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Stellar Stuff – 1st – 15th December 2011

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Featured Sign – Sagittarius

From 23rd November to 22nd December, the sun travels through Sagittarius, an intuitive fire sign noted for its vision, adventurous nature and love of philosophy. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac with keywords “I seek” and “I expand”. Those born under the sign of the Archer often struggle to integrate their animal nature with their more lofty human side. Sagittarians seek expansion on all levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and can usually be found travelling, studying and exploring life’s big issues. They love to share their wisdom and are often talented writers or teachers. At best they are intelligent, honest, generous and inspirational. Negatively, they can be tactless, self indulgent, coarse and hypocritical. Some Sagittarians are drifters, constantly in search of new horizons and ever more exciting adventures. Most Archers eventually realise that true freedom comes from commitment and dedication to a personal vision, rather than from the outer world. In medical astrology, Sagittarius rules the liver, hips and thighs and sacral regions of the spine. When Sagittarians are out of balance they can suffer from sciatica, hip diseases, rheumatism and weight gain. The Sagittarian colours are purple and deep blue. Sagittarius’s greatest lessons are commitment, moderation, tact and learning to deliver what they promise.

December Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses move in cycles and so far we’ve had three eclipses in the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity, the first on 21st December last year and the second and third on 2nd and 16th June this year. The first and third were the most powerful and required substantial adjustments.

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity asks us to create a vision for a better future and then work on the details of how to make this happen. Both signs have a mental focus – Sagittarius is a right brain sign with the themes of wisdom, vision and intuition, while Gemini is more left brain and excels in the world of detailed analysis and communication and sharing of ideas.

Last month, on November 25th we had another eclipse in this same cycle – a partial solar eclipse at the Sagittarius new moon with the Sun and Moon at 3 degrees of Sagittarius forming a T square with Mars and Chiron. All eclipses indicate change; solar eclipses signify beginnings and usually manifest as events in the outer world.

This month we have a lunar eclipse as the earth’s shadow casts an eerie light over the full moon on the 11th December. Normally the full moon is a time of culmination and harvest, but an eclipse tends to muddle and shake things up and its effects can last for up to six months, right up to the time of the next lunar eclipse. This eclipse is at 19 degrees Gemini with a theme of archetypal seed-knowledge and wisdom. The Sabian Symbol shows a large archaic volume containing revelations about the structure of cyclic and cosmic manifestations of life on this planet. Cleary the theme of this eclipse is expansion of consciousness.

This month is a great time for Geminis and Sagittarians to update their self-image and future plans. Other zodiac signs would do well to create their own personal vision for 2012.

Key Astrological Events – December

Mercury turned retrograde in Sagittarius on the 24th November, the day before the November new moon and solar eclipse. This will only serve to heighten the intensity and relevance of the insights revealed between the new moon eclipse (in Sagittarius) on the 25th and the full moon eclipse (in Gemini) on the 11th December.

Think of the thrice yearly Mercury retrograde transit as a three week opportunity to get your life back on track and regain integrity. Pay particular attention to gut feelings, hunches and pieces of information that randomly come your way. Avoid starting new projects, but focus on completing or revising existing ones. Spend time day dreaming and meditating and see what comes up. If things go haywire, ask yourself: “What am I trying to learn?” “What is the hidden message behind this event?” And as Mercury travels backwards through Sagittarius, ask yourself: “How can my inspiration and dreams create a better future?”

A conjunction between relationship planet Venus and transformational Pluto takes place in Capricorn in early December. Any relationship issues will be forced to the surface and power struggles could result. On the other hand, Venus-Pluto signifies intense passion, bringing the potential for powerful sexual and emotional connection and deeper commitment.

Moon Placements – December

Launch projects at the New Moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the Full Moon to the Third Quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next New Moon. Important events such as parties, conferences and weddings are best held close to the Full Moon or when the Moon is in the same sign as your sun (star) sign.





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Full Moon 11th

Lunar Eclipse








Stella Woods is an astrology consultant and teacher based in St Kilda, Melbourne.

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