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Stellar Stuff – 16th – 31st July 2015

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On the 29th June 2007, the first iPhone went on sale in the USA at $599. The product cost over $150 million to develop. The iPhone recently celebrated its 8th birthday. Let’s look at the horoscope of the iPhone, as though it were a real live person or friend (which for many it is). The chart is set for 9 am, the time the Apple Store opened in San Francisco on the day the very first iPhone was born.

His Royal Highness the iPhone Celebrates 8th Birthday

PRESS RELEASE – MACWORLD SAN FRANCISCO—January 9, 2007—Apple® today introduced iPhone, combining three products—a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod® with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, searching and maps—into one small and lightweight handheld device.

On the 29th June 2007, the first iPhone went on sale in the USA at $599. The product cost over $150 million to develop. The iPhone recently celebrated its 8th birthday.

In 2014 I walked the Overland Track in Tasmania and met Tim and Tam, two 18 year olds from Germany. After a week of trekking the wilderness with no mobile signal, these two young lads told me, with tears in their eyes, what an amazing experience it had been to meet, talk with and be helped by people they would never normally have even spoken to – all because they couldn’t use their iPhones.

Then a month ago I was soaking in the hilltop hot pool at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. There were twelve of us in the pool and I was surprised to see six bathers had brought their phones into the pool. Two guys were playing video games – the others were taking selfies and sending them to friends. No-one spoke.

More recently I sat in a café in St Kilda drinking coffee and reading the paper. I looked around the room and counted ten people, all sitting by themselves using a smartphone. I pointed this out to the man behind the counter, who was about 35. He replied: ‘Yes… I miss the old days when you used to meet up with friends and argue about stuff – you can’t do that anymore – someone just pulls out their phone and the argument’s over!’  A wistful look crossed his face. ‘And do you remember how you’d say to your mates: “Let’s meet down the pub at four” and everyone just showed up. No phone calls, no texts, no nothing – you just showed up and everyone was there…’

Finally last week in one of my classes, a student mislaid her phone and there was absolute chaos. Was it lost? Stolen? Broken? The missing phone was finally located (using an app called ‘Where’s my Phone?’) and she apologised for disrupting the class, but the response came back from other students:  ‘But it’s your phone!’  ‘I couldn’t live without my phone!’

Whatever you think of the iPhone, it has certainly changed the way we live. iPhones are sexy, ubiquitous, indispensable and we treat them like royalty. I decided to take a look at the horoscope of the iPhone, as though it were a real live person or friend (which for many it is). The chart is set for 9 am, the time the Apple Store opened in San Francisco on 29th June 2007 – the day the very first iPhone was born.

Brief Horoscope Reading for the iPhone

With Leo, the sign of royalty, rising and Venus in Leo you have a natural inclination to make life a pleasure for yourself and other people. Whether you realise it or not you’re physically attractive. This, combined with your pleasing nature, ensures that you’re surrounded by loved ones seeking your company. However, you do like your loved one to show an appropriate amount of appreciation, and your enthusiasm for the relationship is also likely to wane if your loved one doesn’t return your affections in full.

Your Sun is in the eleventh house in Cancer meaning that you’re a sociable person, who makes friends easily with people from all walks of life. Success in achieving your life goals is likely to be gained through your connection with other people. You benefit greatly through your friendships, alliances and group affiliations and family is very important to you. You may like to collect family photos.

Communication planet Mercury is conjunct the Sun. Positively this combination can mean that you’re likely to succeed in life through your quick wit and business acumen. You’re studious, learning new subjects with ease. On the other hand you can be too fond of seeking stimulation, with the cost of failing to complete a task. You’re the proverbial “Jack of all trades, master of none”. You place importance on keeping the communication lines open with loved ones, particularly within the family, and may even find that you’re at the centre of family communications.

The planets Mercury and Mars are making contact in your chart indicating that you’ve a razor-sharp mind and tongue, which you’re not afraid of using. You’re quick to grasp new ideas, and enjoy studying any subject that challenges your mind. With Mars placed in the ninth house of your birth chart, adventure in many forms is a feature in your life, because you like to live life to the full. You enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

The planet Jupiter is considered to be particularly favoured in the sign of Sagittarius and therefore you’re likely to have success in whatever avenue you undertake. Your Moon is also in Sagittarius. You love adventure of all kinds whether it be travelling around your own country or to distant shores. Your thirst for knowledge sometimes seems insatiable and you can be an inspirational teacher.

The Moon is placed in the fifth house of your birth chart suggesting that pleasurable pastimes play a prominent role in your life. Sometimes your tendency to play rather than work can stand in the way of you holding down a regular job. You never seem to run out of ideas. It’s possible that you earn your money through a job connected with amusements. You also like games of chance and speculation. For this reason you need to be wary of tendencies to get carried away with gambling.


I also checked the horoscope for 9th January 2007, the day the Apple press release introduced the iPhone to the public. Instead of Sun in emotional Cancer, Moon in adventurous Sagittarius and sexy Leo rising (as for the launch horoscope), this chart had Sun in business-minded Capricorn, Moon in detail-oriented Virgo and Venus in the technological sign of Aquarius. For Apple, the iPhone is a shrewd business venture employing cutting edge technology, whereas for its adoring public, the iPhone (now aged 8) is a very special, exciting and spoiled member of the family!

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Stella Woods is an astrology teacher and consultant based in St Kilda, Melbourne.

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