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Speak your body’s language

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by Erika O’Loughlin

Learning how to speak your body’s language could be a life-changing experience. Discover why kinesiology is the next big thing in health and well-being.


“So … it’s a hippie thing?”

That used to be the common response whenever I’d try to explain kinesiology to someone. I’ll admit, when I first heard of it, I reacted the same way, but that was before I witnessed something truly remarkable.

When my sister was diagnosed with ‘untreatable’ scoliosis and told she’d have to live with a degenerative twist in her spine for the rest of her life, I was sure there had to be another way.

Strapped to a cumbersome and hard plastic body brace for 23 hours a day, she was terribly restricted and uncomfortable. She was told that the brace wouldn’t reverse her twist but may help to slow the progression and hopefully prevent a need for surgery –this was the best she could hope for.

Through a sequence of fortunate events in the ensuing weeks, I stumbled upon kinesiology and discovered the natural therapy boasted incredible outcomes and improvements for people who suffered from a variety of conditions.

After just a few sessions, the results spoke for themselves. X-rays revealed a significant change to the position of my sister’s spine –to the amazement of her physician. She was eventually able to shed the brace and return to full function.

Kinesiology had enabled my sister to take charge of her health and work on fixing the root cause of her condition. As a result, I became more curious about it. I wanted to understand the dramatic turnaround she had experienced.

Before long, I began studying the complementary therapy and it changed my perspective on healing and health.

I learned that, with kinesiology, I could understand the body’s language and hear what it was trying to say. It provided me with the tools to give my body exactly what it was asking for.

Since then, I’ve had countless breakthroughs with my health and emotional healing.

There are many techniques used in kinesiology, incorporating muscle monitoring and traditional Chinese medicine theory with modern anatomical, physiological and psychological knowledge to determine imbalances between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.

These techniques can help you better understand the historic nature of your issues and beliefs and identify how they affect your well-being.

After a session people typically feel lighter, more relaxed and balanced, like they’ve just let go of something heavy, and with time, the changes can be profound.

Until recently kinesiology was regarded as a curious healing modality or just a last resort for people looking to remedy their health issues, but with word quickly spreading about its overwhelming results and positive outcomes, the natural therapy is fast becoming a first option.

If you’ve never tried kinesiology, the most important step is finding the right practitioner.

Looking at my sister’s situation, I now know she couldn’t have had such amazing results unless she trusted her kinesiologist and felt entirely comfortable and connected in their care.

Every kinesiologist is different, depending on their education, area of expertise and of course personality. So make sure you find out whether they’re right for you and then you’ll be ready to begin your journey to better health.


Erika O’Loughlin is a specialised kinesiology practitioner practicing at the Eltham Mind and Body Psychology Clinic in Victoria. Erika finds the most rewarding part of her work with clients to be reconnecting them to their authentic selves and seeing the results flow from that awakening.

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