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A promotional article is a great way to give readers more details about what it is that you’re offering (your course, your product or service, your event, and so forth). You could let them know your back story. And/or explain extra benefits that they might receive, that you might not be able to convey in a banner ad. With these articles, you have the scope to really let the readers know about why they might be interested in connecting with you.
Choose to pay for a month, for a pre-determined amount of months (e.g., four months), or for a permanent placement.

  • The article must have relevance to our LOHAS readers (gambling or nicotine articles are not accepted)
  • Articles submitted must be unique to LivingNow to have DO-follow links
  • One ‘hero’ image must be supplied by you of the correct dimensions: 1200×628 pixels. If you need us to source a picture of the correct dimensions for you, production fees will apply.
  • Articles must include at least one sub-heading (more is good too). Try to keep at least 75% of the sentences less than 20 words long for good SEO.
  • One other image (in addition to the hero pic) is allowed. More images would incur a production fee.
  • Articles are labeled as “Sponsored article”.
  • Articles will stay on the site under the chosen category, for however many months are paid for.
  • All articles are required to be edited and approved by our Editor.
  • We require payment prior to uploading article.
We would certainly want something that is a UNIQUE offering to LivingNow – for the sake of our readers, and also so that Google doesn’t penalise both our website and wherever it is already published if it were duplicate material.










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