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Introduction to Spiritual Response Therapy

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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a complete spiritual healing system

SRT provides a powerful, quick and accurate way to help you discover and release hidden blocks and limitations to your health, success and abundance. It researches the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly release discordant limiting ideas and energy, and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs.

The system of SRT involves the use of a pendulum, a set of charts, and a specific series of questions to complete the research and clearing of all discordant programming in the subconscious mind and soul record while connecting to the client’s High Self (inner guidance). In this healing system your High Self is discovering what discordant programs you have in your subconscious / spiritual mind. These negative programs can be described as beliefs, perceptions, scarring, limitations, or imprints from the past.

Clear your subconscious

Simply, Spiritual Response Therapy clears subconscious emotional energies or negative thoughts not released from this life or other lifetimes. It also clears conscious emotional and negative energies from our present life relationships with people, our environment or other experiences. If discordant emotional energies cannot be released or eliminated, they can become a program that we bring with us from lifetime to lifetime until they can be cleared or released. These hidden beliefs in our subconscious mind can block us and prevent us from experiencing the fullness of life.

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Clear obstacles easily

When you realise that you are stuck in a problem, you can use SRT to clear your obstacles, and to get advice from your High Self (inner guidance) to guide you in every situation. You can find the core and origin of your problems or challenges. After an SRT clearing session, those core blocks are removed.

We then have a clearer understanding of ourselves and our lives. Our High Self helps to raise our positive energy and consciousness level, and then we can solve our problems and challenges with more power, awareness and insight. Then it becomes even easier to find and release old limiting patterns. We greatly improve ourselves, over time.

SRT can assist you to clear your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical difficulties

SRT provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless, accurate and fast way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives. It enables us to live our lives more freely.

Some of our challenges that are caused by mental or emotional factors, may have past life roots. This discordant programming can contribute to the root of our fear, anger, hate, doubt, restlessness, conflict and other sensitivities. These programs can block the conscious and subconscious minds, and may be the cause of work pressure, family and emotional problems, past life memories, trauma, and weight control problems.

By using SRT, we can eventually reach physical, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony to return back to our real self.SRT3 silhouette of person walking through key-hole doorway with lights

But can SRT really clear these blocks for us?

Everything we manifested around us is based upon our inner projections, emotional beliefs and behaviours. All of these factors accumulate and can become a series of life patterns, both positive and negative. The key function of SRT is to clear these negative and limiting programs and blocks as well as discordant beliefs and emotions. But these clearings cannot clear ALL of our limitations. We still need to periodically clear ourselves and make behavioural changes to our way of thinking, habits, and perceptions of life and ourselves.

Yet some events and patterns may still appear again after clearing. These experiences provide us with opportunities to face challenges directly and release the remaining energy, and to continuously expand and reconstruct our conscious mind. Our willingness to act confidently improves. The difference, after an initial clearing, is that we have more positive energy and support to release the remaining negative energy and programs in an easier way. Our conscious mind awakens with new energy and beliefs. We realise that our problems and challenges are actually opportunities.   

Before making an appointment for an SRT clearing session:

When a client decides to have a session they already begin to update their consciousness. They are ready to begin a new positive chapter in their lives. This is why we are able to work out the core of the problem and effectively clear programs.

Everyone comes to an SRT clearing for different reasons and situations. In a session, High Self (your inner guidance) informs the practitioner of the client’s root programming and gives them spiritual growth suggestions. Thereby, you can clearly see where you are, why you have your challenges, and how to overcome them and your spiritual growth suggestions.

An SRT clearing is initially based upon the client’s wanting to change and overcome their current situation, and to receive more direction and suggestions to move forward. SRT doesn’t only refer to ‘what happened.’ It focuses on the ‘now’ to help us understand what emotional energies, negative beliefs, perceptions and judgments are blocking us at this moment. 

When you decide to have an SRT clearing, you already put yourself in the SRT clearing frequency. Enjoy and observe yourself after the process.  Your thoughts, emotions, and interactions with others will change. After an SRT clearing your awareness increases so that the benefits of the clearing will continue long after your session.

SRT4 Hands around a growing seedlingApplication of SRT

*Releasing blocks to subconscious mind: fortune, abundance, success, health, joy, and harmonious interpersonal relationships.

*Breaking down old habits: Greediness, Addiction, Alcoholism, Health Abuse, and Childhood Fears.

*Releasing old patterns: unsuccessful relationships, repeating mistakes, and emotional frustration.

*Overcoming Your Limitations: Fear, Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Depression, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Letting go of the past, and quarrels with other people.

