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Stargazer – astrology for November 2021 – including Zodiac health tips for your star sign

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The world’s longest lockdown

Wild scenes of joy over the past few weeks as Sydney and Melbourne are finally released from the world’s longest lockdown. Yet in the whole of Australia over the past two years, only 1500 people have died of COVID-19. By contrast, Australia counts over a thousand road deaths each year. And each year 50,000 people die of cancer and 42,000 of heart disease.

Given that case numbers and deaths are so low in Australia, compared to the rest of the world, why have restrictions and punishments been so harsh? And why do so many Australians support these harsh restrictions? Could it be because Australia is at heart a Capricorn country?

Australian Federation Natal Chart Stella Woods astrologyCountries have birth charts, just like people. In this scenario, Australia’s birthday is 1st January 1901, the date of Federation and birth of the Commonwealth. Australia’s sun is in Capricorn next door to Saturn, planet of hard work, hierarchy, discipline, restriction, and pessimism. Capricorn is a particularly harsh and authoritarian sign. At best, a Capricorn-ruled country signals strong, competent leadership with fair laws. At worst, Capricorn is all about fear, control and punishment. Do as you’re told or pay the price. It’s for your own safety.

Australia’s birth chart also has six planets in easy-going Sagittarius, sign of travel, adventure, freedom and the outdoors, but this side of Australian life has been noticeably absent over the past two years.

2020 planetary energies

In 2020, when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all travelled through Capricorn, harshness, restriction and authority were key words. In early 2020, Australia had some of the worst bushfires in living memory, destroying land, property, livestock and wildlife. Then, as we came to grips with the pain and loss from the bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. Governments all over the world introduced lockdown laws designed to control the spread of the virus; death tolls rose; borders closed; police powers increased and a long period of restriction and isolation began.

2021 planetary energies

At the end of 2020, Saturn and Jupiter moved out of Capricorn into air sign Aquarius. Aquarius is all about vision and ideas, with a focus on the collective and the greater good, rather than on individual desires and preferences. Detached and impartial, Aquarius is also the sign of science and technology. As medical doctors gained a better understanding of the virus, new treatments were developed, vaccines were rolled out, and coronavirus testing became widely available. Phrases like ‘follow the science’ became Aquarian mantras.

But throughout 2021, Saturn in Aquarius clashed with Uranus in Taurus, manifesting as a bitter battle between the airy ideals of Aquarius (zero cases) and the earthly reality of Taurus (viruses don’t obey laws or respect borders).

We’ve also seen the clash between individual rights and public safety. Some see mandatory vaccination and lockdowns as desirable and necessary, while others see a breach of human rights. At a fundamental level, air (Aquarius) and earth (Taurus) simply cannot understand or agree with each other.

The Saturn-Uranus battle has also played out on a worldwide level, with many yearning for the security and predictability of life pre-coronavirus, with others viewing the current disruption as a golden opportunity to make long overdue changes.

2022 Natal Chart Stella Woods astrology2022 planetary energies

Throughout 2022, Saturn will remain in Aquarius and continue to clash with Uranus in Taurus, meaning more battles between ideal solutions vs what is practical or feasible. Things may get worse before they get better.

Saturn in Aquarius will continue to work on technological, medical, and political solutions to control the spread of coronavirus, even if this means curtailing personal freedom. Uranus, as ruler of Aquarius, will be following his own revolutionary agenda, which in Taurus is to do with all the physical aspects of life – tackling climate change and global warming; revolutionising food production, distribution and consumption; changing the way we live, do business and make money.

Jupiter, however, will be travelling through ruling sign Pisces in 2022, adding the element of water into the earth/air mix. Pisces is a flexible and adaptable zodiac sign, noted for compassion, caring, creativity and spiritual wisdom.

Imperfect solutions

My prediction is that in 2022, the world will finally accept that coronavirus is here to stay and adapt accordingly. We can use the Saturn in Aquarius energy to create new ways of living instead of promoting fear, blaming, judging and punishing each other. Jupiter in Pisces offers the chance to learn to trust again and have faith in the future. As the Capricorn/Aquarian stranglehold gradually loosens its grip throughout 2022, the fear, restriction, and judgement we’ve lived under for the past two years will slowly recede. And politicians and leaders who have thrived in this climate of fear will be replaced.

