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Reinvigorate your imagination

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Your playful inner child is the gateway to your higher self

You’re alive and breathing, but are you living? I’m sure you have a routine that works for you and I’m guessing it goes something like: ‘work, eat, sleep, eat, work, sleep’. Well you are not alone! Most people are stuck in this humdrum cycle because, let’s face it, society has structured things in such a way that it is quite challenging to break free from the daily grind of obligations, pressures, expectations, deadlines, responsibilities. Or is it?


Maybe it’s all a conspiracy to make you a slave to society and distract you from spiritual pursuits, or maybe at some point you willingly sacrificed yourself in your chase for what you perceive to be true ‘happiness’ in the material world.

Whatever the reason, the truth is, over time, we have a tendency to lose ourselves amongst all the distractions, responsibilities and trials of life and find comfort in the false sense of fulfilment and balance our routine provides.

So why do we follow the pack like sheep? Routine involves repetition. Repetition allows for predictability. Predictability gives us a sense of stability. Stability offers security and bam, before you know, it we program the spirit out of us; life feels 2D and we carry a deep sense that ‘something’ is missing. But what is this ‘something’?

Thirst to connect

We are missing soulful joy! In attempt to fill that inner void, many of us throw ourselves at any new technology that will quench our thirst to feel more ‘connected’, without realising that even this is encouraging us to slowly become more and more disconnected with our soul which is actually what we are thirsting for.

To help us hold onto our sanity, we may occasionally get adventurous and mix things up, but how many of us can seriously testify to scheduling in time to ‘play’ to keep our spirit alive? That mysterious ‘something’ that we search for is spiritual connection, carefree innocence, light-heartedness, optimism and time to play.

Have you ever wondered why we inherently love kids so much? Children reflect fun, purity, innocence, joy, playfulness, love, spirit, creativity, imagination and truth – reminding us of what we once were – but as we became more concerned with material and survival matters, we swapped our ‘eat, sleep, play’ routine to the ‘work, eat, sleep’ routine, thinking this will bring us lasting happiness. Somewhere along the road between childhood and adulthood, many of us traded in ‘playing’ for work and if we do happen to get some time off we’re likely to zone out on Facebook or watch TV.

Our innocent inner self is the foundation of our being and the gateway to the higher self. It is the source of courage, curiosity, happiness, and wide-eyed wonder, yet sadly most have abandoned their inner child in favour of a hyper-vigilant adult archetype.

The truth is that we all subconsciously yearn to reconnect the abandoned part of our selves – our inner child. We do not intentionally deny our inner child – it is something that happens over time as we try to deal with our emotional wounds.

Awakening spiritual wisdom

As children we used our intuition, explored our creativity, expressed emotions, loved colour, weren’t afraid to ask questions, laughed out loud, expressed love freely and accessed psychic abilities. In short, we were free because we were closely connected with our spirit and soul.

Many children can see and communicate with spirits, deceased relatives and angels. Adults refer to this as ‘imaginary friends’. However the veil between the so-called real and ‘imaginary’ worlds to a child is in fact much finer, giving them access to the spiritual realm much more easily. This is mainly because their minds are open, their pineal glands are working effectively and their hearts are open and untainted.

The shift usually occurs around the age of ten or 12 when most start to experience puberty and cross the bridge into adulthood where we begin to face emotional, physical or psychological disruptions which burden us with fears, disapproval, expectations and responsibilities. Here we begin to abandon our inner child and lose some of our creative and psychic abilities as we start to become stifled by society, shed our purity and close down our hearts out of fear. This is what cancels out access to higher vibration frequencies!

As we develop, society teaches that we must suppress emotions, lose our innocence, abandon creative thought and expression in favour of ‘logical’ thinking to adapt and succeed in the ‘grown-up world’. Even our educational system places greater emphasis on the use of the rational mind and favours structure and analysis more than emotional expression, intuition, art, creativity, imagination and spiritual growth.

The truth is we need a healthy balance of both. Many parents, teachers and other adults dismiss psychic ability and intuition by ignoring this behaviour or even accusing the child of making up stories. This causes the child to shut down their abilities in order to fit in. However as we move further into adulthood we create more and more unnecessary boundaries between ourselves and other people, afraid that our love won’t be accepted or returned.

