Protecting your expansive energy

Protecting your expansive energy

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How do you avoid feeling dragged down when you interact with negative people? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts.

Do you avoid the negative people in your life?

Do you find yourself not picking up the phone when Aunt Elda calls in order to not have to deal with her endless moaning about everything that is wrong with the world and her life? Or heading into the office toilet to dodge the complainer who unceasingly dumps her problems on you? Or skipping out on family gatherings to avoid the gloomy ruminations of the family downer? “Life just keeps kicking me when I’m down. It’s exhausting, painful, and disappointing. Why do I even bother?” Do you leave these interactions feeling tired, worn out, and dragged down by their negativity? Even though just before you had been feeling energetic and joyful?

Finding freedom from ‘negative’ energy

The good news is that there is a solution.  And it doesn’t involve isolating yourself from the world or only selecting companions who see life from a positive perspective. In reality, you have relatively little control over the people you encounter in the world, from your casual acquaintances to your coworkers, and even less so with your family.

How can you make yourself immune to this negative shift in energy?

Firstly, it is important to realise it is our own perspectives. Whether positive or negative, that change how we experience energy, whether in a contractive or expansive way. So someone who is not enjoying their life is not under some kind of ‘negative energy’ umbrella. Rather, they have chosen their perspective, and the energy conforms to match it.

How, then, do you avoid falling into this energetic pit when you interact with these people? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for dealing with Debbie Downers, psychic vampires or energy suckers in your life:

DON’T try to change their perspective. Their perspective is their own choice. Whenever you try and change them, cheer them up, or help them ‘look on the bright side’, you are validating the reality of their negative energy and contracting your own energy.

DO manage your own perspective by consciously choosing happiness anyway. When someone around us is down, we tend to pull ourselves out of our state of joy, peace and happiness because we want to be empathetic. In actuality, your happiness and joy will transform their sadness, if they allow it. Beam your expansive energy and see how it transforms them.

DON’T say, “I feel tired, sad, etc.” When you phrase it this way, you unconsciously identify yourself with that negative energy, and you will find that whatever you denote sticks to you like a slime.

DO say, “I am aware of …” This allows you to maintain distance between yourself and the energy that you are observing at the moment. This also keeps you from becoming entrenched when entering the vicinity of someone who is emanating a contractive energy.

DON’T resist them. To resist them would have you feeling like you have taken on their energy. 

DO clear the energy by declaring (in your head or out loud), “Everything that doesn’t belong to me, leave.” If that doesn’t work, get rid of everything by stating, “Everything that belongs to me, leave.” This way, you can approach it with complete neutrality.


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