A pull in the fabric of time

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Raym’s client wants to know why he triggers an extreme reaction to those he meets and he unravels a profound story involving a past trauma.


I am with my client Vlad. In the grey light of an early morning we are standing at a road junction in an ancient, dry place. Just outside a city’s high walls we observe people going about their business before the heat of the day. They move around and through us totally unaware of our presence as we are travellers in time. Vlad merges with his past life self. Feeling himself inside a strong male body, he is is in charge of a group of workers, preparing for an event, and he is a conscientious boss.

Vlad has come to see me to understand why people, regardless of his easygoing personality, charm and striking good looks, seem to take an instant dislike to him. Laying in the crystal mandala he has moved spontaneously into a past life recall that takes us to the distant past in another part of the world.

Feeling into his past life body, he begins to understand what kind of man he was and he is surprised.

Geez, I am a hard man, fit, ruthless, totally in control and proud with it he telepaths

Look down at your body…

I am wearing heavy sandals. I feel comfortable in my clothing, it fits me like  glove, I am actually quite clean, even though the place we are in is not.

The morning warms and the sky clears as a noisy crowd approaches, spilling through a small opening in the city wall.

“Here comes the scum”, he breathes to himself, disgruntled he should be given such such an insignificant event to supervise. Surrounded by a ragtag mob, the prisoners drag their heavy burdens towards him. Part of their punishment for sedition and thievery is their public humiliation, and they are being abused heartily by the mob, which is becoming unruly.

“Get down there and sort this mess!”, he directs his men decisively, rapidly bringing order to the chaos. His authority subdues the mob as the lawbreakers approach. His men place the criminals in their positions as the crowd jeers.

I am wearing a leather breastplate and helmet… This man is in the military.

A bit more than that. I resist the temptation to tell him more. It is his journey; not mine. How are the others dressed? The ones you are supervising?

Like me, but I have a cape… and a short sword on my left. They carry theirs on their right. My breastplate is decorated with medallions. I carry a cudgel, I have earned it.

How do you feel, being here?

Happy to be serving my superiors but pissed off I should be doing such a menial task. My place is on the battlefield!

The day warms and after several hours he decides to be merciful to the moaning thieves and orders their legs broken. The hard case in the middle he leaves for a while longer. As the day becomes hotter and the shouting subsides, people start to notice their empty stomachs and drift away.

“No leg breaking for you today”, Vlad stares at the gaunt young man, the one particularly reviled by the now thinning crowd. This young man with a faraway look in his eyes, mumbling to himself, is a tough nut to crack.

Rebel filth, he deserves everything he gets. Vlad hears himself thinking. It slowly dawns on him where he might be and what might be happening, as the crowd slowly thins leaving just a dozen or so weepers, friends of the stubborn one still clinging to life.

After six hours of standing around in the sun listening the whiners that are left, he has had enough. The mumbling fool in the middle has settled down and is almost dead. He steps forward and finishes him off with one clean casual lunge with his spear to the left side. He hardly notices the clap of thunder, flash of lightning and the unseasonable rain that follows.

As the bodies are removed he supervises cleaning up, happy that things are drawing to a close and that he has fulfilled his duty. This whole episode was beneath him.

Wow. I really had no idea who I was dealing with did I? While Vlad sounds calm his body is shaking with such force that it has vibrated itself off the futon he lies on. Tears are flowing freely from his closed and flickering eyes.

Very few people truly did. A few more than a dozen, if you count his wife and female followers…

I can see how this has affected my relationships over many lifetimes. What should I do? I feel terrible. I was only doing my duty.He chest heaves as he releases loud remorseful sobs.

Call on the Master involved and beg his forgiveness. It will be given freely.

Absolution is given joyfully and it is beautiful to behold, as some small cosmic balance is restored.

After Vlad leaves totally stunned and exhausted, my unusually quiet apprentice voices her concern.

“How has such a major trauma never been dealt with before?”
“It probably has, but not for Vlad and not in this timeline or in this body. This fragment of his consciousness, incarnated here and now, had not yet had an opportunity to clear the trauma. Opportunities like this are rare, much as we would like it to be otherwise.

Our higher self can experience multiple and simultaneous incarnations. Our consciousness is also part of a group of souls that travel through time and space together. As you know we are all part of an infinitely larger superconsciousness or oneness that holds the fabric of this reality and our universe together.

If major trauma in any one of these interconnected threads of consciousness is not dealt with it can affect everything it touches. It may subtly distort the weft on which the warp of time and space is built. if this was not addressed unreasonable and inexplicable things can happen. A person’s instant dislike for Vlad could translate into something more violent and things could be pulled further out of balance. His visit today was timely.”

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