March stargazer –Stella Woods – healing Australia’s heart centre – Anangu traditional dance

March stargazer – 
Stella Woods – healing Australia’s heart centre

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The new decade has got off to a dramatic start! What with the destruction from Australian bushfires, and floods in Indonesia.

Add to that the spread of coronavirus. Britain’s divorce from the European Union. Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Hervey Weinstein’s rape conviction. Not to mention major upsets in the British Royal Family with the departure of Harry and Meghan.

The January planetary line-up reflected this upheaval with a Saturn-Pluto-Sun-Mercury-Ceres-South Node conjunction in Capricorn with its themes: ‘destroying in order to rebuild’ and ‘redistribution of power’.

Saturn and Pluto are the real heavyweights in this group, meeting in the skies every 33-38 years. (The last two occurrences were 1947 in Leo, and 1982 in Libra.) The energy and impetus of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle began building in early 2019 and its powerful energy will continue throughout 2020, as the two planets travel closely together all year.

Powerful and rare

This powerful and rare conjunction reached its peak on 11th-13th January, coinciding with International Earth Chakra Day, a global day of celebration to support planetary healing and raise cosmic consciousness. Australian celebrations took place at Uluru-Kata Tjuta in the Northern Territory, the heart centre of Australia. With Ceres (Mother Earth); South Node (releasing old karma) and Mercury (fresh ideas) in the mix, it was time for a new start.

In October 2019, in the lead up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the Anangu people, whose connection to Uluru dates back tens of thousands of years, held their own triumphant ceremony marking a permanent ban on climbing the mighty rock, performing songs and traditional dance against the background of the setting sun. They travelled for thousands of kilometres across the Anangu-Pitjantjatjara-Yankunytjatjara lands, to feast, dance and celebrate this historic occasion. This World Heritage sacred site (christened Ayers Rock in 1873 by the British) was officially handed back to the Anangu in 1985, after the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but it’s taken another 34 years for their traditions and wishes to be respected.

Lead picture for this article: Indigenous Anangu performing a traditional dance during a ceremony marking the permanent ban on climbing Uluru, at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. Image credit AFP.

Mars in Capricorn – discipline and determination

As if we didn’t have enough serious and hard-working Capricorn energy to deal with in 2020, action planet Mars joined Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn on the 16th of February, and will remain in Capricorn right through to the end of March.

The good news is that Mars and Capricorn make excellent bedfellows. Mars has plenty of energy and Capricorn can harness that energy into something solid and long-lasting. Bearing this in mind, you should be able to get lots done during this six week period – particularly tasks you’ve been putting off or are not looking forward to. Yes folks, the gifts of discipline, grit, persistence and determination are yours for the taking. Don’t waste them!

Venus in Taurus – pamper yourself!

Venus rules love, beauty, creativity, money and pleasure. And each month she cruises through a different sign of the zodiac. This month she visits sensual earth sign Taurus, as we celebrate life in the physical body. Daily life takes on a glorious multi-coloured hue with pampering, fashion and beauty all perfect activities to indulge in. Or perhaps you’d prefer home-cooked food; fresh flowers from the garden; fine wines, craft beers, cosy furnishings, warm fires or the earthy beauty of nature? Perfect activities for the golden days of autumn in Australia. Finances often take a turn for the better with Venus in Taurus. The keyword is ‘physical abundance’.

Venus will be sashaying through Taurus from 5th March to 4th April, so light the fire, book that massage or simply take a long soak in the hot tub…

Saturn in Aquarius

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels. (Albert Einstein)

Saturn = responsibility, discipline, maturity, endurance, achievement, structure

Aquarius = progressivity, rebellion, objectivity, inventiveness, detachment

On 22nd March the planet Saturn will dip his toe into the Aquarian waters. Saturn changes zodiac sign every 2-3 years, and since late 2017, he’s been travelling through home sign Capricorn. He’ll be moving back into Capricorn in early July for one final stint, but for the next few months (late March to end of June) we’ll get a taste of what Saturn in Aquarius is all about, prior to his move into Aquarius from December 2020 to March 2023.

Saturn reorders society’s structures, boundaries, rules and regulations. And with Saturn in intellectual air sign Aquarius, the focus will be on information sharing; technological innovation and fairer laws designed to benefit humanity as a whole, rather than particular individuals. Given the plethora of current issues, (climate change, sexual inequality, racial tension, environmental degradation, mental health, eating disorders, refugees, third world-first world imbalance and the coronavirus epidemic, to name but a few)  there’s plenty of material for Saturn in Aquarius to work on, helping us come up with fresh, creative ideas and new technology to tackle these problems.


Aquarius is an emotionally-detached energy, but sometimes that detachment is exactly what is needed when brainstorming and problem solving. Humans tend to resist change, but we all know you can’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it.

Prepare to move out of your comfort zone as Saturn in rebellious Aquarius challenges the status quo, rocks your cherished beliefs, habits, and opinions, and ushers in a new normal!

