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Remembering is not for the fainthearted

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Many people are restless at this time, for something is stirring deep in the hearts of people; it has a strange familiarity about it hovering in our awareness, insistent, begging for attention. To come into its presence we must enter via the door marked silence. It is only through silence that we can hear and mark its ancient, strange and familiar message. It invites you to stop and remember: your presence on the planet makes a difference.

This remembering comes with good, and bad, news.

First the bad: it’s time to remember you made a promise.

The good news: you were born for great things.

Within each of us is a safe haven where our spirit is rejuvenated, a quiet place from where we draw deep rest; it is also the place where our tenderest impulses reside. When you listen deeply to this place, you are reminded of a power within, far greater than you can imagine. This power wants out; begging for expression it will not let you rest until you appease it.

Restlessness is important. Like an unforgettable promise your restlessness draws you towards your life’s highest purpose.

It is said that before we are born we make a promise to do something that will leave the world a better place.


It is also said that we are given a ‘gift’ that allows us to fulfill this promise.

For some, life’s journey is to remember this promise, and realise our gift.

The call to remember is seductive. Consuming.

Many are called – few last.

You soon realise ‘remembering’ is not for the fainthearted, the pretenders, the ones looking to hide in exalted company. Remembering requires you to be 100% responsible – for your life’s highest vision, mission and results.

To remember requires rigour and discipline. It is the road less travelled, calling you to go beyond the distractions of material life to a place of inner fulfilment. This simple choice sets you apart from mainstream life, and you can often ponder the wisdom of your choice.

Here is a secret that will help you on your way.

It requires a simple quiet act, an utterance.

The silent uttering of a small, simple word which will bring bold horizons into sharp focus, and what is distant, close.

It is an innocuous word that releases unimaginable power within you.

It enables you to remember the place inside where permission to be great is granted; only greatness will win the day.

Remembering will demand you say: ‘Yes’.
‘Yes’ to that which is compelling you to express your highest purpose.
‘Yes’ to the power within you.
‘Yes’ to your great gift.

We have all met people who have said ‘Yes’. They have that certain something about them, a presence, an x-factor, they makes the difficult look easy, the impossible, real. This power lies within everyone.

These people shine.

You have the power to move mountains, create new worlds, and assuage the deep yearnings of the soul.

An unconditional ‘Yes’ inspires, and enables the upliftment of others.

You give up the right to say no to your innate greatness.

Your gift and highest purpose flourish before your eyes.

You gain access to ‘the best’ within you, the place where your gift and promise lie side by side, animated by your willingness to shine. You see a brighter world.

Serving the highest impulses within your own being means you are automatically serving the highest in all. This is a level of responsibility few people ever take on.

The road to enlightenment is littered with people seduced by the rhetoric and glamour of ‘spiritual reward’. They shimmer like fool’s gold delighting in their reflected glory, lost in the subtle world of spiritual ego.

Life has a big vision for us all, and when we say ‘Yes’, it shapes us in ways unimaginable.

Deep in its womb life has a plan. You are part of it.

Each of us is 100% percent responsible for the realisation of the goals and mission of this plan.

Saying ‘Yes’ makes you part of a big team, a global community committed to bringing ‘the best’ of themselves into the world for the betterment and upliftment of others, a team of enlightened ‘doers’, with an extraordinary level of skill and resolve, with a collective will to realise the quiet dream that sings silently within the hearts of all human beings.

You are required to be willing to learn, to be humbled, and able to say, ‘I don’t have what it takes, but I will get the job done’, finding the strength to do things just because you said you would.

You will be amazed by the strength within.

Remember, you will be challenged. There will be mountains. We will climb them together.

The greatest obstacles we overcome will be within us, yet the benefit will be for all.

We will celebrate at the summit together.

So, rememberer, you’d better ‘bring it’. Take responsibility. Take aim, and fire. Bring ‘the best’ of you into this world.

Most importantly, remember: you were born for great things and your presence on the planet makes a difference. As you say ‘Yes’ you will serendipitously meet others of the same ilk, all championing one another, for this is no longer a solo journey. We shine brightest when we shine together.

Julian Noel, founder of Shine, a people to people movement.

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