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Stellar Stuff – 1st – 15th July 2016

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The July new moon in water sign Cancer on the 4th brings plenty of loving, healing energy, embodying the principle of the Great Mother. We all need that divine feminine, nurturing energy in our lives

July New Moon – Honouring the Great Mother

The July new moon in water sign Cancer on the 4th brings plenty of loving, healing energy, embodying the principle of the Great Mother. We all need that divine feminine, nurturing energy in our lives, so take time out at this new moon to make sure all your physical needs are taken care of – nourishing food, fresh air, warm clothes, restful sleep and relaxation, gentle exercise, soothing baths, refreshing showers and luxuriant beauty routines. And with relationship planets Venus and Mars linking up with healing planet Chiron at his new moon, relationships can be healing and loving – spend time with your partner and smooth out any rough edges.

Venus & Mercury in Leo – Have Some Fun

Venus, planet of love, pleasure, creativity and beauty moves into fire sign Leo on the 12th, followed by communication planet Mercury on the 14th.  This Venus-Mercury combo is great for love, friendship, creative writing, spending time with children, short trips and having fun with like-minded others. And it lasts for a full two weeks until the end of July – make the most of it!

Cancer the Crab – Caring for Home, Family & Community

From the 21st June to the 22nd July the Sun travels through water sign Cancer, whose symbol is the crab, an instinctive creature dwelling in the watery depths in the safety of its shell. Cancerians are extremely sensitive and will retreat into their shell if feeling hurt or threatened. They love to mother and nurture others and have a strong attachment to home, family and community. At best Cancerians are in touch with their feelings and display kindness, affection, sympathy and compassion. They are highly emotional and usually adore food, often eating for comfort or inviting friends round for dinner. Traditions, rituals and family history are very important – home is where the heart is and they can often be found telling stories around the dinner table. But don’t be fooled by that motherly nature – Cancers are generally tenacious and strong-willed with strong psychic ability and they know how to get their own way. If the kind, gentle approach doesn’t work, they will simply use a little emotional manipulation to turn the situation around – brooding is a favourite tactic.

In medical astrology, Cancer rules the stomach, breasts and solar plexus. When Cancers are out of balance they can suffer from moodiness, digestive upsets, water retention and breast problems. The Cancer colours are white, silver and pastel shades and women born under this sign usually love antique jewellery and items of a sentimental nature, such as old photographs. Cancer’s greatest lesson is to live in the present and to deal with mood swings and feelings of fear and insecurity. Happy birthday to all Cancerians – here’s wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

July Stars


AriesHome life looks very happy this month, so make sure your house feels warm and welcoming then invite people round to share the good times. Family members you haven’t seen for some time could come back into your life.
TaurusJuly is a good time for short trips or maybe planning a longer break and you’ll find lots of special bargains if you look carefully. Relationship problems, both personal and business, should resolve by the end of the month.
GeminiMoney is a key focus this month – earning it, spending it, saving it or enjoying it – your choice!   July is also a great time to tackle any outstanding health issues and sort out your paperwork.
CancerHappy birthday Cancer!  A beautiful new moon on the 4th promises good fortune, ease and growth and is a great time to set intentions for the year ahead. Treat yourself to time with family and friends, especially around the dinner table.
LeoWork hard for the first two weeks of July, then then kick back and enjoy yourself in the lead up to your birthday. With charismatic Venus in Leo from the 13th onwards, you should be looking and feeling good.
VirgoOnly two more months to enjoy Jupiter’s gifts, abundance and opportunities before he leaves Virgo for another next 12 years!  A short holiday, spending spree or other special indulgence is definitely in order.
LibraWork could take up more time than you’d prefer this month, but there could be an opportunity for promotion or a pay rise if you play your cards right. Make sure you don’t neglect family and loved ones.
ScorpioMars in Scorpio offers you the power, courage and determination to push through obstacles and come out on top. You are unbeatable this month, so prepare for battle!
SagittariusKeep plugging away and you’ll eventually get wherever you’re going. You’re not imagining it – times are tough and Saturn is a hard taskmaster, but August promises to be an easier month.
CapricornPut your partner first this month and watch your relationship blossom and flourish. The Capricorn full moon on the 20th will bring clarity and understanding to a situation you’ve been struggling with recently.
AquariusLook after your health, look after your money and when you’ve done all the looking after, take time out to rest, relax, daydream and sleep to give that active mind of yours a good rest.
PiscesLove, pleasure, fun and creativity are all there for the taking this month Pisces. Rest, relax and enjoy yourself. Spend time with children or make friends with your inner child.


July Moon Calendar

Launch projects at the New Moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the Full Moon to the Third Quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next New Moon. Important events such as parties, conferences and weddings are best held close to the Full Moon or when the Moon is in the same sign as your Sun (or Star) sign.





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New Moon 4th










First Quarter








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