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Tom Lee Christen talks about things in his life that he’s working on, and things he wants to share with you who are making a difference in the world, noting the spirals of learning that can take place in a life and in generations


“Life is a journey up a spiral staircase; as we grow older we cover the ground we have covered before, only higher up; as we look down the winding stair below us we measure our progress by the number of places where we were but no longer are.” –William Butler Yeats.


About ten years ago I worked in an office job for about a year selling advertising. My manager there was a guy named Gulliver. Gulliver taught me a lot about sales.

One of the things he teaches is that ‘Sales is Love’. A simple, but radically powerful lesson – and one that I am still learning.

Many people have negative connotations attached to the word ‘Sales’. To them sales is: manipulative, slimy, dirty, pushy, unethical, evil, insert your choice of pejorative here.

So to come out and say that Sales is Love is pretty revolutionary.

To me, part of what this means is knowing who is my customer and who isn’t. When I realise that the person I am talking with is not the right fit for my product, it’s better to love them and let them go or refer them to another more appropriate business.

But when I know that what I’m selling could genuinely help someone, I really feel obliged to sell it as hard as I can. If I love someone I want to help them, and sometimes helping them means communicating to them as effectively as I possibly can why they should buy what I am selling.

Another element of what Gulliver’s maxim means to me is that if I love myself and the world around me, then I need to find something to sell that I believe in.

I’m committed to doing what I can to help make this world liveable for future generations. Sometimes, with the state of the world as it is, it seems an impossible task and I despair. One of the ways that I cope when I’m feeling this way is by escaping online.

So this is one of my many weaknesses: I am horribly addicted to Facebook. This addiction has seriously been, at times, a crippling thing that has caused me to be fired from jobs, miss out on opportunities, become alienated from friends and family, and sucked me into a such a compelling virtual world that sometimes I feel like I’m very distanced from reality.

I find it difficult to manage my addiction because at the same time as causing these problems, Facebook has been a tremendously positive thing for me that has helped me find out about all sorts of incredible, life changing events and people. It’s educated me on all sorts of different issues and given me perspectives that I never could have discovered on my own.

So I’m determined to master my addiction and turn this weakness into a strength.


This is how I’m starting it; with this post

(which is going out on a couple of media platforms, such as where you’re reading now!).


A few weeks ago I started working selling advertising at LivingNow magazine.

Most of you are probably familiar with LivingNow, but in case you aren’t, I’ll give you a brief overview. It’s been in print for over 27 years. These days around 65,000 copies are distributed monthly across Australia’s east coast. It’s actually the largest magazine in it’s niche in the Southern Hemisphere. You can subscribe or get it for free online and in businesses around the country including health food stores, wellness centres, new age stores, massage clinics and other locations.

As it turns out, I’ve come here at an incredible, pivotal time in the magazine’s history. The website www.livingnow.com.au is in the process of being transformed into a powerful hub for anyone interested in sustainability, health, wellness, relationships, mindfulness, and anything else that improves our lives and makes us better people.

LivingNow has the potential to dramatically change the world for the better. To unite changemakers of all kinds and help us connect with one another. To help build a world that is not only sustainable, but thrive-able.

I know so many people who are doing incredible work to make the world better. Artists, bodyworkers, coaches, facilitators, organisers, musicians, activists, ethical business owners, non-profit workers – so many of you in your own way are changing the world.

I see you. I honour you.

Here is my invitation, my offer, to you: advertise with LivingNow.

Let us help you get your amazing work out to more people, and in the process you’ll be helping us all turn LivingNow into the world changing, life transforming powerhouse that we believe it can be.

There are heaps of advertising options both in print and online that suit all kinds of budgets, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Let’s have a chat.

Email advertising@livingnow.com.au or call +61 3 9842 1896.

With love,


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Tom Lee Christen

Tom Lee Christen

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Tom is a musician and writer based in Melbourne, Australia. Tom started working as part of the LivingNow team in October 2016. He loves music, his daughter and his friends, and is delighted to be part of making the world better for all of them. 


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