Spirited happiness

Western society commonly perceives happiness as the outcome of what you achieve and acquire but what each of us really wants is to feel completely whole, loved and aligned with our inner world. The reconnection and acceptance of our childlike nature is a key in achieving this feeling of wholeness, unity with our creator and thus freedom and lasting joy in our lives.

The reason we feel something is ‘missing’ is because in pursuit of ‘happiness’ in the material world we have pushed aside our soul’s spiritual quest.

The gate to heaven’s door is having a childlike heart. Spiritual growth comes through returning to innocence and purity and moving away from hedonistic pleasure and the material world. Everything in your life is conspiring to help you begin this journey and return you to the state of purity where you can once again experience union with God. This is the true pursuit of happiness. True happiness is experienced through sacred union, and this is why gratitude and prayer should also be an essential part of everyday life.

Even with the world in turmoil, we can have inner peace, love in our hearts, compassion and innocence. To attain that balance and inner discipline we need to hear and act on the needs of our souls.

Every conscious moment calls for us to contemplate our place in the world and make another decision, and the most important question is, ‘Who am I and what am I living for?’

Don’t take life for granted, reawaken the mystery and magic of life! Awaken the potential of your spiritual self by reconnecting with the inner child who lays asleep deep inside you.

Open your heart, embracing love, and allowing all fears and social suffocation to fall away to reveal purity and innocence once again.

Access the gateway

Awaken the child inside you that loves instead of fears; accepts intuition and plays instead of worries; so you can begin to enjoy life to the fullest. Life should be “eat, sleep, work, pray, play’! Use the concept of play to reconnect you with the trusting, creative, expressive, spirited and perceptive part of you that has disappeared under the mountain of hard work.

When we consciously invite a connection to Spirit and encourage creativity, play and imagination in our lives, we start to access the power of our hearts and let go of the deeply embedded habit of fear – and that’s how we can truly begin to live life to the fullest.

Below are some ways you can let your responsible adult mindset have a vacation and encourage your inner child to come out to play so that you can appreciate life to its fullest and integrate mind, body and soul.

Nine ways your inner child can unlock your spiritual potential:

1. Be spontaneous

Experiment, be inspired and act out that inspiration without fear.

2. Loosen up

Let go of the need to be mature. Be authentically you and don’t worry about how you will be perceived or if you will be judged.

3. Play & create

Release perfectionism and embrace creative freedom, as this is the playful expression of your soul.

4. LOL

Laughter is a deeply spiritual emotion. Laugh out loud daily without reservation.

5. Cancel fear

Become more familiar with loving rather than fearing. Fear is a barrier to spiritual growth. Step into the fears and watch them dissolve.

6. Observe the roses

Make an effort to enjoy the journey a little bit more and take the time to really NOTICE the miracles that are held in the stillness of nature.

7. Express freely

Be open-hearted and express your love without fear that it won’t be returned.

8. Listen to the inner nudges

Buried within the subconscious lies the knowledge of everything we need to know about living. Trust your intuition and you can encourage it to develop.

9. Imagine

Dream, imagine, allow your mind to roam free! Albert Einstein had this to say: “Imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.” “Logic”, he added, “will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere… It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Now is a good time to redefine your life and benefit from spending a little more time in your ‘child mind’ and not worry so much about other people’s judgments, perceptions and opinions. Give permission to your playful, loving and spirited self to reawaken so you can reconnect with your higher self. Let go of any shame or guilt you may have attached to pleasure. Give yourself permission to experience soulful freedom and joy by indulging in play, dreaming and living from the heart!

Don’t waste your precious life starving the very essence of YOU! Decide to no longer neglect your true self and make a choice today to reclaim your right to live a life young in heart, wild and free, and you can AWAKEN and move towards aligning with Spirit once more.


Eryka is a passionate mind, body, soul life coach, clairvoyant, energy healer, and founder of Empowered Living. She guides people worldwide in moving towards deep self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-empowerment.

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