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The power of touch

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Massage – the power of touch – provides the patient with noticeable, positive physical responses as well as psychological.

Massage as a health practice has proven to be an excellent adjunct to other modes of therapy, as well as to promote better recovery after illness, surgery and exercise injuries.

Massage assists venous return, i.e., the circulation of blood from the body back to the heart. As well as that, it assists the muscles in the removal of metabolic wastes, facilitating the removal of toxins due to excessive muscular activity.

Freud, Reich and Perls all understood that touch  has a psychotherapeutic effect beyond simple support and relaxation.

The simple act of touch during a massage deeply affects the client’s bodily being and sense of self. The body, mind and spirit are all one. When you are touched during a massage, healing is occurring at every level, i.e., physical, mental and spiritual level.

For massage to have a lasting effect it must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, adequate rest, regular exercise and positive mental attitude.


Rob Lobosco has completed a Bachelor of Health Science/Traditional Chinese Medicine. He runs Yera Natural Health Clinic in Essendon and Rye where he practises Chinese medicine, and runs Yera Natural Health Retreat in Rye. Rob is also a ‘fat loss leader’, having lost over 30kg, naturally, thanks to the help of Chinese Medicine.

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