gushing into the 140-metre well, filling it to just 10 metres below the surface.

Other amazing results

From discovering the power of the mind to affect the natural world, Harold moved on to using it for healing. Over the course of years he has effected many miraculous cures that defy conventional medical wisdom.

One of his patients was a nine-year-old girl who suffered from a slow-growing and inoperable brain tumour that had reduced her capacity for speech as well as her motor function. Brain scans showed that the tumour was growing steadily and would probably claim the child’s life within two years. At the request of her grandmother, Harold undertook a remote healing.

As for all of his healings, Harold began by meditating and giving thanks to his angels for their assistance. Through the process of visualisation, he “saw” that the roots of the tumour were wrapped around the brain stem and that it was pushing upwards into the girl’s brain. “I mentally reached into her head and took the tumour in my hand,” says Harold. Then, by flooding the area with pure Universal Light, he gradually withdrew the tumour and threw it “harmless and formless” to the Universe. By filling the cavity with beneficial energy, Harold completed the healing.

Every week following the healing session, the girl’s grandmother called Harold to let him know that her granddaughter seemed to be gradually improving. Months later the grandmother rang sounding no less than ecstatic. “We just got the last MRI, and they can’t find … there is no tumour up there. It is just totally gone; it’s just absolutely totally gone.” Harold reports that he was just as excited as his caller. Years later the girl remains free of the tumour that almost claimed her life. Since then, Harold has performed many other successful healings of brain tumours and cancerous growths. But this is by no means the limit of his healing repertoire.

How is it that, against all the odds, against the best medical advice, Harold is able to cure “hopeless” conditions such as these – cures that defy current scientific understanding? The power of the mind, Harold believes, is limitless. “Everything is possible in the higher realm, where the work is accomplished, and I and other healers working through ORI have had so many successes in everything from influencing the weather, to removing brain tumors, fixing bad backs, and removing chronic pain, that there is not a doubt in my mind that we are tapping into some awesome power that is available to anyone who has a desire to do this work.”

The healing techniques that Harold uses are inspired by his guides as he works. Among the tried and tested tools are some, he has discovered, that were used by Tibetan monks at least 1500 years ago.

Through the Ozark Research Institute, which he founded and directs, Harold continues to explore the power of the mind. The Institute is dedicated to the research and dissemination of information on all manner of mind phenomena and runs regular workshops nationally and internationally. At these Harold teaches participants how to focus the power of their thoughts to achieve healings for physical, emotional and lifestyle issues.

Harold McCoy’s life and his work are witness to the tremendous and yet mostly untapped power of the human mind. Made in the image of the Creator, each of us has enormous creative potential. With each thought, each word, we recreate our futures – either consciously or subconsciously. How we create – either for good or for ill – is up to us and Harold shows, through the power of the focused intention, how we can create health, happiness and the future of our desires.

Lyn McLean is former President of the Dowsers Society of NSW and runs regular workshops on dowsing, health and energy

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