*Raising your auric and physical energy fields: Changing negative thoughts into positive ones; More vitality; Greater access to your Inner Healer; and Happiness

*Reaching your potential: Achieving your dreams, having the right to choose how you live, discover your purpose, Merging and accepting yourself, Enhancing your confidence and beliefs.

*Improving your health: Facing health challenges effectively.

*Clearing negative energy environments: Before and after important meetings; Schools; Household and working areas; Delivery rooms and Hospitals.

History of Spiritual Response TherapySRT5 couple smiling and leaning in together

In 1985, Dr. Clark Cameron, a sociologist, and his wife Sharon introduced Rev. Robert E. Detzler, a Unity minister, to the psychological therapy method they called Response Therapy. Cameron had been experimenting with and using the pendulum and eight key phrases (or areas) to research and correct subconscious problem areas for clients. Cameron was introduced to the core idea behind this therapy by David Cheek (1968) and Leslie LeCron (1968), who point out in their book, Clinical Hypnotherapy, that an ideomotor response is extremely valuable for locating hidden messages that cause problems in daily life.

An ideomotor response is a physical signal, such as a finger lift or eye movement, made by the subconscious in response to a direct question, bypassing the conscious mind. In Techniques of Hypnotherapy, LeCron (1961) specifically identifies the pendulum as a tool that may be used with the ideomotor response, without hypnosis.

Primary counselling tool

Stories of the healings and life changes resulting from Cameron’s work interested Robert, and he scheduled himself for clearing work. In addition to learning Response Therapy, Robert also read a great many psychological and counselling books, and studied how the mind works. Robert started to use this method as his primary counselling in the Unity Church with great results and appreciation by the clients.

Robert created fan-shaped charts to speed up the work. He began writing about the system in a book, Your Mind Net, which was published in 1988. Shortly after, he taught his first class in this method in March of 1988. Later that book was revised and the name changed to The Freedom Path. His work and requests for classes increased until he resigned from the church in May of 1989 to devote himself full time to Spiritual Response Therapy.

SRT6 Man with white beard“SRT is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly release discordant limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. SRT provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives. Thus, SRT enables us to live our lives more freely.” – Robert E. Detzler, founder of SRT

Brief introduction of the course teacher

Shirlyn Wright, our SRT teacher, a student of Robert E. Detzler, and founder of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), has been a SRT certified consultant since 2002, and certified teacher since 2003. She has been a Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) teacher for 14 years, having taken both SRT and SpR classes from Mr. Robert Detzler. Shirlyn served three terms as President of the Board of the Directors of the Spiritual Response Associations (SRA). She resigned from the board in March 2018, and is now serving as the Chair at the Information & Communication Standards Committee.SRT7 Shirlyn Wright

Shirlyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and a Master’s of Science in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Prior to her energy work, she had a nine-year career in finance, business development and academic administration.

Shirlyn worked in South Africa under the Institute of International Education (IIE) to help develop the country’s small and mid-sized business sectors. Her work included industry analysis, writing business plans and seeking debt financing. This experience helped her setting up an internet brokerage company in 1999. She has held research, marketing and liaison positions with an institutional brokerage firm on the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Illinois Institute of Technology. She also served as an adjunct lecturer at Roosevelt University. Shirlyn also teaches universal chakra balancing, animal communication, gem stone therapy and meditation classes.


Students will learn how to clear their own negative programs and aura. They will also learn:

  • How to use pendulum in accurately.
  • How to communicate with your High Self (Inner Guidance).
  • Identify and release judgments, limiting thoughts, and other blocks in your subconscious mind.
  • How to identify and release negative programming from past lives.
  • How to clear negative energies between you and your family members and friends.
  • Harmonise different kinds of relationships.
  • How to release discordant limiting patterns.
  • To find out life direction from within.
  • Learn how to use the power symbol and send healing energies to yourself and others.


Students will learn deeper and more specific ways to use Spiritual Response Therapy. By using more advanced techniques and examples, students will learn how to deal with complicated clients and situations. As well as this, they’ll learn:

  • To communicate with your High Self deeply with over 40 charts.
  • How to do long distance clearing for others.
  • Learn to use Homotoxicology, Diathetic Therapies, and the Oriental Model.
  • Find out factors blocking our learning and success.
  • Harmonise relationships and discover reasons behind them.
  • Learn to do brain restructuring.
  • Learn to have a right healing attitude, consciousness and integrated method doing the healing work for others.

About SRT Class Material

As part of your SRT class, you have been provided a set of standard written materials for your personal use. The SRT Charts and forms are copyright by Robert E. Detzler, SRT founder and Senior Minister, and are protected under international copyright law. You may not copy, modify, translate, or redistribute in any form these charts and forms without the expressed written permission of Robert E. Detzler. Other restrictions may apply under U.S. and international copyright law.

