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Spring equinox – lighter, brighter, fresher

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Welcome to spring! New life is stirring everywhere as the days grow longer, the weather starts to warm up, and spring fever takes hold. Birds build nests, animals mate, there’s a ‘spring’ in our step. Lightness of heart and a desire for new, positive beginnings.

This year, the 23rd of September is the spring equinox – an important time in the seasonal calendar when day and night are of equal length and the sun moves into the sign of Libra. Libra, whose symbol is the scales, is all about balance – twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness – a moment of perfect equilibrium all over the world.

Spring is a time when many of us seek to balance our personal lives, release old energy, and make a fresh start. No wonder we decide to improve our diet, get fit or spring clean the house at this time of year. We’re simply living in tune with the seasons! And that’s what astrology is all about.

Spring into spring

  • Declutter your home and get rid of anything you no longer use or need (food, clothes, books, underwear, medication) to make space for all that new energy.
  • Dig out your garden or window boxes and plant lots of brightly coloured flowers and succulent veggies.
  • Get out in the fresh air – go for a walk, run through the park, swim in the river or ocean, stretch your body, smell the rain and breathe deeply.
  • Plan a day or weekend away to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.
  • Cook up something healthy and delicious with fresh spring ingredients, bursting with vitality, then invite friends round to share.
  • Pamper your body with a massage, facial, hot bath or relaxing spa.
  • Say no to overwhelm, and simplify your life by outsourcing or giving up one thing you hate doing.
  • Poet John Ruskin said: ‘There is no wealth but life.’ Celebrate this wonderful gift.

Sun-Mars conjunction in Virgo – fighting to save the planet

Every two years, the sun, symbol of light and life, meets up with Mars, the god of action, to propel us into a new cycle of adventure and achievement. In 2019 this astronomical event takes place in September, with the sun and Mars joining forces in earth sign Virgo for the first time since 2004.

Think of the sun as Chairman of the Board, and Mars as the CEO. When they work together, they form a dynamic duo, and extraordinary achievements are possible. 

Virgo is a hard-working energy with incredible attention to detail – no flash and panache here – it’s all about excellence and getting things right the first time. Virgo excels at loving service, selfless action and care for the community and environment.

Some positive themes for the Sun-Mars combination include desire to take action; physical and sexual vitality; initiative and innovation; creative potential; confidence and bravery; leadership and individuality.

Tackling climate change in a bold manner would be a positive use of the Sun-Mars energy. Or, indeed, finding a creative and workable solution to Brexit!

What the Sun-Mars conjunction means for you

The Sun-Mars conjunction will play out in a different way for each person, based on where it falls in your birth chart. Using the solar house system you can look up your star sign in the table below and see which area of your life will be most affected. So, for example, Sagittarians can expect exciting new beginnings in career, while for Scorpios the focus is on social life and new connections. Whatever you decide to ‘launch’ in September will grow and manifest over the next couple of years, so choose wisely!

2019 Sun-Mars conjunction by star sign:

Your star sign
Area of  life affected
New beginnings


Health / pets / work

New work environment; different approach to diet, health and fitness; healing chronic health problems; getting a new pet.


Fun / creativity / children

Creativity goes into overdrive. Fun, adventure and flirtation. Great time to conceive a child or discover your inner child.


Home / family

Focus on creating a dream home and building loving family relationships. Renovating, decorating, buying property.


Neighbourhood / communication / siblings

New visions and ideas; closer connection with neighbours and community; sorting out stuff with siblings; writing projects.


Money / values

New ways of earning and managing money. New sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Change in values and people you spend time with.


The self / identity

Reach for the stars. Seize the day. Just do it. The universe is right behind you and your dreams this year.


Inner world

Inner peace; time alone; creative ideas and insight; getting rid of old stuff through emotional and physical decluttering.


Social / community

An exciting social life with new friends. More involvement with community groups. Networking opportunities abound.


Career / public image

Promotions, pay rises, new jobs, new careers or even starting up your own business.


Travel / study

Book your dream holiday; expand your horizons with a new study course or overseas trip; write your book.


Investments / joint ventures

Successful investment planning; new share portfolio; joint ventures and partnerships, new ways of managing debt.



New relationships, new business partners or creative change in existing relationships.

Full moon in Pisces – guilt-free indulgence

The September full moon meets up with Neptune in romantic water sign Pisces on the 14th.  September has been a month of duty and responsibility, dominated by the hard working Virgo energy. There may be heaps more to do, but today it’s time to put your feet up and forget about responsibilities for a while.

Pisces teaches us about escapism and the more spiritual, romantic, artistic and rose-coloured side of life. Art, music, love, nature, movies, daydreaming, drawing, dancing, romance, sipping wine and writing poetry. Taking a long soak in the bath, a swim in the ocean, a walk along the cliffs. Meditating by moonlight or sunrise. Feeding the spirit and nourishing the soul. Take your pick!

Happy birthday Libra!

This year the sun travels through air sign Libra from 23rd September until 24th October. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac with keywords “I balance” and “I seek my other half”.

Those born under the sign of the Scales promote love and harmony and teach us about the importance of give and take. They adore relationships, are often cultured or artistic and are experts in charm, diplomacy and negotiation.

Negatively, Librans can be superficial, indecisive, manipulative or dependent. Because they hate unpleasantness or disagreement, they often avoid conflict, tell white lies or bury their heads in the sand.

In medical astrology, Libra rules the kidneys, lumbar region and skin. So when Librans are out of balance they tend to suffer from lower back pain, kidney problems, urinary tract problems and skin diseases such as eczema.

The Libra colours are ivory, pink, turquoise and blue. Libra’s greatest lesson is to learn to develop their ‘inner partner’ and become whole rather than seek an outer partner to feel complete.

New moon in Libra – show your love

The September new moon falls on the 29th in air sign Libra. Harmony, pleasure, beauty and love are all on the agenda with Venus, the sun and Mercury joining the moon in Libra. Now is the time to smooth ruffled feathers, live and let live, and practice forgiveness and tolerance.

Libra always seeks the middle ground. Those of a more feisty or adversarial nature, or who like to be ‘right’, can learn a lot from this gentle and cooperative energy. Libra particularly excels in personal relationships where give and take are both essential and desirable. 

At this new moon consider where in your life you could be more flexible, tolerant, kind-hearted and compassionate. And make sure the important people in your life know how much you care. A little love goes a long way.

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