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Simply Kinesiology – Phillipa Huynh

In Showcase by Phillipa Huynh

Do you ever have that feeling that your life isn’t fitting you quite right? You feel lost, your thoughts are overtaking your brain and you have somehow managed to form a few bad habits just to get you by… That’s when I can help.

I teach you how to get back to being you again. I say teach because you are the one who does the work. I simply show you how. It will be a journey that we will travel together. A journey to learn about yourself, to understand why you do things you do, to perhaps start to even love yourself again.

It won’t be easy, all change is challenging. But it will be rewarding and you will be glad you started.

So are you ready to make the leap to change? I’m here to catch you when you’re ready.

Phillipa Huynh
Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

simplykinesiology.com.au  |  0408 389 009  |  make an appointment online

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