eHAB – Jost Sauer’s online rehab program

$211.20 inc GST

eHAB is based on guided self-help, which is one of the most effective methods for ending addictive behaviors.

It includes 32 video tutorials, 30 Poster style Downloads, 30 daily emails to restructure your day – all presented by Jost who takes you through his proven recovery process. You will learn how to empower yourself, control your mind, strengthen your body, develop clarity – you will change your life.

eHAB is a fresh new non-judgmental approach to quitting drugs. It is not 12 step. The idea is to make your past work for you. It is for anyone who wants professional guidance in quitting substances, changing their life and discovering how to feel awesome again. No other program offers this.

Quitting drugs or alcohol is a major life event. But most people try to quit without a plan, relapse frequently and then start thinking they are addicted or diseased. If you arm yourself with information first, you can avoid this waste of your time and energies.
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