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Stellar Stuff – 1st – 15th August 2016

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All traditional cultures celebrate the changes of season and for those of us in the cooler southern climes, the beginning of August heralds the end of winter and gradual return of the light after the winter solstice…

Return of the Light

All traditional cultures celebrate the changes of season and for those of us in the cooler southern climes, the beginning of August heralds the end of winter and gradual return of the light after the winter solstice. Although the nights are still long, we can sense that spring is just around the corner. A beautiful folk custom, still practised in many countries, is to place a lighted candle in each window of your house at sunset or to carry a burning white candle through your home to celebrate the growing strength of the sun. Physical energy also starts to increase at this time of year, so plan a spring clean and decluttering session or head off to the sauna and spa.

August New Moon – Cosmic Timing

The August new moon falls in fire sign Leo on the 3rd. New moons signify new beginnings and with Leo being a brilliant, creative and courageous energy, now is the time to banish shyness and show off your talents to the world, whatever they may be. The new moon aligns with serious Saturn, offering the discipline and determination to carry any project to fruition. The theme for this new moon is ‘cosmic timing’.

Mars in Sagittarius – Freedom, Truth & Integrity

Warrior planet Mars heads back into fire sign Sagittarius on the day of the new moon helping us clarify exactly what freedom, truth and integrity mean on an individual level. Mars in Sagittarius (early August to late September) offers the courage and insight to embrace profound and far-reaching change based on our core beliefs.

Venus in Virgo – Pamper Your Body

Love goddess Venus moves into healing earth sign Virgo on the 6th August for the rest of the month. A great time to pamper your body with fresh cleansing water, essential oils, delightful perfumes and good food. Venus in Virgo also helps us create things that are both useful and beautiful and is a particularly favourable energy for craftspeople, musicians, writers and anyone who works in a field where attention to detail is a must.

August Stars


Aries Adventure, travel, romance, creativity – seriously, the choice is yours Aries. With ruling planet Mars and the Sun both in fire signs in August, you should be feeling ‘fired up’ and ready for anything. Time to take a few risks perhaps!
Taurus The focus is on home, family and children this month Taurus. If you’re looking to renovate, decorate, buy or build a new home, make plans after the new moon on the 3rd but don’t rush into anything too quickly.
Gemini Enjoy time with close friends and family this month Gemini, but don’t stray too far from home – there will be many opportunities for socialising and networking. And with feisty Mars in your partnership sector, keep your cool in all personal and business negotiations.
Cancer August is a great month for spending money on things you’ll treasure and use for years to come Cancer. And as your mind will be particularly clear and focussed, you’ll be able to tackle knotty problems and make intelligent decisions.
Leo Happy birthday Leo – be sure to celebrate in style! A beautiful new moon in Leo on the 3rd promises love, joy, creativity and pleasure and is a great time to set intentions not only for this month, but for the whole year ahead.
Virgo Blessed with one of the best minds in the zodiac, your mind will be slicing and dicing information even faster than usual with ruling planet Mercury in Virgo all month. Brainstorm, plot, plan, analyse and dissect to your heart’s content.
Libra Life is about to get seriously exciting Libra with new opportunities and good fortune coming your way thick and fast. In the meantime tie up any loose ends and prepare yourself for lucky Jupiter entering your sign on the 9th September.
Scorpio Finances should take a turn for the better with dynamic Mars in your money house all month. Work and career also look very positive – you’ll be able to impress those who count, so show others what you’re capable of.
Sagittarius Warrior god Mars heads into Sagittarius on the 3rd giving you the power, courage and determination to push forward and achieve your goals. August is also a great time for travel, study and expanding your horizons so dream big!
Capricorn August is a month for tying up loose ends in readiness for September when your professional life will take a turn for the better as Jupiter enters your career sector for a year-long stay. Lay the groundwork now so you’ll be ready for all the new opportunities.
Aquarius Enjoy and celebrate your friendships this month – all good things will come via others. And mark your diary for the 18th August, the Aquarian full moon, an event which happens just once a year. Expect clarity and closure plus a few surprises!
Pisces Take care of your health this month Pisces. You’re particularly susceptible to taking on the emotional baggage of others and this can run you down. Spend time with those you love and get plenty of quality rest.


August Moon Calendar

Launch projects at the New Moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the Full Moon to the Third Quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next New Moon. Important events such as parties, conferences and weddings are best held close to the Full Moon or when the Moon is in the same sign as your Sun (or Star) sign.





Moon Phase

1st – 2nd-3rd






New Moon 3rd










First Quarter








Stella Woods is an astrology teacher and consultant based in St Kilda, Melbourne.

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