Moon behind clouds; horoscope May 2017

Stargazer – horoscope for May 2017

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We all know about living life in tune with the seasons – but how about living life in tune with the moon to create a more rewarding, emotionally balanced and stress-free existence?


Syncing with the moon

We all know about living life in tune with the seasons – planting in spring, celebrating in summer, harvesting in autumn, and hibernating in winter, but how about living life in tune with the moon to create a more rewarding, emotionally balanced, and stress-free existence?

Each month, our moon circles the earth, passing through the 12 signs of the zodiac and spending approximately two and a half days in each sign. I’ve put together a table showing you the best activities for each of these periods. To find out which sign the moon is in on any given day, consult a moon diary or simply check the monthly moon calendar in LivingNow.

Moon in Aries (Fire) – Mood – self-assertive, independent, courageous

Tackle jobs involving tools and machinery; get physical and sexual; take on new challenges and risks; play sport/go on adventures; compete/fight with others; be loud and proud!

Moon in Taurus (Earth) – Mood – calm, stable, sensual, productive

Eat, drink, sleep, make love, enjoy life’s sensual pleasures; look after your money and finances; get out in nature and the garden; focus on security, comfort and pampering your body; enjoy physical work; listen to music or visit an art gallery.

Moon in Gemini (Air) – Mood – inquisitive, nervous, quick-thinking, easily bored

Get together with friends and colleagues; talk, network, share information, gossip; study, read, write, surf the net, make phone calls; hold meetings and brainstorming sessions; enjoy arts, crafts, and mind games/puzzles; get out and about in the local neighbourhood.

  Moon in Cancer (Water) – Mood – sentimental, emotional, loving, nurturing

Spend time at home with close family; hang out with children and pets; enjoy cooking and food preparation; lie in the bath or visit a spa; reminisce about the past or visit a museum; enjoy taking care of others.

Moon in Leo (Fire) – Mood – confident, creative, warm, high-spirited

Dress up and strut your stuff; enjoy partying, entertaining, and socialising with friends; perform and show off your skills and prowess; make time for love, fun, romance and extravagance; go to the theatre, movies or a concert.

  Moon in Virgo (Earth) – Mood – practical, organised, efficient, helpful

Clean and tidy the house, shed, garden; shop for necessities rather than luxuries; do any task that requires attention to detail; go for a health treatment or massage; help a friend, neighbour, or family member.

  Moon in Libra (Air) – Mood – cooperative, romantic, inclusive, artistic

Decorate or beautify your home; spend time with or propose to the one you love; resolve conflicts and build alliances; buy new clothes, shoes and accessories; seek out beauty, art, music and culture

Moon in Scorpio (Water) – Mood – intense, investigative, private, passionate

Visit a counsellor or psychologist; spend time alone processing your feelings; enjoy passionate sex with someone you love deeply; check your superannuation and investments; repair, restore, replace, and fix broken things; do research; investigate the darker side of life…

Moon in Sagittarius (Fire) – Mood – adventurous, broad-minded, freedom-loving

Do something adventurous and fun; go camping or on a road trip with friends; read to learn about new ideas and expand your mind; seek out new people and places; play sport and enjoy time outdoors; learn a new language or plan an overseas trip.

Moon in Capricorn (Earth) – Mood – practical, conservative, hard-headed, ambitious

Apply for a promotion, pay rise, or new position; handle legal and government matters; fulfil family and community obligations; monitor your finances, tax, and superannuation; hold long term planning and business meetings.

Moon in Aquarius (Air) – Mood – revolutionary, humanitarian, free thinking, inventive

Do something out of the ordinary; mix with free thinking and alternative people; join a social or humanitarian cause; fix the computer or buy technical gadgets; volunteer for a charity or community group.

Moon in Pisces (Water) – Mood – meditative, peaceful, fantasy-prone, creative

Daydream, pray, meditate, and tune out; practice kindness to those in need; listen to music or visit an art gallery; go for a massage or lie in a warm bath; enjoy a bottle of wine or lie-in with your partner.

Happy birthday Taurus!