Maybe those of us who live in wealthy countries can lend a hand to less-wealthy nations and to the less-fortunate in our own lands. After all, we all live on the same planet, so shutting down borders, locking people up, and sealing ourselves off from each other can never be a long-term solution. While coronavirus lockdowns have saved lives, we all know the collateral financial, emotional, mental and psychological damage has been enormous. COVID-19 has shown us how fragile our world really is. It’s time to drop the blame and start moving forward together.

Taurus lunar eclipse

On 19th November we have a lunar eclipse at the Taurus full moon. An alignment between the Scorpio sun, planet Earth and the Taurus moon will cast a shadow on the full moon, turning it blood red. The eclipse will be visible in East Coast Australia after sunset.

Eclipses always bring change and new perspective, but Taurus and Scorpio are fixed zodiac signs, meaning they dislike change. Taurus enjoys comfort, money, predictability and security, while Scorpio keeps feelings and emotions private, to maintain control. The lesson for both of these zodiac signs (and for us at this full moon) is to let go, be flexible and embrace change.

Jupiter in Aquarius sits half way between the sun and moon prompting us to weigh up decisions based on the public good as well as self-interest. Consider how you can honour your own need for comfort, security, privacy and control, while considering the needs of others. The two-week period between this full moon eclipse and the solar eclipse on 4th December will help light the way.

Zodiac health tips for your star sign

Aries – Fire

Busy, over-stimulated and always on the go, Aries only stops when absolutely exhausted. All that adrenaline puts a huge stress on the kidneys and lower back. As Aries rules the head, these folks are also prone to migraines, headaches and head colds. Watch out for fever, high blood pressure, inflammation, chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion.

Health advice

  • Eat slowly and cut down on spicy foods
  • Swim in cool, fresh water
  • Slow down and get plenty of rest
  • Yoga, deep breathing and lower back stretches
  • Peppermint or green tea

Taurus – Earth

A strong, robust constitution with great stamina and endurance means Taurus is rarely sick, but their stubborn nature makes them resistant to change. They often gain weight as they love eating and drink and can overindulge. Taurus rules the neck, so there are often problems with the throat and thyroid gland and also the bowel. Music is healing.

Health advice

  • Avoid over-eating and limit alcohol intake
  • Stick to a regular routine
  • Walk in nature
  • Sing or chant
  • Drink hot water with lemon
  • Dandelion or chamomile tea

Gemini – Air

This hyperactive air sign has a constant thirst for mental stimulation which puts pressure on the nervous system. Gemini folk can be ungrounded and forget to eat, sleep and drink, leading to dehydration, weight loss and fatigue. Rest and regular meals help keep their energy in balance. Watch out for problems with the arms, hands and lungs, especially respiratory disorders.

Health advice

  • Brain food – seeds, nuts, olive oil, avocado and lots of protein
  • Plenty of fresh air and sunshine
  • Swim in the ocean
  • Avoid smoking
  • Dress warmly
  • Echinacea or lemon balm tea

Cancer – Water

Being the nurturer of the zodiac, the lesson for Cancerians is to put themselves first. Cancer rules the breasts and stomach. When out of balance, they are prone to digestive upsets, water retention, hormonal issues and anxiety. As Cancer is a water sign, bathing, drinking water and living near water are all recommended. They love a peaceful life surrounded by people who care.

Health advice

  • Warm, nourishing food like soups and stews
  • Spend time in water and near water
  • Seek out kind, caring, loving friends
  • Peace and quiet
  • Avoid emotional eating
  • Chamomile or peppermint tea

Leo – Fire

This powerful fire sign can push through the most stressful situations, but this often leads to burnout. Leo rules the heart and spine and emotional upsets can trigger feelings of panic and heart palpitations or high blood pressure. They carry stress in their upper back and benefit from regular massage and rest.

