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Be present – to yourself, your environment and your journey

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Being present to yourself, your environment, and your journey can be both challenging and liberating, and is perhaps the key to living a magical life.

It is easy to become addicted to something when it brings you and others great joy, and feels so good. The problem with addictions is that they don’t have an ‘off’ switch. It is as though whatever you are addicted to has a magnetic energy all of its own that quietly hums away at all times. Before you know it, you are consumed by the addiction, and there is little room for anything else.

One day, after a light-bulb moment, I realised that I was becoming addicted to thinking about and planning my business, and, by admitting it to myself, I was able to do something about it. Since that moment of understanding I made sure that I began and ended each day by being present to the Divine Spirit with me. When I listened to the quiet, guiding inner voice within me, I could be more aware of how I walked the earth each day, and more importantly, I could consciously choose how I wanted to ‘be’ in every moment.

Being present to yourself, and consciously choosing, where and how you invest your time and energy can gradually become a healthy habit. You may well find that you are more in command of your experiences, and less stressed, anxious, and more trusting of your life, and what unfolds.

Each day presents you with an opportunity to consider all parts of self, and to measure how content you are in each area. Taking time to watch and consider where and where not to invest your energy and time will bring greater awareness, and allow you to walk more consciously and confidently on the earth.

There are four major energy bodies that you can be present with:

  • Your physical body, which incorporates your health, your wealth, and what you can touch and see – your external, material world.
  • Your emotional body and your relationships, and what brings you love and joy.
  • Your intellectual body, which is concerned with clarity, planning, visioning, and impeccability of thoughts and mind.
  • And your spiritual body – that is, your sense of self-confidence, self-knowing, direction, and connection with the Divine.

You might like to consider the following affirmations to assist you to become more present and aware. Each affirmation has a focus on the one of the four major energy bodies.

Physical body: I open myself to all the gifts the universe has to offer me in this moment, and am impeccably present to and grateful for all things, great and small.

Emotional body: I choose to be kind and generous, and keep my heart open at all times, being present to what is within my power to change, and what I can hand over to a greater power.

Intellectual body: I have a focused, present, mind, and carry out plans with ease and grace, trusting in and in harmony with the divine plan, and divine order.

Spiritual body: I am present to and in command of who I am, and how I walk the earth. I believe in myself, and trust in my journey, and where I am in this moment.

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