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Stellar Stuff – 16th – 31st July 2016

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Although the days are growing longer as we move beyond the winter solstice, the solar energy is still weak, while lunar energy reigns supreme.

Embracing Winter

Although the days are growing longer as we move beyond the winter solstice, the solar energy is still weak, while lunar energy reigns supreme. Action planet Mars has just completed his retrograde cycle, but is still moving forward very slowly. July is a great month for taking a break, resting up, letting go and enjoying the stillness, silence and solitude of the winter season.

“There is so much stress and anxiety around us, and our modern world feeds on all of us doing, having, striving, achieving, cramming more and more of everything into our daily life, regardless of the seasons and our corresponding levels of energy. The constant struggle to get more done is exhausting and energetically depleting. It is so easy to forget that we are just another organic living being, and as such, are not immune to the turning of the seasons.”  Claire Heywood – SunYoga

Saturn- Neptune – Form Out Of Chaos

Let’s face it – these last few years have been pretty crazy. From June 2012 to March 2015 we had all those Uranus-Pluto squares turning our worlds upside down and this year it’s been the Saturn-Neptune combo challenging our whole concept of normality.
The theme for 2016 has been to find a balance between certainty and possibility; between reality and fantasy. Saturn rules dry earth and Neptune deep water. When you mix water with earth you get mud, but that mud can be sculpted into new forms. Things you thought would last forever could be washed away, but dreams you never dared hope for may suddenly manifest, as routines and obligations are no longer set in stone.

One of the best uses of the Saturn-Neptune combination is to make a long-held dream manifest. Build your castle in the air and then put the foundations underneath it. Add more passion and kindness to your daily life or find new ways of giving back to others.  As both Saturn and Neptune are in the fluid mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, progress may occur in a spontaneous or indirect manner. Enjoy the journey rather than focussing on the destination!

July Full Moon – Trust Your Inner Voice

The July full moon on the 20th is in the earthy sign of Capricorn with the theme of clairaudience. Meditation, dream work and journaling are all recommended for getting in touch with your inner voice or consider holding a full moon ritual with friends to honour this dark time of year. Intuition and wisdom will work their magic and with Uranus in the mix, you can expect a few surprises!

Leo the Lion – Strength, Supremacy, Glory & Brilliance

From 22nd July to 23rd August, the sun travels through fire sign Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac with keywords ‘I express’ and ‘I stand out’. Leo’s symbol is the lion, king of the beasts, but also the beast within who must be subdued and civilised. Lions in art and myth are symbols of strength, supremacy, glory and brilliance. Leos are extremely creative and love to show off their talents. They are often attracted to the performing arts or any role where they can shine and lead others. At best they are loving, loyal, affectionate and sincere, displaying willpower, courage, dignity and leadership and radiating confidence. Negatively, Leos can be arrogant, bossy, vain and over-dramatic. Leo rules the heart, circulatory system and spine. When Leos are out of balance they can suffer from back pain, nervous palpitations, high blood pressure, fever, stroke and heart disease. The Leo colours are gold and orange. Leo’s greatest lesson is to learn that they are not the centre of the universe. The true leader is the servant of all!  Happy birthday to all those born under the sign of Leo!

July Moon Calendar

Launch projects at the New Moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the Full Moon to the Third Quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next New Moon. Important events such as parties, conferences and weddings are best held close to the Full Moon or when the Moon is in the same sign as your Sun (or Star) sign.





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Full Moon 20th













Third Quarter




31st – 2nd




Stella Woods is an astrology teacher and consultant based in St Kilda, Melbourne.

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