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Sacred feminine reconnective dance

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A long, long time ago, on this land and in distant lands, before women were practising yoga, before we lifted weights or joined gyms, before we ran marathons and trained our bodies to specific purposes…WE WERE DANCING, and our purpose was to tell the story of our being, lives, family, history, gods, nature and dreams.

For thousands of years our most sacred stories were told through movement so you could feel them and know them in your being. Our bodies are the sacred record keepers of our human experience, our cells remember every trespass and each divine moment of ecstasy; they tell the stories of our ancestors, our lands, our victories and struggles.

If you have been tapping in on any level (and if you’re reading this magazine I daresay you are), you will recognise the truth in your body. Your body was made to DANCE, to express the spiritual nature of your physical experience. I am not talking about polite dance here – I am talking about the dance that erupts from the core of Mother Earth, echoes the chaos of the cosmic universe, mimics the river that runs in your blood – the innate movement of primal forces that reside within you.

Take a moment and Imagine your hips moving in the continuous patterns of an infinity symbol speaking the language of the universe, imagine your chest rising and falling to the rhythm of your heart’s drum, imagine your hands and arms punctuating the story of your latest mishap or victory on earth, imagine your body’s intelligence as it connects to the pain, joy, memories and possibilities awakening them all at once and forging a fire of divine healing with the potential to integrate all aspects of your being.

When we as women reconnect with our feminine essence through sacred dance and allow our shadow and light to converge within our sacred womb of creation, it creates a force so alive, so powerful and so beautiful that you can see straight through the illusion of fear and into the heart of love.

This sacred practice and connection I hold with my body has allowed me to rediscover confidence when I was cast aside, to embody my warrior to help me leave and heal after abusive relationships, to gently love myself through my own judgements as a mother, to honour and celebrate myself as the Goddess of my life, Empress of my business and to enjoy and savour the beauty of my body. Reconnective dance has brought peace, strength, humanity, courage and wisdom when my mind was overwhelmed or my judgement clouded.

I have danced alone, my sisters, and I have danced with many – dancing with the wild and untamed forces of Gaia.

If I have inspired nothing else today after you’ve read this article than to have you fling your arms up to the sky and ‘booty bump’ your co-worker for the sheer joy of it, I have been successful.


Shama Besley of Azure Ray Healing and Clarify Village Mindful Coworking Space in Mont Albert, Victoria, facilitates wild moon rising sacred mystery retreats, spiritual development workshops and business alignment sessions.


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