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Just for today – I am grateful for so much in my life. To begin with, I am blessed to be the mother of three sons – amazing men, with big hearts and intelligent minds. They make their difference through their capacity to live their lives in the moment. They are all different, and what creates common ground between them, is their willingness to love and to be loved. They are not afraid of love.

I am also incredibly grateful for the beauty and the magic of nature, and my deep connection with the earth. Watching nature go through her natural cycle reminds me that it is perfect for me to also go through similar cycles. There are times when it seems there are no limits to the possibility of creation, as I thrive and am filled with the essence and spirit of life; like a tropical garden after a week of persistent rain. Then there are times when I feel parched and burnt out, like none of my ideas grow into anything, and all the seeds I plant die from lack of nurturing and sustenance. At these times I feel like a frustrated farmer out of favour with the weather gods, with a sense of being forsaken and abandoned, for there has been no lack of hard work or good intention – watching the crops fall over as the roots have no moisture to hold them, and the top soil being blown away from paddocks eaten down by starving animals. The ground opens up in dry creek beds, with great cracks forming patterns that appear beautiful to the artist’s eye, and at the same time create despair, and the promise of death and destruction in both the landscapes with me and around me.

What is lovely about nature is that it reminds us that we are both vulnerable to and supported by the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. When we are feeling abundant and everything seems to be thriving around us, it is possible to feel generous and kind, loving and open. However, keeping our hearts open and trusting when it seems there has been one draining experience after another, when all pathways seem to lead to a dead end, and there is no obvious place to go, is not always so easy. It is at times like these that surrender seems the only thing left to do, and in that moment of total emptiness, and dropping into the void and quieting the mind so fear can no longer have control, the stillness allows our third eye to open. This magical eye can look out at the parched, dry landscape, and see its hidden beauty, and we become grateful for the daily blessings that we may have once overlooked or taken for granted. The stillness also allows us to hear the all-knowing inner voice that gently whispers a word or two to guide us on our way, leading us to the next door or the next step of our journey.

Whether you find yourself feeling abundant or depleted in your life right now, please take some time to still your mind, and whisper the word ‘gratitude’ over and over. Take some time to become aware of the many gifts in your life, within and around you. Go into nature, and connect to its beauty, in whatever form it takes; listen to the sounds, and take in the aromas, all reminding you that you are surrounded by life. Emerge yourself into the blessings of this very moment, right here, right now, and remember the one major thing about yourself that defines your spirit, your true nature, your uniqueness. If this doesn’t come easily, connect with your breath, empty your mind, and wait patiently for it to reveal itself. This may emerge, in the moment or in time, through a picture, a knowing, or a word. This may take time and patience, but be reassured when it is right for you, in divine time and order, you will remember who you are, and that is enough. In the remembering of who you truly are, underneath the doubt and fear, and accepting that, you will find an opening and the way ahead and, right now, you will be illuminated by your internal light.

Aloha dear friends, until we meet here again, may the spirit in your life and business shine strongly.

I Am

I am a divine being of light and light,

I am a child of the earth and sky,

I am perfect just as I am,

I am loved,

I am love,

I am.

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