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How can I realise my dream?

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How can I realise my dream? – Hong Curley answers readers’ questions



My dream is to publish a book. After two years, I have written a book on health and healing, but now I am reluctant to publish it because I don’t know whether it is good enough to get it out there. I have read your fantastic book, and appreciated your generous sharing. My book is nothing compared to yours, I am scared whether it will be welcomed. Can you give me some inspiration?  George


Dear George:

You have a lot to offer the world. Don’t shy away from your greatness. You are meant to shine, to sparkle, to light up the world around you. Get out there and show them what you have got. Put your foot forward and offer the best you have.

Don’t be afraid. Your playing small does not serve anyone. It is a waste of your intelligence. Cultivate every possibility within yourself, and your possibility is limitless. Trust, have faith, believe in the impossible. Don’t be concerned if a project seems to be too big. Nothing is too big for the power of perseverance. A mountain can be moved by taking away one stone at a time. A thousand mile journey is completed by taking one step at a time.

Open your heart and let your inner spirit come out and dance in the light of joy. Your spirit outshines the sun and sparkles more than the brightest stars. You can climb any mountain and see your way through every task set before you as long as you determine to reach that goal. You are a human, and that is what humans do –they never ever ever give up.

To your dreams coming true, George

Hong Curley


Hong is a Chinese medical doctor specialising in psychological healing. She has earned her expert status from having conductor over 38,000 consultations so far. She is author of ‘Freedom to Love’.


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