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Raym becomes his own client after other therapies are unable to deal with his unexpected and intense physical pain.


I have arrived at my studio early and I am in a great deal of pain, I can hardly walk. My young assistant gazes at me in disbelief, her face says it all, she looks like she has seen a ghost.

“You look terrible.”

“Thanks. I think I have just had the worst night of my life, and I’m in agony. Please reschedule today’s appointments. I think I need to receive the session today, from you.”

I sense Jo’s excitement at the possibility of actually facilitating a session for me, tempered by her concern for my well-being. Over the past ten days the pain in my back has been escalating to the point where it has become absolutely unbearable.

I have tried alternative, complementary and mainstream medicine to remedy the situation but nothing has worked. It has taken me over a week to realise the obvious, that this refusal of treatment by any other means indicates that the cause of my agony is not rooted in this time or space. It is time for this healer to heal himself.

Jo guides me into an expanded state as we lay in the crystal mandala together. I find myself lying on dry, rocky, desert-like ground. I feel something hard under my lower back. It is primitively made and wooden. It is old, grey, dry and unsophisticated, similar to the kind of yoke an ox might be harnessed to, but I am not tied to it. I am held in place by some invisible force. It is placed under my back, causing it to arch. I feel like I am about to be tortured.

The pain in my lower back is so intense in both the physical and non-physical realities I am experiencing, it is hard to remain present in an expanded state of consciousness. Jo reminds me to call on beings who placed this crude wooden slab under my back to step forward. I expect some primitive sadistic beings to arrive, but that is not what happens.

I am surprised when several tall, elegant and refined beings materialise, bending over me. Their skin is translucent, they have long fingers and elongated heads. While vaguely similar in appearance to the ETs we see on kids’ T-shirts, they are not sinister at all. Their demeanour is neutral as they look down at me quizzically.

Why have you called us?, they telepath.

Please show me why you placed this thing under my back. I have forgotten. I breathe through my pain.

This slab holds you in place during our implanting procedure…

Implanting! What?

Alarmed, looking down at my body, I feel an intense discomfort in my solar plexus and see another primitive device embedded there. It looks like an old-fashioned radio dial or grandma’s bakelite oven timer. They sense my unease.

It is there for your protection.

You can remove it now. I no longer need it. I have no doubt that it does not belong here.

Are you sure?

Discussion ensues as they look down on me, almost with pity. I realise that, to them, this device that they have implanted in my etheric body is like a flea collar for a pet. It is designed to repel pests. They reach down and, with their slender fingers, gently remove it. As they do so, the pain in my back and solar plexus releases, immediately and completely.

My physical body was alerting me to its presence as my own vibration had lifted and its presence became obvious. By experiencing the intense pain I felt being pinned across this wooden slab I was able to access the reason for it. At some time in the distant past these beings wanted to help me but it is clear that they do not love me unconditionally. It is appropriate that I dissolve all agreements with them and ask them to leave, but something is intriguing me.

Why does this equipment look so primitive?
Because it looks primitive to us. We lowered its vibration to be effective in your dense reality.

I thank them and tell them they may not return without my written permission. Even though they have interfered with my body, I still feel emotional bidding them farewell.

So I lie alone in this desert, wondering what will happen next, when the others arrive…

They gather around me and pick me up. Beautiful elfin beings, playful and exquisite, they take me to lush tropical rainforest and place me in a pool under a magnificent waterfall. They tell me to relax as they dance around me splashing and giggling. They laugh as they tell me to look at myself. I do, and not only is my body in perfect shape, it is gold, pure gold.

Congratulations! Your vibration has lifted and you’re free of all implants and attachments. We are able to be with you again. You have reached a point of almost total clarity and freedom, where you can be with us in a never ending state of bliss, whenever you chose. We love you and we are here to help you. Just one more thing to clear…

Being with them I feel great, until their statement sinks in and I recall my awful experience from last night.

I had a profound waking dream. I was taken across the planet to an unbelievably decadent place in a big city in America. There I witnessed extreme abuse of power, torture and degradation, all in the name of pleasure. I noticed there was one person orchestrating these activities and feeding off their energy, enjoying the power that he had over everyone. That was bad – but it got worse.

Looking at this man I realised that he was a mirror image of me, my doppelgänger. This confused human certainly looked like me, but he was the opposite in every way. He was revelling in control he had over people, manipulating them for his own perverse pleasure.

It was then that he became aware of my presence. We looked at each other and were equally repulsed. We turned our backs on each other and walked away disgusted by what we saw in each other. The feeling was totally mutual.

Don’t be troubled. It serves no useful purpose, a sweet flying creature whispers to me.

Tears well up in my eyes. What can I do to lessen his influence on people? Do I travel to the States and confront him? I find it hard to love him. What do I do? It is rare for me to be at a loss, and it feels frustrating.

That would be pointless. There is nothing to be gained by that. You would be vulnerable in his place of power. There are better ways of dealing with this.


The only way! All you have to do is be, here, now – and share your joy in every moment.

How can I allow myself to be happy when there is so much pain in the world, some of it caused by what appears to be me?

Take responsibility for your reality and your feelings here, now – not somewhere else where you are not. Share the joy that you feel in our presence. Whatever brings you joy, follow it and share it. You and your joy affect everything around you. You have reached a point of total clarity, remember your true magnificence, your beautiful, unconditionally loving, infinitely powerful, golden self. It is that simple.

And I realise, to my core, that it actually IS that simple.

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