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I started this in 1985 – and the results were a surprise – even to me 

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As an industrial chemist, Frank knew that the antioxidant food additives he fed his family back then would bolster their immune system. But when his friends commented that he and his wife had appeared to age less, he was surprised.

Growing Younger Antioxidant (GYA)

Frank, creator of Growing Younger Antioxidant (GYA), and founder of GYA company in Australia, first developed the antioxidant in 1985. The aim was to help his young sons boost their immune system and resist illnesses they had been picking up at school.

“I am an Industrial Chemist; so at the time I was aware that there were many dietary antioxidants on the market. Yet most of these were not high strength antioxidants. In my view high strength antioxidants are essential to significantly reduce the free radicals present in our bodies.

That’s when I decided to develop my own antioxidant formula and Growing Younger was born. The short-term benefits were obvious as my sons had less colds than most of their classmates at school.

However I didn’t realise the long-term benefits of GYA until a few years later. The entire family had made GYA a part of their everyday routine. After about five years my then wife and I started to realise that we were ageing more slowly than our friends. Our friends themselves were also commenting on this.

I found this fascinating. So about four years ago we conducted a controlled survey of 47 volunteers who came to the same conclusion. I am now 75 years old and regularly get told that I appear to be in my 60s.”

You too can benefit – and your body will thank you!

Growing Younger Antioxidant is a synergistic blend of three important dietary antioxidants. It is a special blend of water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidants; a combination of beta-carotene, zinc, ascorbic acid, calcium and magnesium. It is a concentrated form of some of the antioxidants we normally get from food and has been designed in powder form. It can be added to your favourite fruit juice (or even water) and easily incorporated into your morning routine.

The benefits that you can expect to experience include an improved vitality, strengthened immunity and slowing down of your ageing – just the way it did for Frank.

Consume Growing Younger Antioxidant daily for best results, because our bodies do not store antioxidants in sufficient quantities. Taking GYA is a simple addition to your day that will benefit you in the short term and the long term – your body will thank you!

‘At what age should I start taking Growing Younger Antioxidant?’

Our experience has been that the optimum age to start is 25 to 40 years as the existing physical signs of ageing are minimal at that stage of life. The GYA anti-ageing effect is predominantly to slow down the present and future ageing – so the earlier you start the better!

‘Am I too old to start taking Growing Younger antioxidant?’

It’s never too late to start taking Growing Younger Antioxidant because our bodies will always benefit from a strengthened immune system. In terms of ageing, most people start to see the long-term benefits of GYA after approximately 5 years, but the short-term benefits of antioxidants are evident from the beginning. Making GYA a part of your diet benefits your quality of life, no matter your age.

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  1. I’ve taken this product for a little while now and I have found that, on occasions where I feel as though I’m picking up a bug of some sort, I take an extra dose for 2 or 3 days and the bug does not develop.

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