The secret to manifesting more wealth in your life

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just imagine sitting in that sports car and somehow it materialised? Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of the manifestation books are teaching us and they’re missing the most important ingredient.

I first read Louise Hay’s famous self-help book, You Can Heal Your Life 20 years ago; immediately I was converted. From a young age I have felt a burning desire to explore healing myself on some level. At the time I read the book I was 19 and I under took every exercise it prescribed and devoured every word.

I decided to put Louise’s theories to the test. I wanted a boyfriend, so I wrote down all the qualities I was looking for in one. Four months later I met my future husband while I was working at the Mount Bulla snowfields in country Victoria. We kept randomly bumping into each other for another eight months in Melbourne, until we finally started dating. A year into our relationship, I found the old list of the boyfriend I was trying to manifest and to my surprise he completely fit the description! You could be forgiven for thinking that my list resulted in my boyfriend. I thought so at the time, based on what I knew about manifesting. Yes, that list helped me set my intention to the universe. But there is more to manifesting than just intention.

For a long time, I have often somehow received what I’ve wanted. Friends have said that I was lucky, and perhaps I have been. I continued to read every manifestation and self-help book I could get my hands on. It didn’t matter how many books I read, I still couldn’t figure out exactly how manifestation was working when I was successful, compared with what was going wrong when I wasn’t. Why did it work sometimes and not others?

Careful what you wish for

When I was 20 years old I declared that I wanted my car written off because I hated my car and wanted a new one. Two weeks after that declaration, my car was written off when a car pulled out illegally in front of me. I suffered whiplash, and my poor neck still suffers today. Did I get a new car I liked more? No, I didn’t; my father pocketed the insurance money and handed me a work car of his that I hated even more than the previous one! Here I learnt a valuable lesson. But I still hadn’t figured out the complete manifesting formula – other than that I needed to state what I wanted, not what I didn’t want!

The key to successful manifestation

Many times in my life I didn’t even try that hard, and what I wanted came easily. Other times I tried to actively manifest while following the Law of Attraction guideline laid out by many authors, and I found my manifestation success rate to be rather hit-or-miss.

Then one day the answer became apparent. It also struck me on a deep level that I was meant to share this information with others.

We create our very own universe!

We are all made up of energy. Everything around us is energy. I am of the belief that we create the world around us, we are the centre of our own universe, and it is all about us. Everything in our lives is a representation of our relationship with ourselves. We can create a vision board or recite a mantra about loving ourselves. But if every action we take throughout the day says the opposite, it’s that constant, practical message that the universe is most likely to listen to.

We are always sending the universe a message!

Every action and decision we undertake communicates with the universe. It’s not what we consciously say; it’s the messages we send via our actions and habits that count. While you can consciously say that you love yourself, if you always struggle to get up in the morning, your room is messy, you eat unhealthy food, put everyone else’s needs above your own, have poor boundaries, and constantly procrastinate, then you are telling the universe that you don’t actually want to be valued, because you are not valuing yourself!

It won’t matter how many vision boards of self-love and value you create, if you tell the universe you want the opposite in each and every decision and action in your life, you will attract exactly what you don’t want.

What is your money story to the universe?

Look at the relationship you have with everything around you: your family, your partner, your children, your clothes, possessions, your home. How much love and connection do you feel with everything in your life?

One thing that most of us want more of is money! Money isn’t evil or greedy. Money is energy; it’s a commodity that has an agreed value that we use for transactions to get thing things we want and need.

People that make lots of money and keep it have a good relationship with it. There are many people who are good at making money, but not everyone is good at keeping it. Do you know someone who is always financially stable and abundant? Have you noticed their daily habits? What you might discover is that through their habits they consistently say to the universe, “I value stability, I value consistency, I value feeling safe, I value having freedom.” It’s a good idea,if you wish to increase your wealth, to emulate the habits of those that are not only good at making money, but good at keeping it, because we need our financial lives to be based on consistency and stability.

What would it mean to you to have enough money for everything you want and need? For starters, it would likely reduce your stress levels if all your needs were met consistently. It would also allow you a feeling of stability, with a place to live, food on the table, and the ability to do the things you want when you want. It would allow you freedom, allow you to pursue your passions and the things that bring you joy.

What are you vibrating?

