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Stargazer — horoscope for August 2017

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Venus in Cancer, Mercury Retrograde, partial lunar eclipse, and more. What does your August horoscope say about your month? 


Venus in Cancer – sugar and spice and all things nice

Astrologers say Venus is ‘exalted’ in Cancer meaning she gets to show off her best qualities, namely the kind, nurturing, loving, and homely qualities and activities that many of us don’t or won’t make time for. Venus in Cancer bakes cakes and scones. She visits her grandmother and takes her nephew to the park. Venus in Cancer has time for a natter and cup of tea. Venus in Cancer enjoys a long, relaxing bath and maybe a glass of wine in the back yard. She doesn’t understand key performance indicators, to-do lists, networking and outer world achievement. Venus will be in Cancer from the 1st-26th August, so get that kettle on!

Mercury Retrograde (13th August – 5th September) 

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, orbiting very close to the sun. In Roman mythology, quicksilver Mercury with his magical winged sandals and helmet was known as the Messenger of the Gods. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication, helping us put our thoughts into words; plan our daily activities; interact with one another and explore new ideas and information.

Every four months, the planet Mercury appears to slow down, change direction, and start travelling backwards through the heavens. Astrologers refer to this period as ‘Mercury Retrograde’. During Mercury Retrograde the unconscious and intuitive parts of ourselves are particularly active with the best laid plans often coming to a halt as events take on a life of their own. We are asked to go within, meditate, and reflect, rather than pushing forward with life in the outer world.

Mercury Retrograde can be a time of frustration and misunderstandings where things keep going wrong or breaking down. If this happens to you, it’s a sign that you need to take more notice of things you’ve been ignoring or complete unfinished business. Mercury Retrograde can also bring hidden information to the surface, helping us see the truth. (Mercury will be retrograde in earth sign Virgo and fire sign Leo from 13th August to 5th September.)

August full moon

Watch out for a partial lunar eclipse at the Aquarius full moon on the 8th August. Lunar eclipses or blood moons occur at the full moon when the earth casts a shadow across the face of the moon, changing its colour from bright white to a coppery-orange or ruddy-brown hue. Because the full moon disappears, it’s as though there’s a new moon at the exact moment of the full moon, representing a completely new beginning. The Aquarian full moon eclipse pushes us to express our individuality whilst embracing our connection to others.

August new moon

Twice a year, the sun, moon, and earth align to create the impressive cosmic spectacle of a solar eclipse. On the 22nd August, we have a total eclipse of the sun at the August new moon in the late degrees of Leo. Unfortunately the eclipse will not be visible in Australia, but if you’ve ever dreamed of country music in Nashville, Tennessee or doing the Charleston in South Carolina, this could be the perfect time, as the eclipse path stretches right across the southern part of the USA.

All eclipses bring change, fresh insight, and sometimes loss. Although the energies are most prominent for a week either side of the eclipse, their influence on events will continue over the next six months. When an eclipse falls around the time of your birthday, you can count on an eventful and often surprising year ahead!

Happy Birthday Leo!

This year, the sun travels through fire sign Leo from 23rd July – 23rd August. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac with keywords ‘I express’ and ‘I stand out’. His symbol is the lion, king of the beasts, but also the beast within who must be subdued and civilised. Lions in art and myth are symbols of strength, supremacy, glory, and brilliance and Leos are extremely creative and love to show off their talents. They are often attracted to the performing arts or any role where they can shine and lead others. At best they are loving, loyal, affectionate, and sincere, displaying willpower, courage, dignity, leadership and radiating confidence.

Negatively, Leos can be arrogant, bossy, vain, and over-dramatic. Leo rules the heart, circulatory system, and spine. When Leos are out of balance they can suffer from back pain, nervous palpitations, high blood pressure, fever, stroke, and heart disease. The Leo colours are gold and orange. Leo is ruled by the sun, so those with a prominent sun in their chart often display Leo qualities. Leo’s greatest lesson is to learn that they are not the centre of the universe. The true leader is the servant of all!


Date Sign Element Moon phase
1st Scorpio Water
1st-4th Sagittarius Fire
4th-6th Capricorn Earth
6th-9th Aquarius Air Full moon 8th
(Lunar eclipse)
9th-11th Pisces Water
11th-13th Aries Fire
13th-16th Taurus Earth Third quarter
16th-18th Gemini Air
18th-20th Cancer Water
20th-22nd Leo Fire New moon 22nd
(Solar eclipse)
22nd-24th Virgo Earth
24th-26th Libra Air
26th-29th Scorpio Water
29th-31st Sagittarius Fire First quarter
31st-3rd Capricorn Earth
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