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Stargazer – horoscope for June 2017

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Happy Birthday Gemini!

From the 21st May to the 21st June the sun travels through mutable air sign Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac with keywords ‘I think’ and ‘I communicate’. Gemini’s symbol is the twins; one mortal, one immortal, representing the dark and light side of life. Geminis are extremely curious and like to accumulate information and process data. They think at lightning speed, are versatile and adaptable, and love gadgets, social media, and the internet. Geminis need lots of intellectual stimulation and often have a youthful appearance. Negatively, the Gemini individual can be fickle and nervous with scattered energy and a tendency to gossip or make cutting remarks. Some are over-reliant on logic and dismiss emotions as irrational or unimportant. When Geminis are out of balance they can suffer from problems in the lungs, arms, shoulders, and hands, or experience mental imbalance. Geminis’ greatest challenge is to learn constancy and mental discipline and accept the importance of emotions and feelings in both themselves and others.

Happy Birthday to all Geminis!

Winter solstice – longest night of the year

With our cosy heaters, open fires, and well-stocked pantries, many of us look forward to rest, hibernation, and the slower pace of winter days. Not so our ancestors, who prepared for the coming of winter long in advance, anticipating the challenges of finding food and keeping warm. The midwinter solstice was therefore a vital turning point in the seasonal calendar, marking the longest night of the year. From midwinter to the summer solstice six months later, the nights would grow shorter and the days longer.

Many of the customs associated with the winter solstice (and with other midwinter festivals such as St Lucy’s Day, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, New Year and Twelfth Night) originate from stories of a fierce battle between the dark and the light, where the light finally conquers the darkness. Other traditions record this as the time that a saviour or sun-child is born to a virgin mother (Christmas in the northern hemisphere). In Australia, our winter solstice is marked by the passage of the sun into Cancer on the 21st June. Observe the point at which the sun rises from the 20th-22nd June and you will see it is in exactly the same place over these three days. Solstice means ‘sun standing still’.

Winter is a natural part of the seasonal cycle, and just as nature slows down in winter, we need to slow down too. In practice this means conserving energy, eating warm and nourishing foods, spending more time in bed, taking hot baths, and allowing our bodies to rest and recuperate. Happy Winter Solstice!

Saturn-Uranus trine – order out of chaos

Winter can be a sluggish time as temperatures fall and nights grow longer. However, if you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of the current stellar partnership between Saturn and Uranus to sow seeds for positive changes in your life. Uranus at his best is a superhero – smashing through barriers and physical limitations; illuminating new possibilities and waving the magic wand to make things happen. Saturn at his best is the dutiful employee who gets the job done – on time, under budget, and to the highest of standards. This dynamic duo promises great things to those prepared to put in the work, bringing order out of chaos and smooth transition right through to November. A welcome change from the upheaval that many have experienced over the past few years under the Uranus-Pluto transits. If you’re wanting to get something done (trimming your waistline, a new business plan, writing that novel, painting the spare room, buying that block of land) but have struggled to find the motivation, start planting seeds now and watch them blossom as spring arrives. Saturn-Uranus energy is also great for creative self-expression and initiating changes in your career.

Sensual indulgence, mental brilliance & great communication

All this and more is on offer this month with love goddess Venus and communication wizard Mercury heading into ruling signs Taurus and Gemini in the early June for the next 3-4 weeks. Venus in Taurus is geared towards sensual pleasure, self-indulgence, and stable relationships, while Mercury in Gemini can’t stop thinking, talking, reading, learning, and networking. Sounds like a great combination. So, what are you waiting for?

Mars in Cancer – keep the home fires burning

Mars is what astrologers call ‘in fall’ in Cancer, meaning he’s not very comfortable there. Mars is tough and Cancer is soft. Imagine an AFL footballer in the middle of a children’s party or a soldier back from the Middle East at a breast cancer fundraiser. What might happen when the warrior planet spends a full six weeks in this most sensitive of water signs?

First, emotions will play a much stronger role in decision-making. Second, Mars brings fighting spirit and energy to whichever zodiac sign he visits. Cancer is the symbol for the Great Mother. Her themes include home, family, children, food, cooking, gardening, nursing, babies, healing, and supporting. Naturally, we can expect a stronger focus on all these areas of life over the period 5th June to 20th July. Perhaps you’ll buy or sell a home, begin home improvements or renovations, spend more quality time with family, or cook up a storm. And, if you need to defend your home or family from outside threats, you’ll have the courage to fight and win.

June horoscopes 

Aries Pacy, energetic month with the opportunity to get lots things done and make money at the same time. Count your blessings.
Taurus Relax, let your hair down, take a break and enjoy yourself. Good things come to those who wait.
Gemini Ideas flow thick and fast – even faster than usual – so make sure you write everything down so you don’t miss out on the opportunities.
Cancer Move mountains or pay someone to move them for you. June promises to be a productive month with plenty of energy to get the show on the road.
Leo Unexpected meetings and insights take you in a completely new direction – one that’s exciting and in tune with your higher calling.
Virgo Slow down, take a break and throw away your to-do list. The world will keep turning without you for a little while, so let someone else put in the work.
Libra Time to assert yourself and stand up to anyone taking advantage of your good nature, particularly in the work place.
Scorpio Lucky in money and lucky in love is the promise this month. But you will need to make the first move if you want to see results.
Sagittarius Finally things are starting to go your way and all the hard work of the past couple of years is about to pay off. Don’t lose momentum.
Capricorn Good month to focus on relationships, both business and personal. If you find yourself under attack, keep calm and stick to the facts.
Aquarius Leave the past behind and start dreaming of the future and all the good things coming your way. A short break or holiday will work wonders.
Pisces You’re poised in a delicate balance between past and future, old and new. Only you can make the decision. What will you choose and why?

June full moon & new moon

This month’s full moon is on the 9th in optimistic and visionary fire sign Sagittarius, pushing us all to think and dream big. With practical Saturn conjunct the full moon, you could well find yourself working hard to make a special dream come true or finding the courage to abandon a completely unrealistic dream.

The new lunar month begins on the 24th with the Cancer new moon. Four bodies align at this new moon (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars) making this anything but a reflective or introverted period. Mercury brings fresh ideas and insight, while Mars brings passion and action. If new moons are all about new beginnings, anything you start today has the potential to grow into something quite spectacular, particularly if it’s connected with any of the traditional Cancer themes: home, family, food, children, and nurturing.

June moon calendar

Launch projects at the new moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the full moon to the third quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next new moon. Important events such as parties, conferences, and weddings are best held close to the full moon or when the moon is in the same sign as your star sign.

Date Sign Element Moon Phase
1st Leo Fire
1st-3rd Virgo Earth First Quarter
3rd-5th Libra Air
5th-8th Scorpio Water
8th-10th Sagittarius Fire Full Moon 9th
10th-13th Capricorn Earth
13th-15th Aquarius Air
15th-18th Pisces Water Third Quarter
18th-20th Aries Fire
20th– 22nd Taurus Earth
22nd-24th Gemini Air
24th-26th Cancer Water New Moon 24th
26th-28th Leo Fire
28th-30th Virgo Earth
30th-3rd Libra Air
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