The Rainbow Oracle

The Rainbow Oracle

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You would expect a card deck called The Rainbow Oracle to be resplendent with colour, and this certainly does not disappoint. Jasmine Safis oracle card deck is one of the most vibrant and aesthetically pleasing I have seen in a long time.

Safi is a psychic and spiritual artist, and The Rainbow Oracle is the result of channelled messages and pathways to higher heart consciousness, and is intended to be used as an artistic bridge to self-awareness.

Each card features a stunning full-colour artwork, a key theme and a short description at the bottom. Using the guidebook, further interpretation can add greater depth to your reading or you can choose to meditate on the image or phrase and intuit your own personal meaning.

The author has included a number of different spreads to try in the guidebook, and my favourites were the Spiritual Ladder and the Life Ladder. As a seeker, the choice between these two spreads gives you the opportunity to decide how deep you wish to go: are you seeking insight about the greater meaning for your existence, or do you need insight into some of the more immediate, real-world struggles you are facing?

Distinctive and bold, The Rainbow Oracle is the unique manifestation of the artists vision: generous in scope and beautifully realised in vibrant colour.

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