Are you right or left eared?

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We process information differently through each ear.


How are you wired?

Directions and orders have more impact when heard through your right ear, while emotional messages are recalled better when heard through the left ear. This information has been known for at least 30-40 years, and it has to do with how your brain processes information. But it is not quite that simple. The above mentioned rule applies only to a (significant) part of the population, specifically right ‘wired’ people, namely those who are right handed but also have a right side hemispherical dominance of the brain. This is an important distinction since there are right-handed people with a left brain dominance. Think of schools that compelled all students to write with the right hand regardless of their natural tendency. What does this mean?

Brain hemisphere dominance

When the first division of the cell that will create the embryo happens in utero, the dominance of the brain hemispheres is also being determined. When we say dominance, we mean which hemisphere will become dominant for a person. This is relatively simple to discover. If you clap your hands (quickly, as though you are in a theatre applauding), which hand is on top? Which hand is the one that’s ‘active’? Which hand is more vigorous? That one is the ‘dominant’ hand and it shows you which side of your brain is also dominant.

Remember the brain is cross-wired

Therefore the left side of the body corresponds to the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Although both hemispheres are similar structures, they have distinct and particular functions. The dominant (could be left or right) side is active, ‘male’, more reason-based, and the non-dominant is ‘female’, more imaginative, and more emotional.

It can be interesting to figure out whether you have primarily a right-hand side dominance or a left one

In this way you can learn a great deal about why you act and behave the way you do. Are you more logical and reasonable or emotional and intuitive?

There is even more to this. The brain dominance also defines how we respond to conflicts, and how our personality comes through. You have seen masculine men, feminine men, masculine women and feminine women. You meet them everywhere. This is not happening by chance. It is all very neatly, orderly, and clearly defined and most of the time it has nothing to do with a conscious decision. It is just how your brain is wired and what happened to you in your life so far. So you can let go of feeling bad for being the way you are. You are good enough. I promise!


This article was first published in December 2013 and is used with permission.

Adriana James M.A., Ph.D., is a certified master trainer of neurolinguistic programming, master Time Line Therapy® trainer, hypnosis trainer and NLP coaching trainer. She is the author of the books Values and the Evolution of Consciousness and Time Line Therapy® Made Easy.

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