Putting ideas into action

Putting ideas into action

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Ideas put into action enhance our lives and progress our world. Yet how often do we let our ideas die for lack of self-confidence or lack of strength to put them into action?

What to do with intuitive inspiration

Have you ever had a brilliant idea – an intuitive inspiration – something that would make a difference in your life or even in the world? What did you do about it?
Stifle it immediately because of self-doubt?
Let it be swallowed up in the busyness of the day?
Get discouraged because someone you shared it with said it wouldn’t work?
It takes strength and determination to stand firm and put an idea into action. It’s like planting a seed. It can’t flourish unless it is watered, weeded and nurtured to full blossoming.

Charles Fillmore, in his book Atom-Smashing Power of the Mind, wrote, “When we accept ideas from Divine Mind, and persevere in those ideas, a mighty strength wells up within us.”

The meaning of strength

Strength is physical, mental, and spiritual. One meaning of strength is our capacity to accomplish. Our greatest expression of strength is when we use it to stay strong in our beliefs and attitudes. What we believe and what we think determine the words we speak and what we put into action. As Louisa May Alcott is quoted as saying, “Strong convictions precede great actions”.

Strength is our ability to stand firm and stay in integrity to our true self. Our ability to say ‘no’, even when it’s easier to say ‘yes’. We create our own circumstances, and if we don’t like them we can uncreate them and choose differently. That’s work. It takes dedication. It takes strength and perseverance.

Being strong means totally changing our belief about ourselves from victim mode to self-mastery.

For those of us who are Christian, it helps us stay strong when we believe that Jesus was teaching about the kingdom of heaven within us now, not somewhere in the future, up in the sky.

Missing the bullseye?

We can stop seeing ourselves as sinners when we learn that ‘sin’ was an archery term that meant ‘missing the bullseye’ – missing the mark. We all sin every time we don’t think, speak and act from our highest self – when we fail to fully express our own divinity, our spiritual self. It doesn’t make us sinners – it just means we are still students on the path to full awareness of our spiritual selves.

Strength is our ability to stand up for what we believe is right, and to withstand people and circumstances in the outer world that we know are undermining our spiritual progress or sabotaging the good in our lives and the world around us.

A great teacher called it our power to say ‘YES YES’ or ‘NO NO’. We can choose to say ‘NO’ – and mean it. Then we can choose to say ‘YES’ to all that is good; YES to our inner guidance, YES to the life we choose to live.

So next time you have a great idea, focus on it, explore it, and look for ways to put it into action. To quote Charles Fillmore again, “Thinking is a process in mind by and through which the abstract is made concrete.” Stand firm to bring your intuitive ideas to fulfilment.


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