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Practise what you preach

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It is not, as one might expect, the practitioner’s responsibility to heal others. Rather, it is their responsibility to stay connected to Spirit and assist their clients to do the same.


On some level everyone is searching for the missing piece of the puzzle in their lives; the elusive key that will unlock joy and fulfilment and the ultimate change that will bring lasting health, wealth, and happiness. In reality these are not unattainable goals, and as clients reach out for assistance, a great honour and responsibility is placed upon the shoulders of each and every practitioner. But it is not, as one might expect, the practitioner’s responsibility to heal others.

The road to true healing

To a certain extent, each individual is ultimately the creator of their own illness, and conversely, their own health and wellness. As practitioners, it is not within our power to heal or cure others per se, but rather to act as facilitators or guides, lighting the path for clients to follow.

Certainly through the administration of well-chosen remedies we may assist the client in restoring balance and health, and stimulate a period of well-being. But in order for health to be lasting, efforts must be maintained by the individual to nurture, connect, and develop a relationship with the Divine or Spirit.

The road to true healing can only be travelled by journeying within and coming to truly know, love, and accept the inner self – warts and all. Clichés aside, the reality is that by turning within, we come to understand the energetic nature of all that is; the connection of our individual soul to Spirit (or God, Goddess, Nature, Divinity, Jehovah, Allah, etc. – the names in and of themselves are irrelevant), and the inherent ability and responsibility of an organism to heal itself.

Self-responsibility and connection with Spirit

Self-responsibility is the first and most basic tenet of wellness, and connection with Spirit is the most powerful. Most clients will need a gentle and subtle education on spirituality. This is not to be confused with religion, which can stimulate spiritual growth, but spirituality is personal, accessible, and not attached to any particular dogma.

As the healing paradigm of many complementary therapies rests on the workings of unseen energies, it seems imperative that practitioners should have a deep and sound knowledge and understanding of the language of energy and of the energy system that we undertake to work with. The energetic components of humans and disease are of particular importance if we are to continue to evolve both as practitioners and as human beings. Spirit is the most immaterial of substances and therefore the most powerful, thus it stands to reason that energy cannot be fully understood without including it.

We have within us the power to create and heal, and our lives and our practices can only benefit by studying and exploring our spiritual nature. As our understanding of the dynamic nature of all things evolves, so too must our medicine evolve accordingly.

The practitioner’s duty

There is an onus on practitioners to educate their patients not just in the workings of their particular modality, but in any way they feel may benefit each individual client. Possibly the greatest thing a practitioner can do for a client is to contribute towards their spiritual growth and understanding of health, thus paving their way towards self-healing and a real connection with Spirit.

Practitioners, wherever possible, must lead by example. Their primary duty of care therefore, must be to themselves, as the more they grow and advance on their own spiritual path, the easier it will become to assist their clients to do the same.

All manifestations of life are spiritual and all are accessible through the correct channels. In this digital age there is no shortage of tools and resources available for spiritual learning and development, and the responsibility is on the practitioner to continually learn, grow, and lead by example.

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