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Sound healing for our new earth

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We are striving to become loving, peaceful beings in a difficult time, and the ancient modality of sound healing is re-emerging. Could it be to help us ascend into a higher vibrational way of being?


Humans have used sound and music healing for centuries. In ancient times, the mystics and scientists were also the musicians and doctors. Indigenous cultures throughout the world knew the power of sound and music, and used them in ceremonies to create and maintain the harmony of the land, to stay healthy and to keep the balance of their community and all living things. Thankfully, many cultures are now openly sharing their knowledge with the world.

To be a sound healer means understanding the principles of resonance: that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. Sound is vibration. Resonance is the frequency at which one naturally vibrates. Everything has resonant frequency, from living things to the movement of the planets, to electrons around atoms, everything vibrates. The oneness and connectedness of everything can be understood in this way.

Each person is a unique vibrational parcel of energy. When negative energy is held in the body, it creates disharmonious vibration in the cells, creating a cellular change in the physical body. Sound healing has the ability to clear and release negative energy, restoring the body to its original vibrational form. It can raise our vibration to such a level that negative, heavy emotions are simply released. Sacred sound transmutes stuck energy, clearing the pathway for divine love, peace, gratitude, compassion and harmony to abound in one’s entire being.

There are many different ways to use sound. The voice is one of the most precious and powerful instruments, and is also the easiest to use. By connecting with your body at a soul level, and toning using the voice, each cell can be recalibrated to its original pure form. Toning means using your voice to create sustained sounds to connect directly with your body.

We all have the innate ability to use our voices to tone sounds, and it is easy to learn simple techniques to do this. Releasing using our own voice is a blissful experience.

Sound healing can be used to destress, to cope with pain or negative emotions, for passing over and for singing in new babies – and for connecting with your soul.

I am living proof that sound can change, recalibrate and harmonise. Bedridden with a debilitating illness, I was transformed to live a positive, fruitful life full of positivity and joy through healing sounds and music. When encompassed in the beauty of divine sound, it is undeniably one of the most amazing experiences you can have.


Christine Morrison is a unique musical alchemist, sound healer and composer. Her music and sounds soothe the soul and heal the heart. She is the founder of the Soul Musicality Course – Certificate of Sound & Music Healing, teaching Internationally.


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