Other materials as noted are copyright by the Spiritual Response Association (SRA) or other copyright holders, and may be identified as “SRA-approved material.” They are also protected by international copyright law. You may not copy, modify, translate, or redistribute in any form these documents without the expressed written permission of the Spiritual Response Association or other copyright holders. Other restrictions may apply under U.S. and international copyright law.


It is important to receive official SRA verified teachers’ complete education. SRT is not purely a pendulum technique, only connecting to the energy of verified teachers, and learning in the classroom; can you really download information and energy from the SRT system through SPIRIT. This is the way to practise SRT in a proper way and to benefit from it genuinely.

You may not use SRT materials to teach without permission from the SRA. It is against U.S. and International law, and SRA will go through legal process to protect the SRT system for its upright development. To check our verified teachers’ certification, please go to SRA official website:  https://spiritualresponse.com/

SRT9 Sun over planet from space

SRA is a US association (an international Association of Light Workers)

Vision: The SRA is dedicated to offering new perspectives for living your life and realising your full potential through SRT and SPR.

Values: The SRA accepts the spiritual nature of everyone and is guided by its values of compassion, support, respect, integrity, freedom, transformation, and well-being at all levels.

Students and clients testimonials


“My first session with Shirlyn was in 2004. It is hard to count how many sessions I’ve had with her since, but it sure was many of them. Shirlyn’s sessions are very inspiring and very supportive. Not only that she clears programs and energy, but she also explains why are things the way they are, what the reason is and what can one do to change their situation so that they create what they want. One of the things that I always liked about her is that she does not create codependency between the client and herself. She wants to guide her clients so that they can work on themselves to create better lives.

“Since I am a Polish translator, I had a pleasure to work with Shirlyn when she was teaching SRT classes to her Polish students. Teaching with a translator is always an extra challenge, but it was never a problem for Shirlyn. She knew how much time to give me to translate and it always worked out perfectly. Shirlyn is a very good observer an intuitive so it is easy for her to see what her students‘ needs are. She always explains in a language that is easy to understand to clients or students who are not so much familiar with energy work. Shirlyn is very flexible and very tolerant and it helps to bring a great atmosphere in the class.

Culturural differences not a problem

“Polish culture differs from American culture in many ways and so does people’s mentality and therefore, for many teachers, this could be an issue, but Shirlyn was always able to communicate well with her Polish students. In fact, many of them were telling her “we feel like you’re one of us”, which was a big complement. Shirlyn also knows how to handle any kinds of conflicts in the class if there are any. She therefore brings peace and comfort in her classes, and is a great, inspiring, motivational teacher as well as a very good organizer and manager. I would highly recommend taking classes or sessions with Shirlyn to anybody.” – Ewelina Kruppik


“I have been working with Shirlyn for over 18 months now, I had numerous sessions with Shirlyn. The experience has been absolutely transformative and life changing. I was able to heal many stubborn negative patterns and programs within one healing session. This is a system that produce very fast results for people. Without the help of Shirlyn I wouldn’t have been able to overcome some of the significant challenges I was facing over the last 18 months in life. I highly recommend this healing system to anyone. This is a must learn tool set for facing all the challenges in modern life.” – Lesley Liu (Brisbane, Australia)


“I’ve been working with Shirlyn as her translator for 5 years. She is one of my mentors guiding my application for SRT teacher.  She is very experienced, inspiring and passionate as a teacher.  With her light hearted personality, her students can understand “rocket science” thoroughly yet easily.” – Louise Pang (Hong Kong) 


“Shirlyn is an authentic, knowledgeable, grounded yet spiritual person. I have come to know her in the capacity of a student since 2014 and I am proud to have her as my SRT teacher. Shirlyn is very approachable in her spiritual teaching. She is also very patient and understanding of both individual as well as group needs.

In SRT classes, there are a lot of abstract ideas that at times could be difficult to comprehend. Nevertheless, Shirlyn has the wisdom to make them easy to understand and hence, open the minds of many students. Her teaching is always grounded, practical and informative. Further, she teaches us how to trust our own wisdom. And, ultimately, how to build it up to empower us as a physical spiritual being.

I find her teaching to have lead me in a gradual, personal development that would have been a difficult and slow process on my own. I am thankful to have found a teacher such as Shirlyn and I highly recommend her as a spiritual teacher to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves.” – J.Chau (Hong Kong)

SRT8 silhouettes of people happily jumping with colourful sky behind them

For Australian course inquires and individual healing sessions, contact: Lesley Liu

Email: lesleyliu28@gmail.com

Mobile: 0411 775 247

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