Happy birthday Pisces!

From the 19th February to the 20th March, the sun cruises through water sign Pisces, noted for her dreaminess, escapist nature and wild imagination. Piscean sensitivity picks up the subtle layers of meaning in life, providing instinctive understanding of situations and offering direct access to the collective unconscious through dreams and meditation. March is therefore the perfect time to focus on dreams and visions for the future, while gently releasing the past.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are known for their versatility, kindness and compassion. Many excel as counsellors, healers, actors, artists and musicians. Some are attracted to the fashion, beauty and movie industries, while others work with those on the fringe of society. At best, Pisceans serve humanity and practice unconditional love. Negatively, they can be victims and martyrs, prone to self-sabotage and self-sacrifice. In medical astrology, Pisces rules the toes, feet and lymphatic system. When Pisceans are out of balance they can suffer from foot trouble, intestinal diseases and fluid build-up. Escapism through fantasy, drugs or alcohol is also common. The Piscean colours are sea green, purple and shades of blue. The greatest lesson for Pisces is to set boundaries and keep their feet on the ground!

Autumn equinox – seeking balance

On 20th March, the sun moves from Pisces to Aries marking the beginning of the new solar year. In all parts of the world there are exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. We call this the autumn equinox (equi = equal and nox = night). Many ancient civilisations considered the equinox and solstice points the most important days of the calendar, marking the turning points of the seasons. For the next six months, nights will be longer than days. This means it’s time to start withdrawing energy from the outer world and prepare for the cooler months ahead. Take advantage of the abundant harvest produce. Stock up your freezer and pantry, and get your house and garden in order.

Let it go

The autumn equinox is a great time to get rid of any unwanted possessions – old clothes, furniture, books, toys, files, kitchen equipment, you know the sort of thing. Remember the golden rule of decluttering. ‘Is it useful? Beautiful? Is it sentimental?’ If it’s none of these, sell it on Gumtree or eBay; give it away, or take it to the op shop and make space for something new!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes the view that external changes of season are also reflected internally. If you adjust your daily habits (sleeping, eating, what you wear) to reflect the seasonal changes then you are more likely to stay healthy. Autumn marks the transition to the ‘yin’ season, as the nights grow progressively longer and nature slows down and contracts.

In our own lives, autumn is a time to breathe deeply, meditate and reflect on the challenges, achievements and harvest of the past year. While in the life cycle, the autumn years are often the richest and most rewarding as non-essential activities, beliefs and relationships drop off like falling leaves, leaving behind the ripeness of wisdom and experience.

Mercury direct – patience rewarded

Communication planet Mercury has been retrograde since 17th February in the sensitive, psychic and creative water sign of Pisces, pushing us to deal with unfinished business, delivering home truths, and revealing hidden or buried emotions.

The cosmic phenomenon of Mercury retrograde occurs every three to four months, and is well known in astrological circles as a time when things do not go according to plan! Missing parcels, computer malfunctions, flat tyres, lost keys, misunderstandings, broken promises and all sorts of unexpected situations requiring patience, flexibility and a sense of humour can crop up. To avoid getting mad when your car breaks down, you mislay your phone, or your friend cancels that coffee date, remember that every cloud has a silver lining…

With Mercury retrograde in a water sign we tend to tune in to old habit patterns and emotional reactions. Some will experience moodiness or free-floating anxiety, while others discover a split between thoughts and feelings. The best advice is to avoid starting new projects, but rather focus on completing or revising existing ones. And if you feel stuck and can’t work out how to move forward, spend time daydreaming, reflecting and meditating. With patience you’ll find the answers.

At the full moon on 10th March, Mercury comes to a halt, pauses briefly and then starts moving forwards again. We too can move forward and start to make sense of the events of the past few weeks.

Virgo full moon – think things through

The March full moon lights up the skies on the 10th in earth sign Virgo. There’s a definite clash at this full moon between the desire to escape into a fantasy world vs. the need to be grounded and practical. The Virgo moon aligns with the Capricorn stellium, offering emotional reward for hard work, duty, sacrifice and caring for others, while the Piscean sun cosies up to Neptune, dreaming how wonderful the world could be if we all just loved each other a little more. Duality is the keyword and things are not necessarily as they seem. Expect some surprising insights and avoid making far reaching decisions or acting impulsively until you’ve had time to think things through.

Aries new moon – heal yourself first

A tense and emotionally-charged new moon falls on the 24th March in fire sign Aries. Normally the Aries new moon is a time of carefree, impulsive and exciting new beginnings. But with the sun and moon both conjunct Chiron (an asteroid symbolising ‘the wounded healer’) it is possible that painful memories or buried anger could suddenly erupt and take you by surprise. Or perhaps you’ll feel guilty about being joyful, carefree and focusing on yourself, because of all the serious Capricorn stuff going on in outside world.

The advice at this new moon is to spend time alone thinking about what is really important to you. And look at how, by focusing on this dream, goal or project, you can heal others as well as yourself.

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