From the 20th April to the 21st May, the sun travels through earth sign Taurus, whose symbol is the majestic and powerful bull. Taureans love sensual and physical pleasure and are generally caring and affectionate, patient, steadfast, reliable, have excellent taste, enjoying financial security and prosperity. They can be very stubborn and take things literally so, when dealing with a Taurean, proceed slowly and steadily and always explain things in a practical manner. Taureans usually resist change and their anger can be truly awesome as it builds up steadily over a long period of time. When they are out of balance they often suffer from sore throats, stiff jaws, or thyroid problems. The Taurean colours are pink, light blue, russet, and warm, earthy tones. Taurus has a strong connection with the arts, particularly music with many being excellent singers. With their innate understanding of the physical body and material world, many Taureans work in the financial, food, fitness, and health industries. Their greatest lesson is to accept and embrace change.

Mercury direct – back on track

Communication planet Mercury has been travelling backwards through Taurus and Aries since mid-April, pushing us to deal with unfinished business and pay attention to hunches and gut feelings. When Mercury is retrograde, our unconscious and intuitive sides are extremely active and the best-laid plans often come to a halt as events take on a life of their own. On 5th May, Mercury comes to a halt and starts moving forwards again helping us make sense of the events of the past three weeks….and you never know – that missing phone charger could well resurface!

May horoscopes

Aries As love goddess Venus heads back into Aries you’ll become increasingly clear about what exactly you value and whom you respect. Trust your gut and follow your heart.
Taurus With ruling planet Venus now picking up speed, May looks set to be an enjoyable and pleasurable month. Book that birthday massage or luscious lunch now!
Gemini Action planet Mars powers through Gemini this month putting fire in your belly and giving you the courage and conviction to follow important dreams and goals.
Cancer Pay special attention to dreams, hunches, gut feelings, and all those intangible signals telling you what’s really going on. If you feel angry or irritated, your body is trying to tell you something.
Leo The karmic north node enters Leo this month bringing favourable encounters and surprising opportunities for the next 18 months. If you’re seeking a new direction, you’ll probably find it.
Virgo Brilliant insights or flashes or inspiration are likely, so if you’ve got a creative project to complete, or problem to solve, seize the opportunity to shine.
Libra If you’ve been experiencing relationship issues, the fog will lift and you’ll see everything in a new light. Be true to your heart, respect yourself, and you can’t go wrong.
Scorpio May is an excellent month to check your super and investments or set up a savings plan. It’s also a great time to take special care of the one you love and share your true feelings.
Sagittarius May is a month of heightened virility and sexual desire, so if you’re looking for a mate, make your intentions clear. On the other hand you may use all that energy to battle with those close to you. Play fair.
Capricorn The next few months are crucial for tying up loose ends and wiping the slate clean, as Saturn the great karmic teacher will enter Capricorn in late December for a lengthy stay. Forewarned is forearmed!
Aquarius This month is all about domestic bliss – spending time with close family, tackling renovations and repairs; beautifying your surroundings; fixing the garden; cleaning out the shed, pantry, attic, etc. You’ll feel great when it’s all done!
Pisces Avoid impulse buys this month – your critical faculties are not at their best. If you’re determined to make a major purchase, talk things over with your partner first.

May full moon & new moon

The May full moon falls on the 11th in passionate Scorpio, opposite the sun in fertile Taurus. With Pluto aligned to both sun and moon, the theme is death, rebirth and transformation. Think how this could apply to your own life. The May full moon is also known as the Wesak moon, marking Buddha’s birth and enlightenment.

New moons are all about new beginnings. The May new moon falls on the 26th in Gemini, bringing fresh ideas and insight. But not everyone will agree with your point of view, so be prepared to stand up and fight!

May moon calendar

Launch projects at the new moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the full moon to the third quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next new moon. Important events such as parties, conferences, and weddings are best held close to the full moon or when the moon is in the same sign as your star sign.

Date Sign Element Moon phase
1st–2nd Cancer Water
2nd–4th Leo Fire First quarter
4th–7th Virgo Earth
7th–9th Libra Air
9th–12th Scorpio Water Full moon 11th
12th–14th Sagittarius Fire
14th–17th Capricorn Earth
17th–19th Aquarius Air First quarter
19th–21st Pisces Water
21st–23rd Aries Fire
23rd–25th Taurus Earth
25th–27th Gemini Air New moon 26th
27th–29th Cancer Water
29th–1st Leo Fire
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