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The rhythm of life

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Acceleration is happening in everything. It is a characteristic of a universal shift in the evolution. Within this process new consciousness/awareness is in the air.


Zoom! Most of us have been experiencing a speeding up in our lives. We feel it on the inside. We experience it in the busyness of our daily activities. There always seem to be more things going on than ever before – more to do in less time, more information to process, things pulling us in different directions. It often feels like a relentless, accelerating momentum that is hard to keep up with. Our minds are full and every minute of our days is packed with things to do and think about.

This is nothing new. It’s been going on for a while and in fact things have been getting progressively faster in the experience of life. There is just more of it now, and the speed at which we live continues to accelerate.

In many ways the last 150 or so years have been about increasing the speed of things. Consider transportation, telecommunications, television and computers.

What changed everything even more was the internet. We all know the rest of the story. The changes affect lives, business, social connection, politics, medicine, education, basically everything on a global level. It connected the world in a whole new way.

Then other inventions brought communication to the next level. Wireless connectivity led us to the smart phone and then the tablets. These innovations put computing power and connection to information worldwide, 24/7, right in the palm of our hands from almost anywhere. We now have apps, tweets, blogs, photo and video sharing, access to websites, etc., giving us information about almost anything in minutes if not seconds.

Technology is just an outward looking view of the speed of change. The changes we are seeing in technology are taking place because something much bigger is happening. The speed of evolution within us, the world and throughout the universe is in an accelerated mode. Unseen forces of a different kind are pushing us to grow. Life, including us, is always evolving. It is just happening at a very fast pace now during an important and unique time in the history of existence. It is happening whether we like it or not. It is the evolutionary imperative of our time.

The vibratory rate of our brain’s processing capacity and heart’s communication with the rest of our body is getting faster. Our nervous system and body chemistry are adapting. I believe even our DNA is changing in ways yet to be detected by traditional science and medicine. All of these physiological changes are affecting our emotions, perceptions and thoughts. I see this jump up the evolutionary spiral as a very good thing but recognise it can also be difficult to manage with so much change taking place in so many ways in such a short amount of time.

When I talk to people from all over the world about what they are experiencing and what challenges they have, their answers could generally be summed up in one word. Overwhelm. Many people are feeling like they are about to be pushed over a psychological (mental/emotional) edge. The changes, the unpredictable events, the schedules, the news, the uncertainties, the confusion, all add up to one big challenge. How to find the balance needed to flow with this evolutionary speed-up and thrive instead of survive?

Every moment, every day, month, year, and so on has a rhythm. It is an appropriate rhythm, flowing and changing all the time, moving us forward through life. It is always there. When we are in sync with it life goes smoothly and feels fulfilling. When we are not, things often get confusing, hectic, emotionally unsatisfying, bland and challenging. No-one should expect to always be in sync with the rhythm of life. Events and emotions move too fast and life is too complex for that expectation to have credence. The goal is about increasing the amount of time we are dancing well with the prevailing rhythm and about how quickly we can get back when we find we are out of sync.

There are many things that can take us out of the rhythm of life. Impatience would be a good example. When we are feeling impatient it means we want the rhythm to be going faster than it is. Wanting a long meeting to finally get over, standing in the security line at the airport that seems to be going so slowly, wishing a business deal would close sooner, etc., create impatience. We burn a lot of energy through the experience of impatience.

The obvious antidote to getting back into rhythm would be to become more patient when the feeling of impatience starts to own us. Patience is the art of intelligent waiting. It is about accepting a rhythm instead of resisting it. It is about making peace in the moment and letting things unfold as they will. Of course this is not easy to do. It requires practice at being able to find a more peaceful place that exists within our hearts. Just like the rhythm of life is always there so is patience. It is something we can learn to find more easily if we really want it. It is a frequency in our consciousness we can attune to.

Another rhythm breaker would be complaining. Complaining is making a judgment that something is not like we think it should be. Life is saying one thing and our perceptions are saying something else. There is a disconnection between the current reality and the projection of what we want or think should be. Complaining is normal and it’s natural at times to want things to be different and better. The complaining program, so to speak, is built into our standard psychological software.

Complaints are certainly natural but they often take us out of rhythm. How much disruption they create really depends on what kind of feeling is associated with the complaint. Is it a feeling that is edgy and harsh? Is it one that is downtrodden and resigned? Perhaps it is a different emotional shade; one that hopes for something better while still incorporating appreciation for the way things are.

There are many things like interruptions, inconveniences, unmet expectations, saddening news, information overload and a host of other experiences, thoughts and emotions that can disrupt our rhythm. They are all part of life. In addition the rhythm changes all the time and is therefore elusive. Sometimes the pace/rhythm needs to be fast. Sometimes the rhythm is slower and there are many shades in between during the course of a day.  As stated earlier, there is no perfect synchronisation with the master rhythm in our lives. The goal is to be in sync more of the time and to shorten the time it takes to get back into a flow once we know we are out.

Life is moving fast, has been moving fast and will continue to move faster and faster. The constant speeding up is creating problems, but perhaps there is another side to it. The same energetic momentum that is making life move faster is also speeding up our consciousness, our evolution. We have the ability to grow, to learn to change in positive ways unlike ever before. It is a time in the history of humankind, the world and universe for accelerated growth. The same irritating, fast pace that is creating overwhelm is also offering a major opportunity to create a new you. When we merge with the rhythm of life, surf on it as it flows and changes moment to moment, day to day, we access a co-creative power to transform our lives and our world.

Within this acceleration a new consciousness/awareness is in the air. One of the aspects of new consciousness is a state available to us that creates more flow with the rhythm of life. It’s called the state of ease (inner ease). Accessing the state of ease allows us to move at the speed of balance by slowing down our inner body language. Inner ease helps us slow down the vibratory rate of the mind and emotions so our heart’s intuition can weigh in on decisions, choices and actions. It gives us a way to find a flow with the rhythm of life in non-flowing situations.

Another way to describe it would be that the state of ease is like a quiet doorway into our presence, our core authentic self. As we learn to attune to the state of ease, it increases our conscious memory to include our heart’s intelligence as we navigate through daily choices that decide the quality and direction of our life.

The state of ease is not a sleepy-time state nor is it simply ‘taking it easy’. It is a refined state of consciousness that allows us to flow more with change and the speed of it. It takes the corners and rough edges off life and offers a connection to our best, most intelligent aspects.

Inner ease is a frequency, a vibration in consciousness so to speak. It is something we learn to attune to. For me, lining up with the state of ease, cultivating it and trying to maintain it as much as possible is not just the latest cool practice or something to do every now and then. Accessing it is essential for me to handle the speed of change in my life.

The rhythm of life flows along – always has and always will. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes even faster like in these current times, and then at times it can seem too slow. In a larger sense it is nothing we can completely control. We can control how we relate to it and we can create our own rhythm, dancing in consort with the overarching rhythm of life. We do it by being conscious, using what we know, and exercising our intelligence and maturity.  As we do we can learn how to reduce resistances, make peace with the experiences we have in life and find an appreciation for the prevailing rhythm of the moment. The reward is a life that allows for ups and downs but in the end simply feels easier and more fulfilling.

The rhythm is always there. We just have to find it. So, let’s dance.


Howard Martin is co-author, The HeartMath Solution; Executive Vice President, HeartMath; Steering Committee Member, Global Coherence Initiative. For the past 22 years he’s had the privilege of speaking about HeartMath, a system/organisation created by Doc Childre, consisting of innovative ideas, leading-edge science, techniques and technology designed to help bring about a more heart-connected world.

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