Manifestation is all about energy; it’s about the vibration of what you are putting out into the universe, which will come back to you in some way. Your chakras are power house wheels of spinning energy within your body. Chakras connect your physical body to your energetic one. Each of our seven body chakras affect different aspect of our well-being. The chakra that is most important in the business of making money is your base or root chakra, which correlates with the colour red. Your base charka represents security, having your needs met, food, shelter, safety, survival, and grounding.

Who is good at making money?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s look at the people who are the best at making money in the world and their habits. If you were someone who had the ability to see chakras, you would observe that many people on the BRW Rich List have a strong base chakra.

While we all have seven functioning chakras, most of our strength predominates from one or possibly two of them, and this determines some of our strengths, weaknesses and natural abilities. For example, a lot of public speakers or those with the ‘gift of the gab’ are ‘blues’ (predominant throat chakra). Many counsellors, giving people, or healers are ‘greens’ (heart chakra-dominant). This is a general observation, it’s not a hard and fast rule. People don’t always choose their professions based on their predominant chakra, but you will see these traits in their personality.

What really counts

Without having an in-depth chat to any billionaire on the BRW Rich List, I can tell you with confidence, their wealth is not likely to be due to having chakra healing sessions, or attending full moon ceremonies. From the moment these successful people wake up, they send a very strong message to the universe through their habits and actions that they value strength, stability, passion, work, and empowerment. And they were probably doing it way before they made their fortune, because as we all know, ingrained habits are hard to break.

Author Thomas C. Corley studied the lives of 177 self-made millionaires and found some consistent habits that they all shared. Corley found that that the wealthy wake up very early, can make decisions without emotion, and that many of them have been in one long-term relationship. He found that they stick to routines, they live well below their means, they pursue their passion, and they have strong boundaries. Wealthy people value their time, they have a strong work ethic, they are patient, they plan ahead, and have a desire to learn. These habits consistently tell the universe that they desire stability and safety. Money is a representation of a commodity that brings you safety and stability. With every action, with every emotion, and every decision, they are telling the universe a story.

If you are always chopping and changing relationships, living arrangements, jobs, countries, ideas, are always in bad debt, and spend beyond your means – this is not telling the universe that you value consistency stability and safety!

The real formula

It is commonly regarded amongst those that teach the Law of Attraction that thoughts (intention) become things. This is true to an extent, but it’s missing a vital component of the equation! The formula that will give the universe the strongest message of what energy you want to come back into your life is: Intention + Action = Magic.

The wealthiest people on the planet plan, make lists, and set goals; this could be called clarifying their intention. Their action is seen in their habits; it’s the getting up early, paying their bills, living within their means, keeping a level head, sticking to their work, and seeing it through that really counts. With each and every move they make, they are reinforcing their values. In turn, the universe keeps showing them exactly what they asked for.

So what can you do to make change?

This is not time to go do a base chakra healing mediation. Though it can’t hurt as a supplement, it’s not the entire answer. This is the common mistake made by many in the spiritual community; the first thing they will do is set about energetically healing their base chakra, and ignore what they are doing in their physical day-to-day lives. You are a soul here to have a physical experience, so the strongest thing you can do to send the universe a message is to take physical action.

Start by waking up early, making your bed, looking at your budgets, and making sure you are spending way below your means. Pay off your bad debts, find what you love to do for work, and stick to it. Only allow relationships that help you be consistent and stable. Forget the big emotional highs and lows if you can avoid them. Keep life simple and aim for consistency! Keep your house clean and clear; get rid of clutter. Follow an idea to completion; don’t chop and change with the wind!


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just imagine sitting in that sports car and somehow it materialised? Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of the manifestation books are teaching us and it’s missing the most important ingredient: your actions. They tell you to concentrate on one goal, rather than embodying the energy of your values and seeing what comes back from that. If you want to manifest a car that you love, then start by making every decision in your life based on love, passion, and stability. Have the intention for your life goals, make that list or envision it if you want. Then get up each day and do the work, embodying all the values you want to bring in to your life.

But what’s the point in manifesting one random car or holiday? How about manifesting your whole life based on the values that are important to you? Each action and decision you make is about the relationship you have with yourself. What is the relationship you want to have? What is the story you are telling with each and every choice you make? If you combine your intention with the appropriate consistent, passionate, motivated, reliable, loving actions, you will start to see the magic appear.

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