Health advice

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stretching exercises like yoga
  • Rest, solitude and down time
  • Swimming and water-based activities
  • Enjoy fun and be creative
  • Valerian or chamomile tea

Virgo – Earth

Virgo’s highly strung nervous system can lead to digestive upsets, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. They are very hard workers and their perfectionism can lead to exhaustion and burnout, especially if they go without sleep or food to meet deadlines. Virgo rules the small intestine, so they need to keep track of food sensitivities and allergies.

Health advice

  • Regular meals and plenty of rest
  • Drink hot water with lemon
  • Stay grounded and walk in nature
  • Progress not perfection
  • Yoga and other gentle forms of exercise
  • Dandelion or ginger tea

Libra – Air

All about balance and helping others, Librans often don’t spend enough time and energy looking after themselves. Libra rules the kidneys and urinary system as well as hormonal balance. Metabolism can be sluggish, so regular meals and gentle exercise are recommended.

Health advice

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Fresh salads and bitter greens
  • Walking, yoga and other gentle exercise
  • Avoid stressful situations and aggressive people
  • Music, love, companionship and laughter
  • Green tea or lemon juice in hot water

Scorpio – Water

These folks need plenty of space and quiet time to stay healthy. Scorpio rules the reproductive system and organs of elimination. Their tendency to hold onto emotional hurt can lead to physical ailments such as boils, constipation and urinary issues. Working up a sweat through sports, saunas or hot baths is great for both emotional and physical congestion.

Health advice

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Hot water and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
  • Exercise, sweating and water therapy
  • Time spent alone reflecting or enjoying nature
  • Dandelion or liquorice tea

Sagittarius – Fire

The Sagittarian love of freedom, travel and adventure often leads to accidents and injuries. Too many projects, ideas and activities can result in exhaustion and burnout, putting stress on the adrenal glands and nervous system. These folks hate to be restricted, so overindulgence in alcohol, sweet treats and rich food is common, leading to weight gain and problems with the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Moderation is a lifelong lesson.

Health advice

  • Gentle exercise like yoga and walking in nature
  • Avoid over-eating or too much alcohol
  • Slow down, rest and say NO
  • Enjoy music, dancing and socialising
  • Dandelion or nettle tea

Capricorn – Earth

Many Capricorns feel the cold and have a tendency to pessimism or depression, but the older they get, the stronger they become. Knees and other joints are susceptible to injury, so yoga, stretching and warm-ups before exercise are vital. These natives thrive on feelings of achievement and belonging, so a loving family and strong social network will keep them healthy and relaxed.

Health advice

  • Exercise, walking in the mountains
  • Sunshine, love, appreciation and company
  • Dress warmly and get plenty of rest
  • Regular routine
  • Warming and well-cooked foods to aid digestion
  • Chamomile or passionflower tea

Aquarius – Air

Aquarius has an active brain and wild imagination, which can put stress on the nervous system and create heart palpitations, insomnia, panic attacks or anxiety. Poor circulation is common, with ankles and calves prone to cramps and sprains. All air signs have a tendency to be ungrounded, so it’s important to make time for nutritious food, sleep and hygiene and to spend time outdoors in nature.

Health advice

  • Plenty of water and eat regular meals
  • Acupuncture and massage
  • Deep breathing, singing and fresh air
  • Dancing, yoga, time with friends
  • Blogging and creative activities
  • Lemon balm or chamomile tea

Pisces – Water

This sensitive water sign has real problems with boundaries, leading to burnout and exhaustion. Pisces rules the immune and lymphatic systems and tends to pick up whatever illness is going round. Pisces also rules the feet, so it’s important to keep feet warm and wear proper shoes. Many Pisceans are addicted to food, tobacco, alcohol or other drugs as coping mechanisms when feeling overwhelmed.  Meditation, dreamwork, yoga and rest are healthier alternatives.

Health advice

  • Drink plenty of water and rest to conserve energy
  • Journaling/blogging to express emotions
  • Me time instead of rescuing others
  • Fresh air, sunshine and time in nature
  • Meditation, water therapy and swimming
  • Sage or rose-hip tea

Lead image: Yu Kato, Unsplash.

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